Follow Your Dream

Follow Your Dreams
There was a young boy named Jimmy Jackson who was a foster kid that was looking to follow his dreams of playing basketball overseas. Jimmy was moved around a lot from family to family. Jimmy wanted his dream to come true so he could prove the whole world wrong because for years and years people told him he wasn??™t tall enough, he wasn??™t good enough, or what are the odds, but Jimmy knew what he was about.
Jimmy was in Elementary School when he first had his dream. Ever since that day in the third grade people always told him he couldn??™t do it. At first he let everyone get to him and thought they were right, but when Jimmy started playing in middle school he started ignoring what everyone said and told himself that he can do whatever he sets his mind too. Jimmy??™s mind set was that he was going to make it overseas to play basketball, no matter what it takes.
Jimmy was a freshman in high school. He recently moved in with a new family and he thought this family was the one. It was basketball season and Jimmy knew his team was really good, but he knew he had to go out and play his game. As Jimmy got older, he was getting better and better, but there was one factor that other people thought was holding him back, his height. Jimmy didn??™t think like that, he knew he was good and knew he had a big heart.
Jimmy went all out his senior year. He had a tremendous season. He was getting phone calls from different College??™s every day. His family wanted him to go to College and further his education, but Jimmy was all about his dream. He wanted to prove all the people that doubted him wrong. Jimmy didn??™t get any offers to play overseas so he wanted to go overseas and tryout for a team. His family backed him up on his decision of going to go tryout for a team, but they weren??™t happy about it. Jimmy told them just to trust and believe in him.
Jimmy makes a few phone calls to some teams overseas and he gets ahold of Argentina??™s basketball manager and they happen to be holding open tryouts here soon. Jimmy catches the next flight to Argentina and is so pumped. Jimmy has been waiting for this day since he was little. He has put in so many hours of individual workouts to make it this far. Jimmy ends up trying out and he makes the team with flying colors. He goes onto to being one of the greatest for Argentina. His family who was behind his dreams the whole way were so proud and as Jimmy is rubbing his achievements in everyone face who doubted him, his parents are doing the same thing because they were that happy.
Jimmy Jackson was a young boy who had big dreams. He had a desire to win and told himself he was never going to give up. He never gave up and ignored all the haters. Jimmy made it overseas to play the sport that he loves, basketball. And plus he was one of the greatest to play for Argentina. Jimmy Jackson is hero to everyone that has big dreams and dedicates themselves to following them.