Emotions in The Storm

An examination of the role emotions play in the short story, “The Storm”, by Kate Chopin.

“The Storm”, by Kate Chopin, is a tempestuous short story about a “fling” between Calixta and Alcee. This paper looks at how the two characters had been involved in a flirtation years before, but were now both married to other people. It shows how the term ‘storm’ refers to the sexual tensions and restraints experienced in the Victorian era, while also making a statement about human’s natural tendency towards sexual passion.
The title itself gives the reader the first impression that something turbulent is being suggested. In literature a storm is symbolic of conflicts and high energies usually associated with passions and turmoil. Robert Wilson suggests that the title is symbolically feminine, and as the storm is attributed to nature, can be seen as a direct symbol of female passions and sexuality. This image is a recurring theme throughout the short story.