Career Development Plan Part Ii

Career Development Plan Part II ??“ Development of a Training and Mentoring Program

Ryan Beahm
March 1, 2010
HRM 531: Human Capital Management
Danielle Lombard Sims
Career Development Plan Part II ??“ Development of a Training and Mentoring Program

InterClean Inc.??™s merger with EnviroTech including 60 EnviroTech salespeople is in full effect along with expanding the product and service line. InterClean Inc. will be providing full service cleaning solutions to organizations in the health care industry. This is an excellent opportunity for our organization and we need all staff member??™s support in making this transition a success. We hired new members to our sales team. Our sales team has won numerous awards for top production, customer service, and community service. On Monday morning, we will begin our training and mentoring programs. Research has shown the connection between successful bottom-line results and business strategy with effective training and mentoring programs (Cascio, 2005). This is why InterClean strives to encourage all employees to continuously provide feedback about improvement, risks, and opportunities that they potential see. We will be able to learn from the successes and mistakes of each decision that we make but we will not be able to improve unless there is an environment of open communication throughout each department. InterClean is committed to provide the necessary time and money into the training program because this program is viewed as an investment that has the potential to pay out significantly.
Needs and Objectives of the New Training and Mentoring Program
The new training and mentoring program for InterClean Inc. is a testament to the value that is held for all employees concerning each person??™s value within the company and their career future. Extensive training is required to ensure the company will increase efficiency as this strategy is implemented. The training and mentoring program begins in the classroom with Eric Borden, Ving Hu, and Terry Garcia as the facilitators introducing the new products and services to our sales team while teach new information about existing products that the employees do not know. The course will accomplish many different aspects including, but not limited to: review of the company mission statement, present how to build positive client relationships, and review governmental compliance standards. Training for the current sales team at InterClean and EnviroTech along with the newly hired sales team will need to cover the following regulation areas: environmental regulation, OSHA standards, and sanitation standards as it pertains to each customer??™s industry. There will be time set aside to learn terms associated with the new chemical and service application lines. There will also be additional training in sales and communication as it pertains to each customer??™s needs within their industry: how to cover the service programs the company and how to create a custom cleaning programs for any company; review how to develop opportunities utilizing new sales tactics, each salesperson will participate in practice scenarios with his or her mentor and other sales team members. Managers will provide a key role in coaching, mentoring, and developing employees into high performance workers. InterClean Inc. considers coaching as a tool for one-on-one direction and instruction to guide the performance of each individual within each particular set of areas. Mentoring is even more effective than training because the person who performs the guidance is conducted by experienced and astute personnel that can correct mistakes and explain to the mentees accurate techniques.

Performance standards
Performance standards are important because they ???translate job requirements into levels of acceptable or unacceptable employee behavior??? (Cacsio, 2005, p. 334). Well-defined performance standards communicate to the employee specific expectations for each duty. Setting performance standards is an executive duty which impacts all employees and should be a task that considers organizational goals, operational structure, and employee feedback. Each sales team member is expected to retain the knowledge and tools given during the training program while continuing to be up-to-date with the cleaning and sanitation industry. They will need to be able to successfully design customized service and product packages for each of the clients. It is expected for current sales personnel to be capable and willing to help shadow new hires while they get acquainted with the company. Each sales team member will be responsible to keep in consist contact with each client and help them remain up-to-date with each new cleaning, sanitation trends, and regulations.
Delivery methods And Content:
There will be various delivery methods used during the training and mentoring method such as: seminars, online/computer training, DVDs, one-on-one mentoring, classroom discussions, behavior modeling, paper marketing materials, and reference material. The computer-assisted training provides superior support when creating customized service and product plans for our clients and insures accurate, consistent plans. Through behavior modeling, the salespeople have the opportunity to learn from each peer to help define the best sales practices that the company can produce. Each of the facilitators (Eric Borden, Ving Hu, and Terry Garcia) will go through each industry that applies to the new products and services while comparing the new trends and tradition methods of cleaning and sanitation methods. Sales staff will need to be instructed in the development of full-range service packages tailored to individual accounts. These are the primary objectives for the new training and mentoring program. The sales teams will be going through role-playing to cover potential problems and situations that each team member will possibly go through. InterClean expects that every salesperson will have the ability to answer a majority of questions asked off the top of their heads or is capable of using the reference material in a reasonable time frame to properly answer the question. . The training will help guide the salesperson in developing long-term relationships and trust between the sales person and the client. By involving the sales team in the training InterClean is showing its employees that they are committed to becoming a partner in the chemical and service business. Emphasis on training will be placed in such areas such as administration and strategy, content and delivery, and performance management. Training for this position will encompass time allocation, communication, best practices in sales, outsourcing sales training, and mentoring effectiveness.

The overall training process is sixty days and each step will be implemented at defined times. Each employee will be asked to complete two 3-day training sessions, each at least two weeks apart so that the employees will have time to absorb the information discussed. The sales department will go through a longer training program. The sales team will go through three 1-week training that consists of each type of delivery method. Employees may be asked to read materials not covered extensively in the sessions on their own time, either on breaks or at home. A large portion of the training will be covering the products/services with attention to customer service, and company policies.

Evaluation methods
The company is interested into the feedback acknowledged from the employees concerning the training process. Client satisfaction will be tracked before and several months after the implementation of the training and mentoring program. The organization will request feedback from the client on performance, professional demeanor and how knowledgeable the salesperson was in their presentation. If feedback comes back that a sales person is unsuccessful in the completion of a sale, the salesperson may be required to complete remedial training in any of the areas that the board feels necessary. Graded written assessments and critical peer performance assessments will be used during the program and discussion groups will be executed after the sales team training is finished to brainstorm to improve sales tactics and marketing materials that are used to begin new clients into the company. Each worker will be given written performance evaluation quarterly to help determine promotion potential and compensation levels along with accurately evaluate the training and mentoring program, motivate workers, and help a line the worker with the job analysis. The team will brainstorm different approaches to market the existing line of chemicals into the new service line.
Further Development
If there is any employees that who do not grasp a certain area of information discussion within the sessions successfully will go on further one-on-one tutoring and shadowing with a team leader for a period of time. These employees will be encouraged to observe victorious co-workers and review the information/reference that was given in the sessions. The employees will need to know the information about the cleaning and sanitation industry. If necessary, alternative avenues will be utilized for those who need further development. Another route, which will be used as a last result, will be termination of employment if trainee is not actively participating and meeting requirements.