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1. Define the following types of abuse:

Physical abuse:

Intentional or unwanted contacted with another person who inflicts feeling of pain or injury.

Sexual abuse:

Behavior of sexual nature which is unwanted or without consent or by the use of threats.

Emotional/psychological abuse:

Non physical behaviors that can affect the cognitive, emotional, psychological and social development.

Financial abuse:

The misuse of a person’s money, property or assets buy forcibly controlling their finances.

Institutional abuse:

Where routines and regimes in the care setting deny people their rights, choices and opportunities. Mistreatment brought about by poor or inadequate support and care.

Self neglect:

The failure to care of oneself which can cause serious physical, mental or emotional harm.

Neglect by others:

Neglect is passive where a person is responsible to provide care for someone unable to care for themselves and fails to do so.

2. Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse?

Physical abuse; series of unexplained falls or major injuries, Injuries/bruises at different stages of healing. Bruising in unusual sites, e.g. inner arms, thighs, abrasions, teeth indentations, injuries to head or face, client very passive, unexplained weight loss, fear or depression

Sexual abuse change in behavior, overt sexual behavior or language, difficulty in walking, sitting. Injury the genital and or anal area. Soreness around the genital area, torn, stain or bloody underwear.

Emotional/physiological abuse withdrawal, depression, cowering or fearfulness, change in sleep patterns, agitation, confusion, change in behavior, change in appetite/weight. Deprivation of liberty could be false imprisonment; aggressing shouting causing fear in a public place may be an offence of public order act 1986, or harassment under the protection from harassment act 1997.

Financial abuse unpaid bills, basic needs not being met, lack of cash on day to day basis, unexplained withdrawals from the bank, or unusual activity in the bank account. Reluctance on the part of the person with responsibility of the funds to provide basic clothes, food. Etc.

Neglect by absent of food, heat, hygiene, clothing, comfort, Preventing to have access to services. Isolation, absence of described medication, confusion.

3. Describe factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse?
By learning the signs and symptoms of elder abuse and how to act on behalf of an elderly person who is being abused, I’ll not only be helping someone else but strengthening my own defenses against elder abuse in the future. Factors may include if the individual has a mental disability such as dementia or not having mental capacity. If the individual is secluded or isolated or are vulnerable. There could also be factors for the abuser which could include the abuser having lack of training, also abusing their power. Sometimes personal issues have a part to play which could include the carer abuser being stressed or having a history of abuse and continuing the cycle.

Know how to respond to suspected or alleged abuse

1. Explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused.
The actions to take constitute the learners responsibilities in responding to allegations or suspicions of abuse. Always report to the appropriate person, record the facts on appropriate paper work, listen do not judge, stay calm and collected, do not tamper with evidence.

2. Explain the actions to take if an individual alleges that they are being abused.
A company have policies and procedures already in place to follow most would state to report to the appropriate person; record the facts on appropriate paperwork; listen and do not judge. Always establish what it is that has occurred and report any suspicions to the appropriate manager. Reassure the individual at all times and take every allegation seriously. Always date the paperwork and have it signed by any witnesses “if any. Take photographs of evidence if possible. Speak clearly and precise and avoid any leading questions.

3. Identify ways to ensure that evidence of abuse is preserved.
Always record the facts immediately report evidence immediately to line manager do not tamper with any evidence. Try to ensure that no one else enters the premises or alleged scene of crime until the police arrive. If you can, try and ensure that the alleged perpetrator does not have any contact with the victim. Record any physical signs or injuries using a body map or hand drawing. Write a description of any physical signs or injuries including size, shape, colour etc. Always remember to sign and date your notes and any other records you have made.

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Over 3 million students

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In flanders field

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In flanders field, poem by john McCrae shows the emotions of the many soliders that fought in world war 1. This is demonstrated by the change of tone in the text, the poem starts off being prideful and turns into distress and dismal then ominous. This also shows how fast the emotions of the soliders can change during the course of war.

During the first paragraph the narrator speaks with pride for both the fighting soilders who died amid the battles and the supporters at home who cheered the on. The poppies symbolize the death of the soliders and that they died for the freedom , in flanders feild the poppies blow between the crosses row on row. A comparison is also made between civillians and larks

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Discuss the role of ICT in the achievement of Vision 2030

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Discuss the role of ICT in the achievement of Vision 2030.

ICT has a vital role in the economic, social and political development in the Vision 2030. This will enable Kenya to become the Africa’s most globally competitive economy and offer a high quality of life to its all citizens by the year 2030. By developing and strengthening ICT as driver of industry to enhance their productivity and global competitiveness. As a result, every Kenyan citizens will be provided with accessible, efficient, reliable and affordable ICT services.

Kenya Vision 2030 conceive a Kenya to be fully connect to one another networks of roads, airports, railways, ports and telecommunications. This plan of developing the ICT Sector will modernized the Kenya’s ICT infrastructure to become the ICT hub for Africa. To achieve this, these are key structures to look at including energy, security, education and training to encourage the generation to be attracted towards science and technology, and trade and industry.

Through Vision 2030, Kenya intends to a globally competitive and suitable human resource to encounter the requirements of a booming industrializing economy. IT literacy of Kenyan citizens will play a vital role in developing the country into informative and knowledgeable economy. To achieve this, ICT education and training will be required to enhance the development of much needed human capital required for the ICT sector. According to World Bank noted in Kenya Economic Update report that was published in 2010, ICT has contributed to 14% growth to Kenya’s GDP between the years of 2000 and 2009. Therefore, introducing ICT in all sectors would improve regional trends in investment, business, opportunities and modernise the nation.

Developing ICT sector will create mega opportunity to develop e-commerce in trade and industry sectors. The development of e-business will remove traditional to a beneficial ICT enabled businesses which will promote more employments. The international trade will be eased and more products and services will be provided into the Kenyan market.

As reliable energy is important in utilisation of ICT such as electricity and eco-energy such as solar and wind energy. It is expected that more energy will be needed to generate and meet the demand for energy through existing source and alternative sources. Therefore, the universal access to affordable ICT will also be needing to provide a reliable energy supply throughout the nation including the rural areas.

To develop ICT sector, the ICT hardware is very important part of ICT infrastructure. In Kenya they must be imported from developed countries and to import them are costly. Therefore, government has set up policy of zero-rated taxes on ICT as an encouragement of universal access to affordable ICT services. To make use of these and be able to assemble such ICT products, there are institutes who have been selected as Incubation centres such just few examples are the Kenya Multimedia University, University of Nairobi, Strathmore University to ensure quality standards of such products. These standards are noted in Kenya Bureau of Standards. The use of e-applications and online courses will provide training and a source of improving the distributing of education in Kenya so that Kenyans nationals will not have to travel and suspend what they are doing just to attend the college and universities to attain the education. Hence, Government focuses on making Kenya a more information and knowledge economy which will create an availability of skilled manpower throughout Kenya. This will make Kenya to become the preferred destination for Business Process Outsourcing Sector (BPO)s in Africa. In 2015, Kencall was first international call centre based Nairobi in Kenya and it offers services to wide range of countries including US, Europe, Tanzania and even within Kenya.

ICT entrepreneurship growth is one of the strategy. Few examples, a locally made software named Ushahidi which is a geo-mapping software that was developed in 2007 to pinpoint violence during disputed 2007-2008 years of Kenya’s presidential election. Currently Ushahidi is being used worldwide providing detailed maps of environmental, elections and human right abuses in 159 countries around the globe. A locally made portable internet connectivity device called BRCK was created by same group to connect people in rural and urban areas that has problematic in electricity and internet connectivity. The National Optic Fiber Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI) consist of TEAMS, SeaCom and EASSy to ensure maximum capacity of connectivity to every district in Kenya.
The East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) was a joint venture with United Arab Emirates (UAE) to have a submarine cable system which costed 130 million US dollars. The other two SEACOM and EASSy are also fiber-optic live international cable ensuring better connectivity. According to IST-Africa report published in 2015, more than 50% of Kenyan population have access to internet connectivity and according to conclusion drawn by Mckinsey in 2013, the internet sector contributes to 2.9% of Kenya’s GDP.
The government introduced Madaraka PC projects which will act as an incubation model for students in local universities which will give Kenyans access to affordable ICT while providing an opportunity and environment for local Kenyan entrepreneurs to develop and manufacture the hardwares and software products locally. Digital Villages will play vital role in affordable universal access of ICTs in Kenya and will provide the demand for locally produced PCs with the help and efforts of Ministry of Information and Communications. Government is currently planning programmes aimed at improving connectivity to ensure the major wider coverage of the country which will result in improved communication through the nation and with the globe. ICT Parks are also another source of facilitating and increasing the usage of ICT in the society and communities.

Malili will be first smart city to be built in Kenya which will be located 60km outside of capital city, Nairobi. This will be a city for technology firms that transform Kenya in a globe ICT arena. The Malili Technopolis will be technology business park similar to Silicon Valley in United States of America. BPO, software innovations, call centres, data centres, manufacturing assemblies will be the main drive to the growth of the city. The government will ease the licenses obtaining, tax returns and lower transaction costs to encourage investor to invest in smart city. There is development of another city which Konza Technology City valued at USD14.5 billion.

When comes to Financial sector ICT is heavily involved both in bank and non-bank institutes. As the use of ICT facilities, the management and development of the financial sector which is a vital part in economic development. Using ICT, the financial data are easily available on the internet or television to the investors and key people that will be willing to invest in the country if the financial sector and economic sector of the country is stable. These will encourage the foreign investors to get involved, as the Kenya is able to communicate with the globe through ICT. An invention that is country wide use is M-Pesa service which is a mobile money transfer introduced by mobile network service provider Safaricom. Safaricom with the help of Equity bank created M-Kesho which enables M-Pesa users to access mobile phone saving account which will allow them to operate a bank account and withdraw access loans through their mobile phone anywhere they are without the need to go to a bank or financial provider. Over 80% of mobile money transaction is done through Safaricom’s M-pesa. The average daily value of M-pesa transaction noted is USD30million among roughly 20 million M-pesa users.

Agriculture plays significant role in the livelihood of Kenyans, as in 2006, the agricultural sector contributed 26% to Kenya’s GDP. The e-agriculture applications, using ICT, will provide important data to the nation which will empower the population to make a better judgement and decision-making opportunities leading to increased productivity and providing national food security. Through ICT, Government will be able to improve land management agricultural land. As mobile network is available throughout the country, the farmers can get all information on agricultural produce market and can easily communicate with traders through mobile phone. They receive information about neew technologies, rainfall forecasts, and agronomics practices from International Centre for Insects, Pests and Ecology (ICIPE) through their mobile phones. They can easily use banking services such as M-Pesa to transfer money quickly or get a loan quickly through M-Kesho. This enables the farmers and traders to deposit or withdraw money using their mobile phones. Therefore, the farmers are can purchase seeds, tools, machineries, pesticides and fertilisers from their suppliers without having to travel to nearest town or city.

Tourism is a productive sector in developing of Kenya’s economy as tourism is one of the provider of foreign currency into the country. The bringing of foreign currencies into Kenya improves the local currency rates and improves the local currency. As well as provides vital source of employment in foreign exchange industry. By increasing ICT use benefits the tourism by improving its management and facilities the tourist to be able to organise their whole visits online and are provided with important information on the country they are about to visit for holiday through internet and ads. This will encourage more numbers of tourist visits as Kenya will become visible global and what the destination has on offer such as safari tours with beautiful animals and savannas, local tribes and their cultures and many more. This will encourage more job opening to accommodate the needs in the tourism industry.

Health is important and with addition of ICT that will make the health service more efficient and will be much more successfully useful to fight against the severe health issue and major injuries. The X-ray machine and MRI scanner machine are globally used to determine injuries and health problem inside the patients which are less likely to determine without such equipment. The availability of such equipments throughout nation can make lives of doctors and practitioner easier to determine illness or injuries in time to be able to cure if patient that arrive in right times. This can improve the life expectancy of the Kenyans and will enable Kenya to control its high birth rates. The e-health application will provide better medical information and services to the population no matter where ever they are. The patient can contact the doctors through ICT even if they are miles away and can seek guidance without doctor physically being present at the patient’s current location.

Another achievement for Kenya in the ICT sector is the availability of e-Government services. This has led to making use of delivering information and services to the citizens, encouraging participation with the Government. This is to enriched lives of Kenyans through ICTs. One of such systems available is the e-citizen portal which has replaced the traditional paper system where people living in or outside Kenya are rather no longer needed to wait in long queues to make applications and renewals of passports, licenses and other official documents which now successfully can be done through online portal on which all your information required is submitted. This is an improvement in government services regarding online application for public service job, tracking of the status of ID and passports, the record of submission of tax returns is easily found, and through e-registry issuing business licensing can be done. The E-Gov will provide electronic interactions between government agencies and private business and sharing of information between governmental organisation
ICT in industry manufacturing, upsurges their productivity which forms part of a Vision 2030. With the use of ICT

The Impacts of ICTs on Kenyan Youth
Written by Chris Mwangi
Published on 09/03/2011
URL: of ICT in Manufacturing to Achieve Vision 2030
Written by Omae, M. O and Ismail, AdeyaPublished in year 2011
URL: ICT initiatives connect Kenya to the world
Written by China Daily
Published on 05/03/2010

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The Effects of Indoor and Outdoor Games Sanathana Vani Script Teen Program Have you ever played a game that you could not stop playing because it was so addicting

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The Effects of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Sanathana Vani Script Teen Program

Have you ever played a game that you could not stop playing because it was so addicting? Almost every teen has. Nearly two-thirds of teens play games to talk to social friends and one-quarter of teens play games to talk to internet friends. However, indoor games aren’t the only type of game we play. Many of us play sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis, cricket, etc. that boost our morale, or make us happy.
There are many good things about both types of games. For indoor games, there are multiple things we can learn. When we play indoors, we learn quite a few things that we are not able to do outdoors. When we play at our own homes, we learn to welcome other kids to play with them. At the same time, they learn how to include siblings in such games and make them familiar with one’s friends. On the other hand, if we visit others’ place, they learn how to be courteous to others and be good guests. When we learn to play indoors, we are not stranded and irritated if we are not able to play outside due to rains or other reasons. For outdoor games as well, there are many benefits. Getting physical exercise is one of the most important parts of outdoor games and one of the best ways to get exercise is to play outdoor games, such as sports. Our bodies need Vitamin D as well to have strong bones, which comes from the sun. Another benefit is that we learn how to have good sportsmanship. That is the key to having a healthy lifestyle. We also can improve many of our bodily functions such as vision if we spend more time outdoors.
As there are many good things about indoor and outdoor games, they can also have a slightly bad impact on us as well. For indoor games, we don’t always get the ideal physical exercise our bodies need. Some indoor games can have physical exercise, but nowhere near outdoor games.

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Happiness comes in different ways

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Happiness comes in different ways; everyone wants to be happy because happiness feels good but not everyone in the world is happy for example myself. I think thing if a person wants to be happy you strive for that meaning you make yourself happy no other people or materialistic things I ask myself everyday why is happiness so important to people but when I think about t it seems like everyone defines happiness differently. Happiness is the primary goal of human existence based on “The Happiness Effect”. Happiness provides of benefits, for example a happy person lives an average of nine years longer than unhappy person. People finds happiness in wide range of stimuli. As stated in “The Happiness Effect” people finds happiness form different things like traveling, decorating, winning something or just spend some time with people they love or appreciate.

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Kokoda campaign

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Kokoda campaign? Why is it significant for Australia? Did it shape Australia for what it is now?
Good Morning 9T today I will be answering the unanswered question of the Kokoda campaign.
The Japanese and Australians force battled from July to November in 1942. The Japanese force arrived on the Northern Coast of Papua and followed the Kokoda track to isolate the Australians from the United States and tried to take hold of Papua. The Japanese force needed Southern Coast of Port Moresby to seize Papua. The Japanese force required Papua if they wanted to use as a home base for them to undertake Australians mainland.

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Effective communication is key to relationship building

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Effective communication is key to relationship building. How we listen to others is therefore important. The way we speak, our body language, gestures and facial expressions are crucial when it comes to effective communication. There should be clarity in our speech so that it is understood clearly. Explain things short and simple so that the children can grasp easily. Ask if they understood and if yes ask further on how they are going to respond to it. In that way we know if what we said was understood. We can make learing fun by by using our sense of humour.

Showing respect to others or being courteous and acknowledging the views of others is vital when communicating with anyone. We should treat people like human beings without being aggressive or intimidating. To earn respect we should offer it to others first and we have to live the example always.

Being empathic makes people feel that you have seen their point of view. Especially when it comes to young people they feel supported and understood which helps them build their trust and be more open with you. The way we interact with children also helps them build positive and emotionally secure relationships with adults.

Being conciderate is another element of building positive relationships. This means trying to understand another person’s situation by taking time to listen, showing interest and respond accordingly. We all face difficult life situations at times and act out of character under pressure. It could be a family or work related issue, an illness or berievement. In such situations we need to be understanding and be sympathetic to the person’s situation.

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Google’s mission statement is

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Google’s mission statement is, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google’s business strategy is to earn revenue through targeted advertising while attracting internet users to its free search services. Google’s mission is related to the business strategy because Google decided that the needs of the users should come first and by offering high quality end user experience, the end user would spread the word that Google’s search services were not only simple but also innovated. By word of mouth the amount of end users grew, and more and more advertising companies wanted to advertise through Google.

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What I have witnessed for the past few years on the internet in terms of my own use

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What I have witnessed for the past few years on the internet in terms of my own use, changes in social or digital media has become an omnipresent part of daily life, but this evolution and expansion has been in the works since the late 70’s. In the early days when the internet emerged, the web was mostly used for displaying simple information and communication was limited because it was being experimentally validated. Fast forward decades later, almost everyone I know uses some form of social media to connect, learn, share or stay in touch because of how effortless the process takes. For example, it has enabled the process of sending and receiving messages to work at an extraordinary speed. The internet of today has taken over the world by storm and it has caused us to immerse in a sea of information. Moreover, the internet is not only a source of information, it is now primarily a medium of social communication with Facebook boasting over billions of users and twitter not far behind and rather than mailing physical letters, we’re composing messages through any mail service that can be sent immediately to a recipient. For the downside of digital media, I’ve noticed that the teenage way of life has completely changed from what it was only years ago. Now, there is a substantial decrease in face-to-face communication, which greatly reduced our generation’s ability to interact with one another on a speaking level. Social media has also been used as a way to hurt people. Those people would be classified as Keyboard warriors where by a person would behave aggressively to others online but at the same time does not behave similarly in real life potentially due to cowardice. Overall in my opinion, I feel that the digital era has left a big impact and will forever evolve to change our progressive society. As the rate of technology expands with all the sophisticated gadgets that surrounds us today, we sometimes forget that being fully engaged and not be distracted by social media can help create some memories to have and share with each other. Our ancient ancestors however, perceived things a lot more plainly than we do today. They weren’t nearly as distracted as we are.