Ford Pinto

Jerome Robinson
University of Phoenix
PSY/ 250
Andrea Carrow
Dec. 1 , 2009

In this paper the author will define personality and address different aspects of his personality. He also will elaborate on how other people perceive his personality. He will also discuss the consistencies and inconsistencies in his personality. He will discuss personality tests and the validity of them. He will also explore personality features and the role they play in situations. Therefore let??™s first define what personality is.
Personalities are the traits, qualities, and internal emotions and features that every person possesses that makes them unique as an individual. According to Jerry Burger noted author??? Personality can be defined as consistent behavior patterns and interpersonal processes originating with the individual.??? {Burger, 2008}. Everyone acts different in certain situations. Our personality is affected by how we interact with others and the situation. Even though all people are basically the same it is their personality that makes each person different and unique Next the author will discuss some personality features that defines himself.
Some of his personality features are humility, honesty, caring, trustworthy, loyal, and spiritual. They also include humorous, confident and hard working. Others sometimes mistake his confident as arrogance. They also mistake his wit and humor as sarcasms. My hard working work ethic sometimes can be seen as being a workaholic. His personality is usually consistent because he is level headed and tries to remain calm during stressful situations . He is very analytical and sometimes over thinks a situation as opposed to accepting that it is what it is. He will adapt to a situation and his personality will reflect what he feels is appropriate for the situation. He does not favor individuals who use people to their advantage and will sometimes address them without considering their feelings. He has no respect for individuals who take advantage of people or prey on the weak. The situation plays a big part in personality because individuals who never waver in their personality are true to themselves. Every person has to look in the mirror in the morning and often they do not like what they see. The author will now discuss personality tests.
The author has never taken a personality test and is not a big supporter of these tests .