Earth’s Carrying Capacity

Examines the planet’s ability to provide human race with food, water, space & quality of life; makes & defends estimate of ideal population & discusses personal meaning to writer.

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This study will investigate the carrying capacity of the Earth for Homo sapiens. The study will define carrying capacity, will provide an informed estimate of the earth’s carrying capacity for human beings, will defend this estimate on the grounds of available information, and will assess the significance of this estimate for my own life.
The carrying capacity of the earth for beings, as defined by Boughey, is the limit to the biotic potential of a population imposed at a particular population size by environmental resistance under a given set of conditions . . . Commonly such a limit is imposed by exhaustion of either food supplies or space (5).
In the most extreme circumstances, then, the earth could carry a great deal many more human beings than it could under (…)