Ford Motor Company

The roles of the people, products, and profits in this case were controversial to a degree. Ford Motor Company was liable for many lives and families are demolished because of faulty maintenance to the Ford Pinto. This company based its decision not to implement the new design as a result of the cost per car. However, this new design for the fuel systems could have save many lives. Never the less the cost of life was selected instead. People were definitely huge part of these cases in the 1970s. The products for the Pinto was not costly to the Ford Motor Company, it would have cost the company about 11 dollars per car to run the new designs. The price of a brand new Pinto was under 2000 dollars. Due to the love of money the Ford Motor Company suffered and lost millions of dollars in lawsuits. There huge profits for the company in the beginning until the issue of spending money to make improvements became greater than the understanding of life.

If the Ford Company had taking the time to develop a better set of stated mission, values, guiding principles and organizational culture, they would have had a better code of ethics in place, as they do today. Today Ford is one of the number one car makers in the U.S. Never the less there is no question that many lives were lost in the 1970s because of the bad decision of one person to build a vehicle that did not have the best interest of the consumers on hand. It is senseless and heartless to ever believe that making a profit and meeting a deadline is ever better and more satisfying than saving or preventing the loss of human life.

The difference in the relationship between the stated mission, values and supervisory, principles in 1970s than today, is that the consumer is been put first thanks to government regulations standards and guidelines that have to be followed by everyone in the motor vehicle industry. More monitoring of these companies are actuality put in place. Therefore, it gives the company no other choice but to set ethical and organizational values, code and ethics in which to fallow. No one person should have the right or the power to make irrational decisions as in the Pinto case. Such a bad decision affected so many lives in such a negative way. The first stated mission and values that should have be the one that says; that no amount of money is more valuable than saving a human life.

While comparing and contrasting the values of Learning Team A and Henry Ford II, it is clear to see that

the values are not in alignment no more. Henry Ford clearly shows that he did not care for the safety of the consumer. Ford??™s values were simply to make a car and generate as much profit from the car as

possible. During the discussion among Learning Team A members, it was clearly specified that these values

are not shared with Mr. Ford. One member stated, ???Consumer safety should always be a top priority

within a company.??? Learning Team A has the belief of providing services to consumer who not only that

can depend on for a long time, but services that they will enjoy for as long. Team A unanimously agrees

that Henry Ford and his associate??™s values are not in alignment with his or her own, and the Ford Company has provided a numerous example of values that should not be shared at any company.