Foreign Lit (Attendance Monitoring)

Chapter 2

Review and Related Literature

2.1 Review of Related Literature

2.1.1 Foreign Literature Fingerprint SDK
It is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides a flexible platform for the development and programming of biometric fingerprint recognition into any application. This is one of the best biometric SDK components for authorization systems, transaction systems, time and attendance, point-of-sale identification, physical access control, and any other application that can benefit with the convenience of biometric identification. The goal of our SDK is to allow companies to customize their own existing applications to incorporate biometrics as a means of authentication without having to buy new software or change existing infrastructure.
Fingerprint SDK is designed for applications on stand-alone PCs, networked PCs, client-server based web applications, and any other computer scenarios. Our SDK includes the support for over 50 different fingerprint readers, and we continue to add support for new fingerprint readers as they are released. This product supports dozens of programming languages; can be run on Windows, Linux, MAC OS,and Android operating systems, and comes with a fully developed demo application and easy to use source code samples. ActiveX Control

It is a software framework created by Microsoft that adapts its earlier Component Object Model (COM) and Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technologies for content downloaded from a network, particularly in the context of the World Wide Web. It was introduced in 1996 and is commonly used in its Windows operating system. In principle it is not dependent on Microsoft Windows, but in practice, most ActiveX controls require either Microsoft Windows or a Windows emulator. Most also require the client to be running on Intel x86 hardware, because they contain compiled code.
Many Microsoft Windows applications ??” including many of those from Microsoft itself, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Windows Media Player ??” use ActiveX controls to build their feature-set and also encapsulate their own functionality as ActiveX controls which can then be embedded into other applications. Internet Explorer also allows the embedding of ActiveX controls in web pages.
However, ActiveX will not work on all internet platforms, so using ActiveX controls to implement essential functionality of a web page restricts its usefulness.
( Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System? (IAFIS)
It is a national? automated fingerprint identification? and criminal history system maintained by the? Federal Bureau of Investigation? (FBI). IAFIS provides automated? fingerprint? search capabilities, latent searching capability, electronic image storage, and electronic exchange of fingerprints and responses. IAFIS is the largest biometric database in the world, housing the fingerprints and criminal histories of 70 million subjects in the criminal master file, 31 million civil prints and fingerprints from 73,000 known and suspected terrorists processed by the U.S. or by international law enforcement agencies.
Employment background checks and legitimate firearms purchases cause citizens to be permanently recorded in the system. For instance, the State of Washington mandates that all applicants seeking employment in an inpatient setting that houses vulnerable minors (such as children who are mentally challenged, physically or emotionally ill) are fingerprinted and entered into IAFIS as part of their background check in order to determine if the applicant has any record of criminal behavior.
Fingerprints are voluntarily submitted to the FBI by local,? state, and? federal? law enforcement? agencies. These agencies acquire the fingerprints through criminal arrests or from non-criminal sources, such as employment? background checks? and the? US-VISIT? program. The FBI then catalogs the fingerprints along with any criminal history linked with the subject.
Law enforcement agencies can then request a search in IAFIS to identify crime scene (latent) fingerprints obtained during criminal investigations. Civil searches are also performed, but the FBI charges a small fee and the response time is slower.
( BioTime Edu
It is real-time information, that is accurate and reliable, and time saving by eliminating manual data entry.? It provides centralised record keeping. Stores a range of data such as CAS, BRP, Passport and VISA as required by the UKBA. Also stores comprehensive students details. BioTime Edu also has automated alerts that provides centralised record keeping. It Stores a range of data such as CAS, BRP, Passport and VISA as required by the UKBA. Also stores comprehensive students details. The reports includes:
??? Location of students
??? Non-attendance
??? Fire Alarm
??? End of Sponsorship
??? Attendance %
??? Students Attendance Report
??? Custom Reports

2.1.2 Local Literature
2.2 Review of Related Studies

2.2.1 Foreign Related Studies Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS)
International (i.e non-EEA) students are subject to immigration constraints laid down by the UK Government and implemented by the UK Border Agency (UKBA). The University has ???Highly Trusted Sponsor??? (HTS) status with the UKBA. This means that the researchers are able to recruit and teach international students. Under the terms of this licence, the University is legally required to monitor the attendance of international students.
A Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS) is being developed to provide a reliable, secure, and efficient method of recording student attendance. The project involves two phases of IT development. The first part involves the development of SAMS within SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) and integration with Syllabus Plus and a scanning solution. It also includes the development of an on-line student absence notice form with document management and appropriate workflow for approval and updating of attendance record. SAP Business Warehouse will be used to produce reports of absence including incorporation of records available in other systems (e-Portfolio and Blackboard) to enable comprehensive reporting of attendance.
( Smart Card and Biometric time and attendance, visitor monitoring and access control system
P. Tensor, 1995
A system that analyze staff attendance and flexi-time automatically, Smart Card and Biometric Time and Attendance, Visitor Monitoring and Access Control System is featured with a top quality time and attendance system to replace manual clock cards. Biometric technologies provide its security for home or business. Access control readers are located out of sight – so unlike swipe card or bar code systems there is no need to remove your smart card from wallet or purse to use it. CCTV surveillance camera and recording systems are available, enabling you to further enhance security on your premises. In addition, a state-of-the-art automatic number plate recognition system efficiently restricts vehicular access to site.
The former is mainly similar with the proposed system in terms of functionality. Both offer the integrated components and modules of an access control system and an attendance verification system. The greatest difference is with their use of non-contact smartcards, in which there is no swipe or barcode scan with the proponents have used (magnetic card technology). Non-contact smart cards contain a chip that communicates with the card reader through RFID induction technology (at data rates of 106 to 848 Kbit/s). These cards require only close proximity to an antenna to complete transaction. They are often used when transactions must be processed quickly or hands-free, such as on mass transit systems, where smart cards can be used without even removing them from wallet. Time Office Biometric Time & Attendance

Time Office Biometric Time & Attendance is computer software that allows users easy and efficient control of attendance and punctuality of all employees. An employee would just clock in and out using the computers keyboard, scanner for maximum security, and track employee hours and overtime automatically. Employees no longer need terminals, badges, or time cards; they can easily clock-in or out at their own computer or a specific PC.

Furthermore, component of proposed system used the biometric technology in time keeping system. With this, the uses of the common Bundy clock as well as time card are no longer needed. Definitely, there in an ease in monitoring the attendance that can save time instead of releasing the Daily Time Record.

( JC Software Development

This software developed by JC Software Development. This program is available from the system tray and allows one to step up multiple password-protected databases, each with multiple categories to organize passwords. One can add, edit, and delete categories from a drop-down pick list. Each entry includes fields for ID, password, date, expiration date, two Web addresses, e-mail address, and personal notes. One can launch Web sites in the default browser and even generate new passwords as needed. A variety of options enables an individual you to determine the appearance and security behaviour of the program. Other features include logging support, custom reports, search support, custom backgrounds, and automatic database maintenance. Version 2.0 adds grouping and sub grouping, auto-start-up, a choice of user-interfaces, and an expiring-passwords window.

The proposed system also offered this important function wherein users of the system have been allotted an individual username and password for the protection of files for unauthorized users. In this kind of system, security is highly monitored because there is money involved, this eliminate anomalies that might occur in the computation.

( .com MyKidSecure
It is a new biometric identification system for monitoring student attendance and activity through schools, which uses palm vein scanning technology from? Fujitsu. It was released on September 4, 2013.
???The information collected by MyKidSecure has uses far beyond simple time of arrival and/or departure,??? Paul Labow, president and CEO, ePortation said. ???For example, if there is an emergency requiring school evacuation, the mobile MyKidSecure units can be used to rapidly muster children and staff, providing first responders with real-time information about who has been evacuated and, more importantly, who has not.???
Specifically, MyKidSecure uses Fujitsu??™s PalmSecure infrared vein scanning technology.
Also, integrated into the new system is a provision for bust transportation that shows schools and bus operators with real-time data on students boarding and disembarking from school buses. Through this function, parents can also be notified via SMS that their child has arrived safely.


This system makes easy to the employer to keep a track and check on the human resources department just by a click of the mouse thus making the work extremely easy for people having offices. Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometrics for Security Staff
It is a computerized attendance-monitoring system using biometrics. It serves as a timed log-in/ log-out system that is set up as a computerized database. This system maintains a daily record of a persons arrival and departure time from work. Aside from the records of time and date, our system features the name, position and the assigned number of each staff. So it also serves as an identification profile system. The system also protects the employees by providing the exact number of hours they worked, making it much more difficult for employers to cheat them out of their wages. This thesis features all important facts about our system as well as its importance.
2.3 Synthesis



P. Tensor, 1995. Smart Card and Biometric time and attendance, visitor monitoring and access control system

Consumo, Karen Mae M., Mamangun, Mary Ann M. (2011) AN EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE MONITORING SYSTEM WITH PAYROLL USING BARCODE. A proposal presented to St. Nicolas College of Business and Technology
2nd floor, MELVI Bldg. Olongapo – Road City of San Fernando, Pampanga

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