Confessions Of Saint Augustine

Critical review of bishop/philospher’s spiritual journey leading to his conversion to Christianity in 387 A.D.

This essay is, in effect, a review of St. Augustine’s Confessions, the account by the prominent doctor of the Church, bishop and philosopher, of his spiritual journey which led to his conversion to Christianity in the year 387, when Augustine was approaching his 33rd year. Augustine wrote the Confessions in a 3-year period at the very end of the 4th century, completing the work when he was 45 years of age. By this time the author had been ordained a priest at Hippo in 391 A.D. and consecrated a bishop in the same community in 395 A.D. After Augustine completed this spiritual autobiography, he served for another 30 years as the bishop of Hippo, during which he wrote a number of other works, including the philosophical treaties, The City of(…)