Four Functions of Management

Four Functions of Management
If you have every been invited to someone??™s home for a make-up party, Tupperware party, food party or any other kind of party where your friends were selling something you were not just a guest. They were recruiting you to be the next party manager. I fell into this trap before when my sister invited me to an Aloette cosmetic party. At the end of the party I agreed to be the manager of the next Aloette party. Being a manager involves four functions, planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Jones, 2007).
The planning process involved working with the hostess to determine when she could attend my make-up party. I wanted to set the day for the party when the largest amount of my friends could attend. Once I had determined the time and place for the party, then I had to consider who all would be invited. Once I got an estimate of how many quests would attend I began planning the refreshments I would provide.
After the planning process was complete I moved to the next function of a manager and began the organizing process. I began calling my friends to invite them to the party. I talked with different people who could provide chairs and an extra table. I also had to pick up food for the refreshments and find people who would be willing to assist with the refreshments. Once the organizing was complete I had to begin the leading function of a manager. This involves making plans and then motivating others to pursue it (Jones, 2007). As the day for the party arrived I talked to each person I had invited to ensure they would attend.
As the party started I began the controlling function of a manager. I checked with each quest to make sure they were comfortable. I monitored the room to ensure had refreshments. I also checked with each quest to see if they had any questions about the products which the hostess was not addressing. I also let the hostess know if quests had interest in certain products.
The party was fun. We had good food and fellowship. However my successfulness as a party manager would not be determined until after the party was over. Once all the orders were totaled the hostess rewarded my efforts discounts and free products.
Jones, G. R. (2007). Introduction to Business: How Companies Create Valve for People. New York, New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies.