From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman

Critical review of journalist’s account of Middle East conflicts from 1979 to 1995 focusing on Arab states.

Thomas L. Friedman, author of From Beirut to Jerusalem, presents in this book a journalist’s account of the development of the problems in the Middle East from about 1979 to 1995 when this version of the book was published. Friedman is a journalist serving as the Foreign Affairs columnist for the op-ed page of the New York Times. He has won two Pulitzer Prizes for international reporting, and he spent ten years in the Middle East, which is the experience on which he draws to write this book, most of which is personal observation of events at which he was present or an analysis of information and experience garnered from his time in the Middle East. From 1979 to 1981, Friedman was the Beirut correspondent for United Press International, and in 1982 he became the bureau chief in Beirut for the New York Times. He won his second Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for reporting.