For or Against Hunting

For or Against Hunting.
There have been many opinions on the topic of mankind hunting in today??™s day and age. Yet, a hundred years ago hardly anyone would have had a bias against hunting. Is hunting wrong, or have Americans been feed wrong information to turn them against hunters and hunting There are some issues for and against animal hunting.
The right to control the hunting of wild game has long resided with the state. The state itself cannot and does not own wild animals, but it has the police power to control sport, commercial, and other hunting and killing of wild game animals, including fish, and birds (Whisker). States may set reasonable hunting seasons and they may close some seasons on species all together. They can set daily and seasonal limits on kills. They can limit weapon types and disallow weapons with certain capabilities. The state could not generally prohibit hunting, unless there was some compelling reason, such as safety in a highly urbanized state (Whisker).
That said, people do argue against hunting. Some say hunting promotes violence and that it is a bad influence on kids. Some parents are concerned that allowing their kids to hunt or to play hunting games will only corrupt their minds further. Others have said that hunting is cruel to the animals, and they don??™t deserve it. Hunting is dangerous and can kill people. Burrell Hall, a 47 year old Clifton Forge resident, was arrested and charged with felony involuntary manslaughter and a related misdemeanor offense in connection with a Nov. 13 Alleghany County hunting accident that killed a man. The shooting occurred while the men were deer hunting. The shooting victim was Travis Scott Persinger, 27 years old. Travis was shot accidently in the torso and killed instantly (Adams).
On the opposite of the views against hunting, there are the views for it. Most deer hunters adhere to the ethics of hunting for food. Deer meat is an excellent source of protein and can be very good when its properly cooked (Keefer). It can reduce the percentage of wrecks, home, and landscape damages caused by deer. Overpopulation of deer inevitably results in disease spreading through the herd. Deer are social animals but not designed to be crowded (Keefer). Deer can cause serious damage to newly planted seedlings and established trees. When they browse the buds, they reduce growth rates; nipping the tree at the base can create multiple stemmed trees; and bucks rubbing their antlers on the stems can kill the tree entirely. I believe that hunting is just a natural thing. It is part of survival and has been for many years. It reduces the risk of having coyotes, mountain lions, bears, and animals that can cause danger near your homes, and in danger of children.
Many people will have their own opinions about hunters and hunting. Some can be more superior to other, but who can really say what is right, and what is wrong. Everyone will have their pros and cons about the issue.