Caroline Bird’s The Case Against College

A critique of Caroline Bird’s `The Case Against College` focusing on the issues surrounding a college education.

This review offers an analysis of Caroline Bird’s The Case Against College. It explores Bird’s major arguments against a college education, where she discusses that it is both a waste of financial resources and does not provide an adequate return of investment. The writer disputes Bird’s arguments by offering a critique of her research methodology. The review concludes that although an interesting book, it is ultimately flawed.
She suggests that students and parents who see college as a status symbol or as evidence of being a well rounded individual should seriously reconsider a college education. She sees college as a huge waste of financial resources, and argues that students are often neither intellectually or emotionally richer for the experience. Given that the text was written over 25 years ago, some issues are longer current, and monetary figures are inaccurate. However, many of the issues raised in the articles remain valid to this day.