Cross-cultural Counseling

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Cross-cultural Counseling

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This paper examines the counseling process in cross-cultural counseling including problems such as racial attitudes, cultural differences, self-disclosure and transference.

There are myriad issues that impact the provision of cross-cultural counseling, particularly when counselors are ill-advised of or ignorant to the many differences between their ethnicities and/or cultures and those of their clients write a narrative essay for me. Further, there are many political factors of cross-cultural counseling that negatively influence treatment approaches and treatment outcomes.

Faulty Conceptualizations by the Non-minority Counselor
Sue (1981) reports that the concept of cultural encapsulation entails the substitution of model stereotypes for the real world and the disregarding of cultural variations in a dogmatic adherence to some universal notion of truth (p. 5). This concept when held by the nonminority counselor typically results in the use of a technique-oriented definition of the…