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The legalization of cannabis

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The legalization of cannabis, much better known as marijuana, is one of the most controversially discussed issues in our country today. This may be because of the cultural diversity that the United States of America is known for. Cannabis is all natural and has over twenty-five thousand uses (NORML, n.d.). There are many positive things that come from cannabis, and many organizations and others who feel it should be legal. Many negative effects can arise from the legalization of this narcotic, but we can only guess what the consequences could be. There is a large history about how marijuana became illegal in the United States. State and Federal laws on this drug in the United States can be compared with the laws in other countries such as Canada. My opinion about the legalization of marijuana is extremely strong. The fight to legalize cannabis will always exist, and most likely will not be solved anytime in the near future.

The legalization of this narcotic could potentially be very profitable. One thing it would be used for is medical related problems. Cannabis has been used since the 1800’s for pain relief (NORML, n.d.). In western medical literature, physicians have published hundreds of documents recommending cannabis use for an assortment of disorders and illnesses (NORML, n.d.). Pain such as nerve damage, nausea, spasticity, glaucoma, and even some movement disorders are treatable with marijuana (NORML, n.d.). It is also a proven stress reliever. People suffering from HIV, AIDS, Wasting Syndrome, or even Dementia can benefit from this drug because it is a very powerful appetite stimulant (NORML, n.d.). There are more than 60 U.S. and international health organizations that support giving patients authorized admission to medicinal marijuana, under a doctor’s supervision (NORML, n.d.). If a patient is able to find a doctor willing to prescribe medical marijuana, they would have to sign a legal document stating they will only use the Government Issue cannabis, which doesn’t meet a lot of standards. It only has ten percent THC, proprerly kn own as tetrahydrocannabinol, when most people are used to using “street marijuana” which contains approximately fifteen to eighteen percent THC (NORML, n.d.). Organizations such as The American Cancer Society and The American Medical Association support the idea that research clinics should have more access to cannabis for enhanced medical potential (NORML, n.d.).

Besides medical uses, there are also many uses in the industrial world. Marijuana has the potential to be manufactured into more than twenty-five thousand different kinds of goods (NORML, n.d.). It could be used as our biggest cash crop if it were to be legal. It would be worth a fortune, of approximately five billion dollars per year. The products it can produce are textiles, paper, paints, clothing, plastics, cosmetics, food products, insulation, animal feed, oils, ropes, and many others (NORML, n.d.). This narcotic could also be taxed. These are just very few things that can come from the drug of marijuana. Farmers can get a license to grow cannabis only from the DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration, but they have continued to reject authorization for major hemp, or marijuana, farming (NORML, n.d.). All kinds of money can be found in cannabis, but it seems that the government would rather spend money, and prevent themselves from making money.

A big issue in this country today is the personal use of marijuana. It is the third most popular drug in the U.S. First is tobacco and then alcohol. About eighty million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year (NORML, n.d.). Marijuana has been around since the beginning of civilization, but it is illegal to cultivate and deal out, because it can be smoked until a person has a loss of motor functions. Alcohol and tobacco abuse have far worse medical effects than marijuana (NORML, n.d.). They also cause far more deaths than cannabis. Around 50,000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning and more than 400,000 deaths are attributed to tobacco smoking! Marijuana is nontoxic, and it has not been known to cause an overdose (NORML, n.d.). It is also non-addictive, unlike alcohol and tobacco; your body will not become dependant on marijuana. The only addiction it can cause is a psychological one. Marijuana can be maturely used by adults, just like many other activities such as motorcycle riding, drinking alcohol, skydiving, getting married or smoking tobacco (NORML, n.d.). An organization that strongly believes in the responsible medical and industrial use of marijuana is NORML, The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. This group knows all there is to know, and will keep trying for their big goal, which is the legalization of marijuana. All in all, marijuana is a good resource for the industrial and medical world.

Do not forget, along with the good comes the bad. But first, what happens when you’re high? Well it all depends on the person, how much is used, or how strong it is, in other words how much THC, tetrahydrocannabinol it contains. The more THC in cannabis the stronger it is (NIDA, 2004). Effects can range from, some people experience nothing at all to some people undergoing a relaxed or calm feeling. People might become extremely thirsty, hungry, and/or tired (NIDA, 2004). Like any drug you should not operate any machinery, especially an automotive vehicle. When driving after smoking marijuana your response time is slowed down tremendously. You are also slightly less alert, coordinated, and it becomes harder to concentrate (NIDA, 2004). In Memphis, TN researchers found thirty three percent or one hundred and fifty reckless drivers tested positive for marijuana (NIDA, 2004). This is because of the delayed reaction time. I am not saying that it is ok to operate a vehicle under the influence of marijuana, but think of all the deaths caused every year by drunk drivers.

The short-term effects of marijuana use are more predictable than the long-term effects. There are few, and the main one is problems with short-term memory, and the ability to learn (NIDA, 2004). Another dilemma is with organization, and problem solving. There is also loss of coordination and increased heart rate (NIDA, 2004). This can create a feeling of nervousness. These effects can be enlarged if you use other drugs. If cannabis is consumed by pregnant women it can affect the fetus. There can be low birth weight in the baby, and a reduced gestation period (NIDA, 2004). Also some long-term effects of marijuana use as well. One would be cancer, but tobacco smoking also causes cancer, and at a higher rate (NIDA, 2004). Some cancer causing chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke are also found in marijuana smoke. Marijuana can affect the air passageways to your lungs. People who smoke marijuana often develop a breathing problem, such as coughing and wheezing (NIDA, 2004). There is also a greater risk of obtaining an illness, such as a chest cold. There is the risk of lung infections, like pneumonia (NIDA, 2004). Long-term marijuana use is also associated with trachea injury and bronchitis. The biggest reason why cannabis has not been legalized is because it’s a gateway drug. The reason for this is once you try a drug, you then make yourself more exposed to trying new drugs, or just looking for a new and or more exciting high (NIDA, 2004). Not to mention that this is different with everyone. We can only predict what would happen, and we will never know unless it is legalized.

The history of marijuana is very interesting and resourceful. Marijuana first became illegal in 1941. Then in 1972, President Richard Nixon’s National Commission on marijuana and drug abuse recommends that congress approve this policy nationally in the United States (NORML, n.d.). Since then more than a dozen government appointed commissions in both the U.S. and in a foreign countries have suggested related proceedings. None of these commissions have been enforced and police officers are continuing to arrest and jail minor offenders (NORML, n.d.). Since 1973, twelve states including Alaska, California, Colorado, Mine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oregon, will no longer give jail time to minor marijuana users for possession of the narcotic (NORML, n.d.). There are voters that also support these policies. In 1977 President Jimmy Carter told congress “Penalties against drug use should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. Nowhere is this clearer than in the laws against the possession of marijuana in private for personal use.”(NORML, n.d.) Our government today spends about 10 million dollars per year just to arrest over 700,000 individuals for minor marijuana infractions. The numbers for arresting people for violent crimes, such as murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault are far greater though, than the numbers for marijuana use (NORML, n.d.).

Possession of marijuana is legal in many other countries, such as Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. It is currently illegal in Canada and England, and is not-prosecuted in Switzerland, but they are all currently under evaluation by the government and may be liberalized (NORML, n.d.). It is illegal in Sweden and the United States. On the other hand, i is legal in many countries for medicinal use; including the United States, but only in some states. Canada is currently fighting to make cannabis 100% legal and it is the most commonly used drug in country. The possession of cannabis accounted for half of the drug offenses in Canada in year of 1997 (NORML, n.d.), and the Canadian government spends more than 500 million dollars annually enforcing drug laws. Canada also produces nearly 800 tons of illegal cannabis each year and approxmitaly sixty percent of that is exported to the United States of America(NORML, n.d.).

The laws in states of California and Michigan differ greatly. In Michigan having any amount of marijuana on you, or using it is a misdemeanor, with a $100 fine and 90 days in jail. In California if you have up to 28.5 grams it is a misdemeanor with no jail time and a $100 fine (NORML, n.d.). In California, the cultivation of any amount is a felony with sixteen months in jail. In Michigan, it is a felony with 4-15 years in jail and $20,000- $10,000,000 fine depending on the amount being grown (NORML, n.d.). So as you can see the laws differ greatly with each state. This may be because the United States in very culturally diverse.

My opinion about cannabis is very strong and reasonable. I believe marijuana is the least harmful drug to society and your body. Don’t get me wrong I do believe it is a, “Gateway Drug.” I have had personal experiences with people close to me that have used marijuana and after which started using other, more harmful drugs trying to achieve that original mind blowing high. At least 50,000 people die each year because of alcohol poisoning and 400,000 people die because of tobacco smoking (NORML, n.d.). There are zero known marijuana deaths per year, because marijuana is nontoxic and non-addictive. I believe marijuana should be legal, but also have rules and regulations, just like with alcohol and tobacco. I think you should be over the age of 21, no operating heavy machinery-especially automobiles, no consumption in public places, and no possession of more than one pound. I know this may sound a little extreme but until it is processed and sold by our government on a regular basis you should one be able to produce the amount that was stated.

Now there are even courses being offered at larger college campuses based upon the subject of marijuana. If people are informed about the matter and know all of the possible consequences that could come from it. It would be easier to be legalized. To me, with knowledge comes great power, which is the ability to persuade ideas and thoughts and change others and their thoughts.

There is a great history about the positive and negative effects of marijuana legalization. In my opinion marijuana is not even a bad drug; it’s a plant; it’s a useable cash crop that’s all. Not like other drugs, such as cocaine and heroin because they have certain chemicals that are harmful. After all this has been stated, do you think marijuana should be legal?

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We first would like to express our deepest gratitude to our most respected lecturer Mr

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We first would like to express our deepest gratitude to our most respected lecturer Mr.Hilmi for his guidance, aid, encouragement and gracious support throughout our project. His proficiency in this field of study has really motivated all of us to work in this area and for his faith in us at every state of this research.

Subsequently, we would also like to thank our beloved parents for all the support and sacrifices that they had contributed for us in carrying out this project. They had really spent their precious time in transporting us to the company of our research, buying us the necessities and etc. They had also sacrificed their work time for us in carrying out this project.

Last but not least, we would like to thank DIGI TELECOMMUNICATIONS SDN.BHD (IPOH BRANCH) for granting us an appointment as well as permission to meet a few of their representatives upon completion of this project.

Lastly, we as team would like to thank each other for the wonderful cooperation given and for sacrificing the precious time along the process of this project. In addition to that, we would also like to thank all the rest of our beloved friends for providing us their full support by sharing their knowledge with us upon completing this project.


Introduction To Digi Understanding The Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Entrepreneurship, New Ventures, and Business Ownership Understanding The Global Business Context Managing The Business Organizing The Business Operations Management and Quality Leadership and Decision Making Human Resource Management Marketing Processes Conclusion Bibliography
Introduction To Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd
Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd is basically a global telecommunication service provider. It started its operation in the mid of 1990’s. To be even more specific, Digi started operating in May 1995. In conjuction of its start, it first launched its GSM 1800 services which was 100% digital. It was known as the first digital mobile communication service in Malaysia. Since then, they continued to be a developer in the provision of innovative telecommunication services. Then, Digi’s revenue has increased 2 times which was approximately 6 – 6.5 billion in the last five years with a number of subscribers over 10 million. The main reason behind them in accomplishing a drastic growth in a short period of time is most probably due to the best deals which they provide to ensure excellent customer experience in both mobile and internet services.

Subsequently, Digi is the newest 4G network provider and the first in Malaysia to deploy a massive networking speed of 17.45MBPS. Forever the innovator, they are in the midst of a three year nationwide network transformation to bring Malaysians the first LTE- equipped network with a wider coverage, more stable connections, and the capacity to serve a speeder network like no where. Digi is committed to building a sustainable business that is financially responsible to all stakeholders.

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Introduction The Return of Martin Guerre by Natalie Zemon Davis

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The Return of Martin Guerre by Natalie Zemon Davis, is a historical recount of the extraordinary case of the imposter Martin Guerre, who was really named Arnaud du Tilh. For four years Arnaud was able to fool Bertrande, Martins wife, as well as the rest of the family and the entire village of Artigat. It wasn’t until Arnaud began demanding the inheritance from Pierre Gurre, Martin’s uncle, that he became under suspiscion and that he was put under trial. He may have gotten away with it, had the real the Martin never walked into the courtroom. Some would say he was not a monster for having to deceive an entire village for so long and that he was the loving husband that Bertrande always wanted. After all, the original Martin was the one who deserted his family in the first place, leaving his wife Bertrande in a state of limbo. However even if the real Martin had abandoned his wife, it does not change the fact that Arnaud du Tilh was a con artist looking to inherent the fortune that was left by Sanxi (Martins Father). Although it was possible that Bertrande de Rols knew “Martin” wasn’t really her husband, she had little influence due to blah blah blah something about being a loving husband to Bertrande and friendly to everyone. Before his quarrel with Pierre, Martin’s uncle, many of villagers said he was very friendly.
Content and Sources
Princeton historian and anthropologist Natalie Zemon Davis, not only tells and entertaining story of real life event but also gives the readers an idea of what life was like for sixteenth century villagers. To do this Davis uses what she says “part my invention, but held tightly in check by the voices of the past.”(p.5). Among these “voices of the past” was Jean de Coras’s, Arrest Memorable du Parlement de Tholose which was published in 1551. Jean De Coras was responsible for being one of the judges of the Martin Guerre case. It is a very critical source of Davis’s work as it summed up all the evidence, formal arguments and judgments. An entire chapter is devoted to Coras and how came to write about the case. Another major source she used was Guillaume Le Sueur’s Admiranda historia de Pseudo Martino Tholosae Damnato Idib. Other sources she used where Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles and Propsi Rustiques.

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This study is primarily concenrned of time to the study of William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily

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This study is primarily concenrned of time to the study of William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily. This study aims to provide insights. Furthermore, ‘time’-the main focus of this paper-will be elaborated on and then identified in A Rose for Emily based on ‘story time’ and ‘discourse time’. These theoretical discussions are taken into consideration while analysis of A Rose for Emily.

1.1 Literature, Symbolism in literature
The notion of time in Faulkner’s short story: “A Rose for Emily”, is challenging in that Faulkner has manipulated “time” in his distinctive and unique way. He does not rely on a conventional linear approach in this short story, but what we, as readers, perceive is the continuous shifting, stretching, and breaking the linear order of time. The present study is relies on the two concepts of ‘discourse time’ and ‘story time’. ‘story time’ emerges from ‘the interplay of space, events, characters, and plot structure (Scheffel et al., 2013). What follows, is a review of the main concepts and theories concerning the issues of narratology, narrative, and their inseparable component: ‘time’.
William Faulkner’s tale A Rose for Emily was first published in 1930. A brief historical review of this period provides the links between tale and history and lets us glimpse at Faulkner’s brilliancy. The narrative encloses a period of around 40 years related to the historical period previous to its publication. A Rose for Emily deals with the economic decadence of the south as well as the decadence of its cultural and social values. Emily’s character comes to represent this state of painful change in this society. Both the decadence of traditional values and Emily’s personal and economic ruin confirm the vision of a present that disregards once valued customs and tradition. The last representative of a traditional family of the South, Emily becomes the depositary of Southern values. Her majestic figure becomes fundamental in the maintenance of their traditional values and their way of living. Emily is charged not only with her expectancy but also the citizens’ hope for the maintenance of traditional behaviors of the southern society. The burden of these charges gives rise to the instability of Emily’s position that eventually leads her to the act of killing. This point of view, indeed, has been a common assertion in the criticism regarding Faulkner’s short story (Dilworth, 1999, Fang, 2007).

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Requiem, Anna Akhmatova’s most respected poem, documents the suffering of the Russian under Joseph Stalin. The whole poem unfolds with the inner monologue of Akhmatova, reflecting her experiences of loss and suffering. Through using the techniques of allusion, pathetic fallacy, and imagery in Requiem, Anna Akhmatova emphasizes the extent of grief experienced by her and the other suffering women. This, in turn, enables readers to understand that “Requiem” is written to not only be in remembrance of the grief and suffering that of Akhmatova alone, but of an entire nation during Stalin’s reign of terror. (all the victims affected by)

The technique of pathetic fallacy serves to accentuate the numbing of feelings in the Russian people and Akhmatova. They have been dehumanized to the point that they lack the ability of feeling and are thus forced to express their grief through the personification of nature. Under the Stalinist regime, the Russian people have no freedom of expression in any shape or form. Dissendents, anyone whose ideas appear contrary to those of the government’s, will be subjected to persecution. The land and city convey the suffering of the Russian people for them as they have by no means, any way of expressing their feelings. As Akhmatova states in “Dedication,” the intensity of grief is so great that it “would lay a mountain low” (line 1, “Dedication”, “Requiem), and “would make the rush of mighty rivers cease” (line 2, “Dedication”, “Requiem). By describing the changes to the height of the mountains and the speed of the mighty rivers, the speaker emphasized the wide expanse of grief. Nature is made to mourn and the grief felt by the people is so devastating that even the tall mountains and mighty rivers react to the grief. Grief is so powerful that it can disrupt and destroy nature’s geographical features. In addition to nature, the man-made environment of Leningrad is made to grieve. In “Prologue,” Leningrad is described as dangling from its prisons. Leningrad is seen as “dangled,” as buildings are replaced with prisons and the city is pictured as a dead place, grieving for the once lively and warm Leningrad. This emphasizes that the loss and suffering of the people are due to man-made causes. Geographic features are also used to express grief and suffering in “To Death.” The Yenisei “runs swift and cold” (line 15, “To Death”, “Requiem”), and the North Star “gleams above” (line 16, “To Death”, “Requiem”). In contrast to the “Dedication” stanza in which depicts the low mountains and the mighty rivers ceasing, nature is seen to continue without interuption, as if nothing has occured. The North Star still shines and the Yenisei River continues to flow. This suggests that nature is only affected by the loss and suffering of the women as a whole and not only of Akhmatova’s loss and suffering alone. Through the city and nature partaking in their grief, those who suffered are able to voice out their grief.

Concrete is

Akhmatova utilizes biblical allusions to portray her and the suffering women’s grief and to draw similarities between the unjust suffering of Christ and that of her own son. In the Bible, Christ was falsely convicted and crucified in front of his mother. Akhmatova’s son went through the same steps. A shift of focus from the suffering of Christ to the emotions of the women who watched the crucifixion can be seen in the transition from part one to part two in section ten, “Crucifixion.” In part two, the narrator mentions Mary Magdalene and Christ’s mother, Virgin Mary. Mary Magdalene is pictured beating her breast and crying, whereas as the Mother just stood there. The loss of a son is so powerful of an emotion that no one would look at Mother Mary and witness her grief. The grief is so indescribable that Mother Mary could only stand there in silence. This represents the grief felt by Akhmatova and all the other women who watched their sons and loved ones being treated unjustly, and they stood, not being able to do anything in their power. By switching from first-person narrative to the third person omniscient narrator in “Crucifixion,” Akhmatova removes herself from the narrative, allowing readers to place themselves in the metaphor of As Akhmatova becomes a symbol of Mary’s suffering, so does she represent her people’s suffering.

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I Ibrahim

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I Ibrahim, Sheriff was born in the District of Kono, Republic of Sierra Leone, Migrate to the United States of America in 2002. Back in Africa I completed my High school, because I am personate in education, I decided to continue my education in the field of Nursing. I did my Nursing Associate degree program at Prince George’s Community College from 2006 to 2012, it was very challenging, because I don’t have nursing back ground, but due to my perseverance, I conquer all the difficulties in the program, and also achieve my RN license in 2012.

For the past five years I have being working in long term care facilities, taking care of our Geriatric population, I enjoyed my job, because for me it is like a blessing to assist my fellow human being, who are struggling with disease process such as diabetes, HTN, and Cancers, to name just a few, accordingly to the Nursing practice Act.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching TV, especially channel related to politics, and sport such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, NBA, and Being Sport, I also like sleeping and doing window shopping, and sometimes I read nursing articles. Presently I live in Maryland; I don’t travel that much, I had travel few states in USA, also back and forth to my country of birth.

I am pursue my education to BSN at this time because, I want to have an higher education in nursing, and I believe it is the first place in a right path, also I want to work in hospital, but now it is very difficult to have a job offer in hospital without a Bachelor in Nursing. I heard about Grand Canyon University, from my co-worker that I was orienting, he motivated me, because she believe in me, especially the way I was doing my jobs, she was impress, and she even claim, she thought I had BSN, because of my job performance

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Before sales milestones play a crucial role in business

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Before sales milestones play a crucial role in business. There should be proper plans before their actual implementation. There are certain key points which should be taken into consideration before planning on a sale of a product.

First of all, there should be a proper research on the product for which the sales process is meant to be. Biotech tattoo is technology based so there has to be a proper research on the kind of customers that would be influenced by it. It has to be kept in mind that the marketplace keeps on changing depending on various factors such as technology, income and prices of products. Sometimes the customers least influenced by technology are the ones which most easily fall prey to it.

In addition to it, the competitors should be kept in the mind too. Before you begin offering, explore what your rivals are offering, at what costs, and how you can either undersell them or offer more to legitimize a higher cost. Also, the benefits from the sale of the product should be known. The reason for which the client would purchase from you should be known. Moreover there should be some factors which should separate you from others.

Know when to offer: Timing is imperative. There are regular items, those that inside on siestas or key circumstances of the year (e.g., understudies backpedaling to class), and different components that will manage when to offer and when to pause.

Last but not the least, policies should be kept in mind. Policies such as the return policy, exchange policy and regarding the cancellation of a service appointment should be more clearly emphasized.

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Sales channels is a vital advance with a specific end goal to decide and perceive a constant viable technique for showcasing, to have the capacity to recognize the best strategy for item dispersion and furthermore to see the entire idea as an indispensable significance in a marketable strategy which will pull in the correct assets, and if necessary, extra assets. Sales channels is a review of which pathway will be most gainful for the organization and less tedious.

The biometric tattoo is a little compact gadget and along these lines it is vital to concentrate more on the generation with a specific end goal to continue enhancing the highlights on the gadget. The immediate dispersion channel could devour a great deal of time regardless of whether it is less expensive. This is on the grounds that the item and its usefulness should be disclosed and exhibited way to entryway. Besides, it doesn’t really infer that this procedure could bring about potential deals. Subsequently the business development will be imperiled by the absence of methodology and arranging.

In this circumstance, circuitous conveyance may be savvier in light of the fact that people in general must be taught first about the item. The maker alone won’t have the capacity to oblige for such prerequisites and accordingly the assistance of different gatherings is obligatory. We are alluding about deals delegates, wholesalers, distributers, mail arrange, discount public exhibitions et cetera. These agents are deals experts which suggest that they increment the likelihood or capability of more prominent deals volume. This factor is essential keeping in mind the end goal to influence the organization to flourish and make net benefit toward the finish of the undertaking.

Coordinate sales or roundabout sales directing can be depicted as an intend to extend the technique for ad. All things considered, it is critical to consider the cost that will be associated with settling on any of those methods. The time allotment at which the ads will pull in clients to help deals rate is vital too. Consequently, the biotech tattoo producer should see at the immediate part of the open doors accessible. Since the biometric tattoo is focusing on all the age gathering and for the overall population, it is vital to tolerate as a main priority that diverse techniques for ad or aberrant dissemination channels to delineate the item will advance the item. Along these lines, more group are connected and the deals will increment.

This medicinal gadget will convey the brand name in like manner to its usefulness and its popularity and accomplishment among the populaces. Subsequently, it is basic to have the capacity to put satisfactorily in roundabout dispersion stations keeping in mind the end goal to have an exponential achievement result.Indirect conveyance directing will assemble great customer base affinity and these enduring business relationship will thrive different organizations inside the organization. For example, if the biometric tattoo is enhanced an alternate level, discount exchange shows will have the capacity to effortlessly exhibit and hoist the utilization and significance of the therapeutic gadget.

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After sales administrations remain is an extremely urgent piece of a business. At the point when an organization dispatches another item, it is imperative to examine the usefulness and the execution of the gadget. Then again, it is basic to mull over about specific downsides of the item. The disadvantages will decide the strategy required so as to think of an answer for fix or repair a broken gadget. This is when after deals administrations turn into the focal point of fascination for clients.

Client mind agents assume a key part in after deals administrations and subsequently their demeanors and the way they manage clients make ready of progress or destruction of an organization. Angry and baffled clients having a decent after deals administration will be a fulfilled client thereafter. The “Biotech tattoo” is a little gadget and subsequently, the after deals benefit must be particular. Not at all like greater electrical apparatuses, for example, a dialysis machine or a syringe pump and forward, the tattoo can’t be keep up for repair. Henceforth the worries will emerge when an item is blemished. What should a client do or what will be the accompanying strides for the after deals administrations?

The tattoo is a gadget estimating vitals which infers that the make procedure must be immaculate. With a specific end goal to get the item working, it is imperative to ensure that the electrical circuit in the tattoo is up and running or even the biosensors are operational keeping in mind the end goal to give the readings. Be that as it may, since the life span of utilization of the item won’t not be long, in this way a client can change the tattoo every once in a while as per his own specific decision. Regardless, if a client buys the tattoo, and in the event that it isn’t working appropriately, at that point it may be plausible that that the item is inadequate. All things considered, there need a specialized help group alongside client benefit delegates so the circumstance can be raised and that the item is traded immediately.

The point is to have an amazing after deals benefit so that if a client is angry with a damaged item, their outrage may be assuaged by the way the circumstance is taken care of by the experts. A snappy administration is enter in this specific circumstance. This will help the organization to grow the quantity of offers as far as net benefit in light of the fact that a fulfilled client will dependably pull in more clients. Call focuses are outsiders which can be exceptionally helpful in advancing a decent client benefit. It is critical to think everything early as in accepting the deficient item and conveying another item free of cost for the client.

Another significant angle to make after deals administrations work is to monitor the measure of objections and positive inputs got from clients. The shopper’s input decides the nature of administration advertised. A few criticisms could be acquired through surveys or online polls whereby customer’s personality stay mysterious. This strategy will enable makers in enhancing their creation quality which to will prompt the upgrade of the item’s highlights.

To close, the best after sales administrations for the biotech tattoo would be the contribution of client benefit agents who will help with settling issue of clients. Others may be the contribution of faculty in charge of the conveyance and gathering of the item, gathering polls and doing examination of data assembled to make up speculation in enhancing the organization.

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What is the meaning of the American Dream

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What is the meaning of the American Dream? It’s the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. In other words, the American dream is when one can achieve great sustainability from hard work. There is two novels that are associated with the controversial facade. The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men are a prime example of what it is like for people to achieve this common trope. These novels are one of the most informal resources to get an insight on life in the 1920s. Both The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men illustrate the corruption inherent in the pursuit of the “American Dream”.
The book The Great Gatsby by F. scott Fitzgerald illustrate what some people would call the american dream.

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This report is based on information of money related articulations of month span

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This report is based on information of money related articulations of month span (1/01/2018 to 30/01/2018). The investigation of information is just for a month so the scope of data and the precision of report is constrained. This report incorporates examination of budgetary articulations including benefit and misfortune and adjusted sheet.
The major disadvantage of the report are that the data of the earlier years are not open which would have been shown in the report. This report is basically breaking down the given information with the assistance of MYOB. The suggestions are given in light of this analysis. Right off the bat, the information investigation is conveyed done in the steps that have been shown in the analysis by use of screenshots. Also, the results are contrasted and applicable figures. At long last, budgetary exhortation is given for development of the business.


Investigative procedures are extremely valuable in knowing the execution and money related position of the organization. To know the situation of this organization (Tech heads), the information of one month is broke down with the assistance of MYOB. The reason for existing is to express a connection between two pertinent things that is anything but difficult to translate and contrast and other data

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I received a call from ms

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I received a call from ms. Jairus of Siaep monday afternoon she asking if what available time can we accommodate their request for defueling I said to her that I will just double the schedule I will give her a return call then I call sir Alvin I ask him if what time nila kayang i-accommodate yung maluwag na sila since madami commercial flight ng gabi sabi ni sir Alvin mga after emirates pa daw mga around 2100h pa binalikan ko agad ng tawag si ms.jairus para sabihin na mga ganun oras tayo pwede ang sabi niya maaga daw yung para sa kanila hindi daw ba pwede na mga around 11,12 or 01am sabi ko ulit sakanya na babalikan ko siya ulit regarding sa time na gusto niya kya tumawag ulit ako ky sir Alvin sabi niya edi mas okay daw kung 2:00am na kasi yung maluwag na sila kaya tumawag ulit ako ky ms.jairus para sabihin yung oras na 2:00am ok sila dun kaya sabi ko pa email na lang ng request niya. Pagka-received ko ng email request nila for defueling nag-inform agad ako sa Tl sa clark naka-out na pala si sir Alvin sirn arnel na nakausap ko noon sinabi ko sakanya yung details ng request ni siaep sabi niya masayado daw malaki yung volume: 38,000kgs, defuel 20,000kgs puno daw yung storage natin hindi daw natin kayang i-accommodate sabi ko sakanya na sir arnel sige po sasabihan ko na yung siaep kasi nagtatanong na sila ng update sabi niya sige daw kaya nag-inform agad ako ky ms.jairus na hindi natin kayang i-accommodate yung request nila yung tune ng boses niya nag-iba na nag-sabi na lng ako ng pasenya na po.