Disaster Event Management

Disaster Event Management. General description of C2 efforts since 9/11……Disaster event response operations are coordinated, managed and executed at varied levels of government—federal/national, regional and local—often at the same time. As a brief overview of the federal disaster event management structure, states generally stand up Figure XX shows the organizational structure at the operational level. Known as the Incident Response Coordination Center (IRCT), this
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Disaster Behavioral Health. In the wake of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, public health officials and policy makers began to give special attention to the nation’s planning efforts to protect emergency/disaster responders’ physical and mental health; known today as force health protection. Federal Force Health Protection is the process and policy framework by which the federal government (i.e., HHS and DHS) is charged to protect the overall health and wellbeing of its operational- and tactical-level personnel to better maintain essential emergency/disaster response activities and duties.