Cosmic Impacts

A discussion of the result of meteor strikes on earth, the possibility of a 1 km meteor striking earth, and the effects the meteor would have.

This paper explains how there is proof that earth has been bombarded by meteors in the past. These meteors have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, provided iron to jump-started the Iron Age, and caused a crater in Arizona. The possibility of a 1 km-sized meteor striking Earth, or even Duluth for that matter, is slim. This paper discusses the possible ramifications of such an event in the future.
“Earth is a target for destruction, but it’s not aliens or terrorists who are planning its ruin. Meteors have assaulted the Earth ever since our home planet came into existence, and they continue to bombard the Earth with broken pieces from asteroids and comets. Some of these results have been disastrous, and some have furthered along human development. In my essay, I hope to show that these meteors have crash-landed on Earth in the past, that meteors do pose a threat to Earth, and evidence for the need for protection against them.”