Dance Style of Isadora Duncan

Uses the 1968 film, “Isadora” to discuss the life of non-conforming dancer, Isadora Duncan.

Based on the film “Isadora”, this paper describes the life and dancing tradition promoted by Isadora Duncan. The paper discusses how already as a child, Isadora Duncan rejected the rigidity of the classic ballet and developed a spontaneous dance style. The paper then describes how Isadora was an outright non-conformist in her private life. The paper notes that the film provides a clear sense that people around her admired her endeavours to liberate dance, but offered little appreciation for defiance against social values.
“Isadora tells the story of Isadora Duncan (1880-1927). Based on her autobiography My Life and on Isadora Duncan: an intimate portrait by Sewell Stokes, Karel Reisz directs Vanessa Redgrave as Isadora Duncan in this portrait of the innovative Jazz age dancer. The film contrasts her last days with her flamboyant youth, the time when she scandalized “polite society” with her eccentric, exhibitionist assertiveness. Through a flashback process the film presents Vanessa Redgrave as Isadora who dictates her memoirs, remembers her past artistic successes, and recalls her various lovers. But what make the film outstanding is not its storytelling but its ability to communicate Isadora’s ideas – the freedom she expressed in her uninhibited dancing and unfettered life.”