Death Penalty Should be Abolished from our Judicial System

The article shows that the states are broken, and the money that we are spending

on trials to punish criminals to death penalty should be used in prevention. If you

compare the costs of the process and the effects, USA should abolish the death penalty

from our Judicial System. It is an excellent article, with detailed information and written

by someone who has done many research about capital punishment. It will be very

helpful to back up my thesis.

The article describes an experience of a former cop, who worked for 29 years at San Diego Police Department. In his opinion death penalty is a waste of money, and fails

terribly to reduce crime. He feels like we are better off spending the money and resources

on programs such as mental health care, drugs and alcohol treatment, after school

programs and education. The article is very interesting and comes from a reliable source.

He makes very good points on why we should abolish the death penalty.

Death Penalty Information Center: Facts about the Death Penalty. 1 April 2011. Web 04/04/2011

This is a complete and updated article about death penalty. It shows all the details

and statistics about the number of defendants who were executed and their race, number

of victims in death penalty cases and their races, and number of death row exonerations

by state. Definitely, I will use this article on my essay because the information will

make my argument stronger, and it comes from a reliable source.

Bedau, Hugo, and Paul Cassel. Debate the Death Penalty: Should America Have Capital Punishment? The experts on Both Sides Make Their Best Case. New York: Oxford University Press 2004.

In this book, the author and other experts debate several questions about death

penalty. It provides insights on advantages and disadvantages of death penalty, and

opinions come from people with different ways of thinking. This book will be helpful

because it has credible information, and the author is an expert on the subject of death

penalty. Some chapter will serve as a counter argument to my thesis.

The article shows how the governor, George Ryan, of Illinois feels about the death

penalty. He can not support it because the system is full of errors and he is not sure that

everyone sent to death row is guilt. He does not want to see the state taking an innocent

life. The article is full of good information, with facts, and many details about the number

of innocent people that has been released from death row. The article will be helpful

because it is based on statistics, data, and full of facts.

The article shows that there are four justifications for capital punishment:

protection of society, reform and rehabilitate the criminal, deterrence, restitution of the

damage. Punishing the criminal to death penalty will not solve any of these problems. It is

a well written article, based on researches and statistics. To make my essay stronger, with

valid points, I will use some quotations from this article.

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