Career Development Plan Part Ii

Career Development Plan Part II
Alicia Smith
September 25, 2010
Kenyon Mau

This paper involves the development of training and mentoring program to orient and train employees of the newly merged InterClean and Envirotech , which formed a new entity. We will meet both the needs of the organization and the employees. We will deal with the needs for the program, what the objectives are, the performance standards, and delivery methods to be used. The new organization will discuss the content for training and mentoring, time frame needed to complete the training, evaluation method to be used, feedback, and alternative avenues for employees needing further development.
The New Training and Mentoring Needs
After the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, there must be training and mentoring program for the employees, to help with a smooth transition into the new company. Training keeps employees knowledgeable and in the loop about changes in the industry now and in the future. Training must be effective for the program to work. Training must be developed according to the needs of those participating in the program. Training is the teaching of practical skills to develop and/or improve performance.
Mentors must be trained to be effect and their training must meet the objective of the participants which is the measure we will use to evaluate the mentor. ( Once mentors have been trained there should be orientation to provide information to those they are to mentor. There should next be a good match between the mentor and employee. There should be something the two have in common, maybe they have a love for sports, and this could open the lines communication. This is the person they may shadow, go to with problems, if they have question, get help from, and so on. This is the person the employee will be spending a large amount of his time with. The mentor will need to be a well -rounded individual.
Objective of the Training and Mentoring Program
The object of the training and mentoring program is to ensure that all employees are trained in a similar manner and to immolate their mentor. Since the is a new company going in a new direction those chosen as mentors should be the first to be trained so they can lead their employee in the right direction. Through effective training the employee can not only help the organization achieve its goals, the employees can achieve his goal and maybe even exceed his goals. The mentor is there to make suggestions on what he could have done in a different manner or what was done right or wrong. Whether the monitor is there to listen to the employee, to answer questions or help with career planning, it is his duty to ensure the employee is a good fit for the organization.
Performance Standards
Performance standards are relevant to the employees??™ job and within the employees??™ control. Many managers use the one size fits all approach, creating performance standards as a result; everyone in a certain job has the same set of performance standards. Everyone in the same job doesn??™t necessarily fit the same mold, some may be better at solving customer problems, some are better at producing more sales, and some may be better at cold calls and are able to bring in new customers faster than others. Therefore performance appraisals should be customized to fit each employee. Employee??™s performance must be appraised in some so we have chosen to use the annual performance appraisal the method is based on the employee??™s job description and measured by how well he can perform his duties. If he doesn??™t perform up to the organizations expectations, suggestions are made to help the employee improve his knowledge, skills and abilities to help the organization and employees reach their goals. After developing the performance standards it must be delivered.
Delivery Method
This is the medium through which course content is delivered and human interaction occurs. There several media through which this can occur. These are the internet , the companies??™ intranet happen, hands-on training, group classroom hands-on training or seminars. The group classroom and the seminar are similar. They are used when several employees nee training at the same time as well as continuing education. ( Group classroom is the method we are going to use I our training program. This method allows the employees to learn as a group. Not only can the team learn from the trainer, but they can learn from one hands-on training in some situations another. In small groups you also get that one-on-one attention some trainees need and if there are some employees who need hand-on training that to can be arranged. With smaller groups more attention can be given to those in need. Curriculum can be tailored to the class. Training can be done on site saving time and money. The concepts and practical skills learned can be utilized when trainees return to work.
Content for Training and Mentoring
The content of and mentoring should be a comprehensive program of high quality and highly motived trainers. Motivating people is a challenge. If the trainees are not motivated to believe they can achieve their goals, they won??™t be motivated to try. If the mentor is not well trained or does not know how to motivate then he cannot motivate his trainee. This mentor should be retrained to the needs of the trainee. By identifying the elements you are looking for in a job description you can establish the desired training and mentoring program. But the best way to format this program is to ask the employee.
Time Frame
A time frame is a period during which something takes place or it is projected to occur. ( So a time frame according to this paper is the period in which this training for new employees as well as current employees is to be trained. We will set this to last for a total of six weeks. During this time the new hires as well as current employees are to be trained. At the end of the time frame the first training will end. As more developments occur more training may become necessary. Dates and times will become available. If there is a problem with anything that was not understood continuing education will be available.
Evaluation Method
This is an appraisal of the value of a job performance. To be a competent evaluation it must reach an accurate and valuable conclusion and it clearly and convincingly establishes that a conclusion was reached. The conclusion can also be successfully defended and supported under critical conditions. The method we have decided on is face-to-face or one-on-one. In this setting the employee and the trainer/mentor are sitting with one another going over the employee??™s appraisal. Each is giving input about how well he is doing, how well he thought he was doing, and what he can do to make his performance better. This may help to motivate the employee to do better at his next evaluation.
Depending on the delivery of the criticism and/or praise, this may be all the employee needs to raise his performance or to continue the good work. Knowing that your manager is satisfied with your performance, may be the push the employee needs to actually want to go the extra mile. The employee may now feel he is no longer satisfied with status quo. This employee be on his boss??™ radar and is destined for bigger things.
Feedback is important because it lets the employee know not only if she is doing well but also when she needs improvement. Feedback is intended to motivate the employee to want to do her best for the organization. Employees want to feel they are contributing something important to the organization. When the manager gives her employees frequent feedback in an informal manner she has done more for her employees with this style than any other style.
Managers need to let their employees know much their performance is helping the organization reach its goal. If an employee is being criticized, if it is delivered in the same manner as the praise it has the potential to help the employee understand her short comings and help her to address the behavior in the area where improvement is needed.
Alternate Avenues for those who need Further Development
If the trainee has gone through the training program and has still not grasped the new concepts he has been learning this may be the time to use new techniques. A new delivery method may give this employee new insight or may continuing education will work better for him. We have chosen continuing education. There will also be workshops. This should be helpful. Dates and times will be posted on employee bulletin board.
Setting up a training and mentoring has proven to be a long and difficult process. For a company grow and succeed in new industry and get the lion??™s share it is necessary to see this procedure through from beginning to end. This is a good process because it not only lets you see where you need to be at certain times but it also lets you know where the strengths as well your weaknesses lie.

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