Fostering Commitment

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Fostering Commitment

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Fostering Commitment

Candace Fralix

June 20, 2011


Before committing to my goal of getting my Associate??™s in Human Services, I believe that I took all the necessary steps to getting my goal done. I wanted to do something that would bring enjoyment and meaning in to my life and Human Services has always been something that I have been interested in for a very long time. I took my ???should??? do it to I ???want??? to do it. I took the necessary steps to get myself in school and got on step closer to my goal. I told my family and friends about my desires and I quickly got their support to it gave me determination to just do it. Along the way I had to remember that I am not doing this for anyone else but, for me and the enjoyment that I get at the end of the each class and seeing that passing grade gives me hope that I can actually do this.
Something that the text mentions is that every once in a while to review commitments and get your priorities back into perspective and this is something that I have had to do many times since I started school. At times I get distracted and want to go out with friends but, I know that the next day I have an assignment that is due so I choose to stay out for a while and then get back home as soon as I can. I believe that I am on the right path to getting my goal done and turning it from a goal to a career.

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