Edward Hall’s The Silent Language

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Edward Hall’s The Silent Language

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This paper reviews Edward Hall’s The Silent Language, which discusses non-verbal influences on human life and development.

Edward T. Hall in The Silent Language examines the many influences we face each day, influences that are silent in that they are not verbal but that are quite loud in terms of the effects they have on our development, our relationships, and so on. Hall finds that many of these influences are cultural, attitudes and behaviors we inherit from our surroundings and that decide out behavior even when we may not consciously see the source of the prescription or even that there is one. What Hall presents in this book is a comprehensive view of how we relate to our environment, how we are shaped by the experience, and how we may shape others through the same silent language.
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Hall further makes the observation that formal training in language, history, government, and customs is only the beginning of an understanding of how culture shapes us and how we shape …