Follow the Pack

Follow the pack

If we were to closely observe every species in nature, one of the first facts we may notice is that every living creature move in a group. We have taken the liberty of naming each group; such as a herd of sheep, a pack of wolves, a school of fish etc. We humans boast to be the most mentally and socially evolved kind in the planet. Every human being boasts to be different in intellect and focus of life but, while taking the most important decisions in our lives, we tend to follow the ???herd???. Why do we do this

Even in our country, this particular phenomenon is very much prevalent. The nature of human beings has always been to follow the path frequented and avoid the one less travelled. The most successful and widely respected individuals of history have marketed the idea that we should always travel the path less travelled. Every individual is unique in their own way, their skills and talents can vary like the colours of the rainbow; yet we find that while making the most important decision of our lives, i.e our career; we go for the one chosen by the majority in the community and ignore our own instincts and ideas.

Haven??™t we ever wondered why the majority of our countrymen prefer engineering over several other professions which today which offers as much a pay as it does in engineering. The phenomenon of herd mentality plays a very prevalent role here. What the people never understand is that every year, Lakhs of engineers pass out thousands of colleges all across the country competing for opportunities with those who are present within the industry. It has come to be a sort of safe haven for everyone to be in. The youth of today seldom spend time thinking about their future and they don??™t take the effort to discover their inborn talent and work on it. I have heard of my own college friends sharing their interests and ideas; I have found out that those who have an innovation for a new technology or an innate liking and wonder towards their subject have excelled and have achieved good scores, rest have either failed or passed. These two criteria never make a difference once start our life in the field.

We may think that the world would ridicule us if we were to do something different from the community. On this context, let me share an experience of mine; recently I was stuck at a hotel due to heavy rain pouring outside; I did not have an umbrella and I wanted to reach home quickly. I hesitated walking in the rain because I wondered whether the people standing in the hotel would ridicule me but nevertheless I followed my instincts and started walking in the heavy rain home-wards. To my surprise, I found that more and more people started following my suit from near-by shops and soon I was followed by a big crowd behind me. Thus, if I had not initiated by walking in the rain thinking whether I??™d be ridiculed, I??™d still be stuck at the hotel along with several others.

I lead the pack!

Every pack in the wild has a capable and responsible leader who leads from the front with example. These individuals have the same flesh and bone as the rest of its crew, but the only thing separating them from the rest is their attitude towards life and its circumstances. Mahatma Gandhi was not a strong and powerful man with an attractive personality, yet he was able to bring down one of the most powerful empires in human history using only his experience and resilience. Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte were hardly 5-foot tall but they commanded armies and were cemented in history. Thus, we can understand that physical appearance and personality has little role in defining a good leader.

Thus we can conclude with the idea that as long as we have a vision which is crystal-clear and the willingness to face harsh scenarios, there will be people to follow our footsteps.