Formal Analysis of Art

Formal Analysis of Art
Amee Munos
I find Vincent Van Gogh??™s A starry Night very beautiful. I like the color and the way that it almost looks innocent. This painting shows how he goes with what he feels and is effortless. It shows that it is almost out of control (text, a world of art, pg61). The use of his lines is all over and not consistent. It is forth going you know that is a Van Gogh painting. In Sol LeWitt??™s Wall Drawing the lines are very equal and exact. It is also a beautiful painting but to me is seems cold. They are very exact lines going all ways. He is very precise and controlled with his paintings (text, A World of Art pg. 64). He puts the same amount of time but more thought on how his lines are going to go. I like the color choice that he made. They say that LeWitt comes from the mind and Van Gogh is from the heart. They are both different is ways but still the same in ways. The lines are beautiful and show each personality with in them. Either a lot of thought can go into the lines or just go with it and have a beautiful painting.
The painting by Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas is very open and interesting. I like the way he puts himself into the painting and puts the princess in the middle of the painting. He puts all the space in the painting to good use. He makes you think and look at the whole thing. There is not one open spot with nothing in it not to discuss. Everything is strategically placed to where you make sure you can see it and put a story to it. I do believe it puts out the effect of a love story. It shoes the parents coming to see the princess before her marriage and all the little people playing around as if still innocent before marriage. You see the author of the painting putting him into to capture the innocence and the way they all are placed around her as to pamper her. The picture on the wall even show the viewers that her parents are watching over her in a way that the painter is painting them to keep there m around. It shows all innocence and growth with in the painting. There is something all around for you to speculate on and make a tory out of it.
Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper are compelling and interesting. Is shows simplicity and hardworking people. The light shows that it as night because you can clearly see the light in the restaurant is on and it looks shadowy on the outside of the place. The colors to show a past time. There is not much use of the bright colors but that of those of more drab light and past times before all the brightness of modern use. I do think the colors work cause as you see it puts you in the mood of needing some help and hardworking people. If the colors were brighter is would be a more up beat mood and a lot of movement. The colors put you into eh mood of a hard day at work and now wind down time. The light is not on in the surrounding stores and so you would think it is time to go home and be with the family. I like this one because I like the way you think they are hardworking people just catching a bite to eat before home. It is a somber mood but very interesting.

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