For Precision

For Precision ??“ English speech

I am going to talk about the prescribed poems for close study of text module b studied in year 12 called For Precision.

For precision written by Judith Wright explores the inner meaning poets aim to share through there writing. What separates poets from storybook authors Or biographers Poets craft there writing. Judith??™s Poems are carefully thought about and skillfully written. Poetry is a significant art because it contains a deeper meaning that transcends and goes beyond one single context. In one form or another poetry becomes relevant to all readers as it deals with the emotions and ideas of the human condition. Common examples been love death, nature, friendship, pain, anger, and frustration.

In the poem for precision Wright writes about the struggles a poet has when they are unable to string the exact words together that highlight there true inner thoughts.

light is symbolized as her central metaphor which represents knowledge. She refers to this metaphor of light in the first two lines of stanza 1 ???yet I go on from day to day, betraying the core of light the depth of darkness??? here Wright introduces confusion through the repetition of days she spends betraying her knowledge ??? the core of light??™. she juxtaposises light and dark which function as opposites that symbolize clear expression vs confusion and uncertainty of darkness.

Wright then goes on to repeat the same idea three times in lines 3 & 4. My speech inexact, the note not right, never quite sure what I am saying. This reflects the attempt Wright has to find the correct meaning. The theme of 3 different ideas in attempt to highlight finding the right expression becomes a motif throughout the poem and is featured largely in the last stanza where wright uses many examples to help her find the correct words to express the truth.

In stanza two Middays and Midnights act as polarities that relate to the earths rotation and symbolize again the metaphor of the core of light. She then continues with ???wander among cross lights??™ cross lights are only half lights which suggests they hint at the truth but never give full illumination. Right follows on listing circular forms through a prayerful voice ???Let me be as sure and as economical as the rayed sun, stars, flowers wheels. All forms that suggest the circular form of the core of light.

In stanza 3 Right fulfills her purpose of finding meaning through the correct figurative language. Referring back to the motif of throwing around different words that create different ideas she links them together in each line establishing the desired language that is honest to herself. The words that underlie wrights true inner self in the last stanza are
L2 ???pin with one irremediable stroke??™
L4 ???forming into one chord??™
L6 Speaking with one pure voice??™
And the strongest line of the poem the last three lines

???and that gulls sole note like a steel nail that driven through a cloud, sky, and irrelevant seas, joins all, gives all meaning, makes all whole.???

Through studying the language techniques in for precision I have learnt more about the art of poetry. I have learnt that poets don??™t just use words for rhyme or because they sound smart but because they are the real definition of the poets intent. It??™s a complex skill to perfect a poem that symbolizes a poets intent clearly to an audience.