Career Development Plan Summary

Career Development Plan Summary- Kudler Fine Foods

As you all know running a company is not easy. It takes hard work and dedication to for the end results to be where you want them to be. At Kudler Fine Foods, our management team has been doing an excellent job; however, we are not where we need to be. As it was stated to me, my team and I have been restructured to how the previous midlevel management has managed things before. Managing is essential in this work environment as it establishes a foundation for your employees. I have done an extreme amount of research in which I have come up with different methods from the hiring process all the way to team appraisals. In this proposal, I have come up with different ways in which Kudler Fine Foods can benefit greatly. Although the outcome of these changes will not happen overnight, it will take hard work from all staff to make sure these methods are implemented properly.
The five new positions that will be implemented from here on out are; Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Recruiter, Lead trainer, Lead of finance and accounting, and Human Resources personnel. Each of these positions will hold different qualifications and job descriptions. Each position is detailed below:
Director of Human Resources:
Job description:
1. Developing and maintaining a human resources system that meets top management information needs.
2. Develops policies and complies with federal and state law.
3. Coordinates Human Resources activities, labor relations, compensation, benefits, employment, and employee services.
4. Oversees and approves all Human Resources activities before being carried out.
5. Supervise all Human Resource staff.
The Director of Human Resources needs to have a Masters in Business Administration with five years experience, or Bachelors degree with 10 years experience. The qualified candidate must have knowledge of state and federal employment law, and experience in training, payroll and recruiting.
Lead Trainer:
Job description:
1. Develops training programs for new hires, re-hires, and current staff.
2. Will be able to delegate all acquired information to different levels of employees.
3. Be able to assist each employee so they can reach their highest level of potential.
4. Coordinates scheduling for all trainings.
5. Ongoing coaching and mentoring to all employees when needed.
The Lead trainer will have a Bachelors degree and 5 years of experience in a training position, or an Associate??™s degree with 8 years of relevant experience. The candidate for this position will be able to conduct much training for new hires and current employees to assist them in excelling to their best potential.
Human Resources Recruiter:
Job description:
1. Will be in charge of conducting all interviews, background checks, and processing all necessary documents that are needed.
2. Developing plans for better hiring strategy.
3. Work with offsite recruiting companies in hiring qualified staff.
The Human Resource Recruiter will have a Bachelor??™s degree in Human Resource Management and 7 years of experience, or a Masters of Business Administration with 3 years of experience. The qualified candidate will be able to work with all personnel, and not be discriminatory in the hiring process.
Lead of Finance and Accounting:
Job description:
1. Develops and implements goals, policies, and procedures that relate to financial management, budget, accounting, and payroll.
2. Prepares statements and reports of estimated future costs, and revenues as part of a strategic planning process.
3. Plans and directs and the finance and accounting activities for Kudler Fine Foods.
4. Delegate??™s new hires salary and current employee??™s increases.
5. Work with Human Resources personnel in delegating compensation and benefits for employees.
The lead of Finance and Accounting will posses Bachelors degree in Accounting and or Finance with 8 years of experience. CPA preferred with at least 2 years of experience. The qualifies candidate will be able to perform their duties as well in assisting Human Resources personnel with compensation and benefits package for all employees.
Human Resources Personnel:
Job Description:
1. Assist with the main functions of lead trainer and Human Resources recruiter.
2. Strategize different methods to better implement functions, such as appraisals systems, and compensation and benefits.
3. Take lead when other members on team are not present.
The Human Resource personnel must have a Bachelors degree and 2 years of experience in the related field. The potential candidate must be able to take lead when necessary in performing different roles when needed.
The current training program that we offer at Kudler Fine Foods has done well, however, we want to improve it so all new and current employees can get all the training needed to excel in this company. The training programs will be based on the different levels. For example, new hires (policies and procedures), management, team leadership, and OSHA regulations just to name a few. The training programs will also be on a needs basis, so therefore if there are 5 employees who are having difficulties with administrative work or time management, then they will get training on that.
The objectives for the new training program are to develop the hard and soft skills that are needed to perform each task efficiently and effectively for all employees. After the trainings are complete, each employee will understand how to function on different levels in their field, and have a better understanding on how to implement the needs for their department. The training will not stop there. There will also be additional mentoring and coaching that will be continued throughout if needed, as this will assist these individuals to continue in delivering high performance.
When evaluating an employee or a team??™s performance a lot needs to be considered, such as; their performance, administrative duties, team collaboration, etc. When evaluating an employee??™s performance you want to make sure they have professional knowledge as it applies to their job duties. You want to make sure that the employee is aware of different aspects that relate to their field. You also want to make sure that their work quality is above and beyond. As a manager, you want to four see that the employee is producing the highest quality of work. You want to make sure that they exceeding the service that they are providing for the customers daily and that they are reliable and you can count on them for anything.
When evaluating individual or team performance you want to make sure that you are providing essential feedback. By providing feedback you are able to assist the employee in positively promoting good performance, or assisting them to better understand on how the employee can do it differently. Feedback is essential as it provides the employee to reach a higher level of performance. Feedback should be implemented daily so the employee or team can know their performance level on a daily basis. When evaluating team performance it can be tricky because you want to make sure that all employees are doing what is needed to exceed the goals that they have set. In a team, you have to work as collaboration, and therefore you do not want just one person taking on the responsibility for the team.
If an employee does not follow through the feedback that you are giving them, then they are not taking you or their job seriously. This is why all organizations should have a progressive disciplinary process implemented. A progressive disciplinary process is a form of corrective action that should be handled at the moment the employee is not complying to what their job duties entail. The progressive disciplinary action should be related in this manner:
??? Verbal: A manager should have a one on one with their employee. The manager needs to be able to provide constructive criticism, let the employee know what they are doing wrong.
??? Written: A write up will be demonstrated against the employee if their behavior continues. A form will be signed by the employee and their manager and will be documented in their file.
??? Conference: If the behavior continues, then a conference will be held with the employee??™s assigned manager, the director, and Human Resources Personnel. In the conference, the employee will have to implement a plan in which they will better their actions. The plan has to be approved by all staff that are noted in the conference.
When evaluating a team??™s performance, many challenges may occur. The difficulties that can take place relate to different levels of management on a team, pay scale, sonority, etc. A manager needs to essentially outline what appraisal system, results oriented or performance will be helpful when evaluating his team. While performance appraisals are simply based on performance, and mostly are not conducted properly, results oriented are based on numbers. It is more your hard work reflects. When working in teams individual equity should be looked at by all employees. What I mean by this is that a manager should take into consideration the salary that his/her employees make as you do not want your employees to feel uncomfortable when working with others.
A strategy to discourage social loafing will be to assign each team member a specific task for the work load that needs to be carried out. When assigning these tasks to each team member, it should be written down and given to the manager this way the manager knows what team member needed to do what. By using this method the team member would have to work hard in carrying out the task at hand. A team should be able to motivate one another as they all want to achieve the goal at hand. When a team is assigned each team member should speak with amongst themselves to see what their goals are as a team and individually. By doing so they are all aware of each other??™s needs and goals. For all team collaboration a team charter will be delegated, and must be filled out.
As we all know benefits are great way to obtain new hires as well as keep our current employees. The benefits and incentives package are:
??? Heath benefits- health benefits will go into effect thirty days after the employee??™s probation period has ended from their initial start date. The employer will be responsible in paying 27% of their medical benefits elected, while the other 75%, the employer will pay for.
??? Tuition reimbursement- Tuition reimbursement will be currently offered to all employees who would like increase their skills within the company. Employees need to be hitting their goals on a monthly basis and if not at least showing improvement, they must not have a drastic amount of missed days from work, and have at least 90 days in their current position.
??? Short term disability- Employees can opt to pay for short term disability. This is based on current salary from the employee.
??? Pension Plans- Employees have the option to contribute toward their 401k. Employees may start contributing money towards their 401k after 90 days of employment.
??? Vacation/Sick time- Vacation and sick time will be accrued every pay period for the employee.
Incentives will be either overtime, flex time, paid incentives, and a paid day off. All of this will vary depending on the level of employment that the employee is on.
When managing employees we want to provide the best work environment possible. For all employees to succeed we want to be able to make sure that we are assisting them to strive for the best. As managers we want to be able to make sure that the employees are receiving all the necessary trainings, coaching, and mentoring needed to excel in this company. It is important that if an employee wants to move up in the company that we as managers should make sure that we are assisting them in taking the right path necessary to reach that goal, even if there are no current positions available at the time. As a team we are diverse, whether it is from race, age, sex, etc. A cultural environment is a successful environment, and we want to continue to succeed in this. We also want to use proper terminology; politically correct language, and not stereo type, or assume that they might or might not know something because of race, sex, age, disability, etc. As a company that is moving forward in expanding, we want to be able to value diversity.
The compensation plans will be based on the employer??™s education, experience in the field, and time put in at Kudler Fine Foods. There will be no discrimination when it comes down to salary. Each employee will be paid on what they deserve. Every six months, the employer will be evaluated based on their skills and their job duties, this will entail if a pay increase will be merited.

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