Career Development Plan Part Iii

Career Development Plan Part III –
Performance and Career Management
Cheryl Trenhaile
HRM 531
May 31, 2010
Shavona Wright

To: Upper Management
From: Sales Manager
Date: May 31, 2010
Subject: Performance and Career Management
Now that we have selected our new sales team and designed our training and mentoring program our next step is to develop a performance appraisal system to help our sales team understand what our expectations are for the job, how we will measure success, and what they can do to improve personally and professionally. This proposal will address those points as well as our plan to help our employees develop themselves and their careers which in turn will help InterClean in the successful achievement of organizational goals.
Performance appraisals should be held at a minimum of once per year but this proposal is asking for more frequent reviews to provide our team members the opportunity to receive valuable feedback to help them improve and reach goals. If someone is doing well, positive feedback will encourage them to continue on their current path and build confidence where they may continue to build on strengths and knowledge successfully. If someone is not on track, frequent feedback prevents the perpetuation of undesirable or unproductive behavior; it nips it in the bud. The more feedback we can give, particularly in these early stages of transition, the better our employees will be able to perform to our expectations as well as their own potential. The goal is to make this merger a productive and seamless process.
Higher level of performance for employee
To help our sales team reach their fullest potential we will continue to offer the training and mentoring program described in the last memo. The mentoring program will serve to help our sales staff with career development, recognizing weak skill areas as well as areas of strength and how both can be further developed. ???Mentoring is inexpensive, highly productive, and a symbol to employees that they are not sailing solo??? (Weiss, 2007). Human Resources will also help to keep abreast of related seminars and workshops to aid in honing skills and further develop our sales staff. The goal is to create an environment of support and accountability rather than one of trepidation and opposition.
Opportunities for advancement
As we continue to develop our staff and our company continues to grow there will be opportunities to witness areas of particular strength that we could utilize in other areas. Recognition of superior knowledge and skills will be rewarded with opportunities of promotion and recognition. Through our company tuition assistance program we promote the advancement of the employee??™s career as they add value to the organization as a whole.
Flexible opportunities for duel career parents
Another aspect to the success of our team is recognizing and understanding that our employees have unique personal lives and that some present special circumstances that must be taken into consideration. To support and develop our staff we have a responsibility to recognize the whole of each team member. Many of our sales staff are duel career families and we must be cognizant of the particular issues they may face. In support of these employees and in light of the job requirements we are able to offer flexible schedules as well as the opportunity to work from home one day per week if needed. When advancement opportunities arise we need to remain sensitive that personal situations may conflict with that opportunity and not make advancement opportunities a now or never offer. Family friendly policies and sensitivity translates to dedicated and loyal employees.
Adaptation to team diversity
Our new sales team is a diverse group of talent, knowledge, backgrounds, and personal and professional experience. It is the diversity of our team that makes it a solid force to advance our organizational goals and grow this company. Diversity also means that each person has unique needs, beliefs, and traits that need to be understood. Diversity training is required annually to help us all understand each other and the unique qualities that we can bring each other. Diversity training allows employees to understand each other??™s contributions and differences as well as clarifying fact from perceptions or myths.
Budget is zero – why will report work
Because we are operating this sales team development program without a budget this first year it is imperative that we utilize our training opportunities in-house. The mentoring program as well as a peer-pairing program are great ways to accomplish this. Frequent feedback will help to keep our team on track and moving forward as will maintaining an open, supportive environment where they can seek advice without fear of retribution while still holding them accountable for sales goals. Regular sales meetings with the senior sales staff will also allow opportunity for idea and anecdotal sharing. Our only outside cost will come from reasonably priced seminars and workshops that could provide benefit in industry education or sales development.
We are stepping into this new dimension of Interclean??™s future with a strong sales team and a plan to continue to build upon that strength into the future. Performance appraisals are an important means to our end. By providing clearly defined expectations and measures of success as well as frequent feedback we will be providing motivation, improvement in skills and communication, relationship building, and appreciating our team members who will provide us, through their talents, success in achieving InterClean??™s organizational goals.
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