Food Security

Food is fundamental in our life and I profoundly believe that the power of food has a dominating power in our society. Canteen used to be the sole place where food is provided but as time changes, we are having more choices than before. Right now we are facing the dreadful reality that more students prefer street food rather than food in school canteens. There are 49 street food stalls which provide us with pancakes, stinky tofu, barbecue and so on. I bet that most of you have been to these stalls more than once. However, it causes several problems.
* First of all, food security. I don??™t want to make you feel nauseous but I have to say that the swill-cooked dirty oil, which consists of leftovers and inferior pork, is involved in the very process of making food. You couldn??™t have dreamed of it! The oil is removed from the sewage near the restaurants. Then the workers will filter various raw materials to produce cooking oil. Later, the oil is refined by boiling off the waste. In brief, the illegal producers mix them up so that you may not even notice the difference. Therefore, dirty oil sneaks back onto the dining table through a great amount of underground work. When surveyed, those vendors refused to tell us where the originals and ingredients come from. According to a survey made by The Food and Agriculture Organization, street food sellers often lack the storage, cooking and cooling equipment necessary to prevent the formation of dangerous bacteria. Under some circumstances, a single bacterium can grow into seventeen-million disease-carrying organisms in just eight hours. The lack of clean running water and waste removal systems also increases the risk of infection. Only when you see the process with your own eyes will you realize how disgusting it is.
* Secondly, the environment. It is a huge burden for the dustmen who work at the gate of Fudan. Why is that Cause trash like disposable chopsticks and plastic bags can be everywhere at the end of a day.
* Meanwhile, it can bring some other problems. When we go back to dorm in hurry , we can always find that the vendors block the traffic to some extent.
Also, the money you spent on them. It costs me maybe 15 RMB eating in canteen, however, it will cost me at least twice when eating outside.
I am just wondering why this happens. Weenie, could u tell me the most important reason why students choose street food rather than canteen
How could it happen except for the reasons of students We know that Street? food? is faster, cheaper and more convenient.

From my perspective, there are at least three reasons.
1. The number of canteens is far from enough. There is one here and two are in the south district and another one in north district. We cannot ignore the fact that we only have several windows which provide us with limited choices. Dining with best friends is no longer the most enjoyable thing in the world just because we??™ve wasted so much time standing in the line. Last semester, I had many classes in Guanghua Tower. My class was over at 11:40, but not until 12:10 could I managed to have a sit to eat something.
2. The taste. I don??™t know how you feel about the taste. Most of my classmates are unsatisfied with the taste of the food. They complain that some are too salty while others are tasteless. Fortunately, I am not so eager for meat , otherwise I will die of hunger.
3. The business hour is a big problem indeed. As we all know, we have dinner at 5 pm, the class is over at around 8 pm and we go to bed after 11pm. During this period, there??™s a great chance that we may feel hungry. But when we go outside to find something to eat, unfortunately, only the stalls are still waiting. It??™s snack at night that contributes to the problem a lot.
4. The sanitary situation is not as good as it should be and more attention should be paid to this issue. We don??™t have clean chopsticks and we really need to know whether the table wares are disinfected. I have to admit the fact that I ate a piece of wire twice but I still feel I am lucky. Because my best friend found a worm in her mouth when eating in canteen here.
What should we do right now to improve such condition
1. We can propose to invest more funds in projects related to canteen. For example, we can build more canteens on campus which will make it possible for students to spend less time waiting. I think this is important. Students in Qsinghua University are satisfied with their meals because they never need to wait to have meal. There are more than 15 canteens on their campus. After we make evaluation to the food, the representatives can discuss with the manager of the canteen. They can tell the cook what food we are willing to eat. Then, the producers can try their best to provide new dishes. We can also ask to hang up a LED board where we can know the exact name and price of each dish. I don??™t know if you have such feeling. You would like to order a pan of potato but when you enjoy it you find that it just a piece of radish.
2. We need to get to know the real process of the street food in order to keep healthy. It is we that can control ourselves not to eat unhealthy food. So I think we can surf the Internet to see what is going on with the street food and how they are evaluated by Food Safety Authority. We can also talk with the vendors about our true feelings. If they can guarantee the food security, we don??™t mind if the price is a little higher as long as it deserves. Do you know the vendor who sell pancake I chatted with her about my feeling and she had been cooking in gloves ever since. We may move others love by love and make them realize the importance of food security. They also have children who will face the same fact now and future. They should be educated the importance of food security and be encouraged to make food delicious as well as clean.
3. I talked with vendor who sell Aliang pancake some time ago and she told me the rent is 9500 per month. Because she couldn??™t afford the money, she had to leave the former place and be a street food vendor. So I think the government should also do something.
4. The government can provide subsidy to those who rent a shop near Fudan. If the government gives some priorities to the sellers who do good to the food security, it will help. They can have their cost advantage by receiving the priorities from the government, there is no need for them to cut the cost by using unclean ingredients. This is not enough.
5. The government can make good use of leftovers so that they won??™t sneak onto the table again. Let??™s see how it is solved abroad. In Japan, used oil is collected by designated buses which run on 12 routes though the city. Collected cooking oil is then refined and recycled for use as biodiesel fuel (BDF). Waste cooking oil doesnt have to go down the drain; it can be used to make candles, according to the creators in Germany.

To be honest, I seldom have street food for the reasons I mentioned above. I make this speech just try to tell you how I feel about this fact and I hope that we can live a better life with much more delicious meals. One day, we can invite other students to come to our canteens to have meals. That??™s my dream.