Career Development Plan Part 1

InterClean ??“ EnviroTech Career Development Plan: Part 1
Due to the recent merger between InterClean and EnviroTech, a new career development plan must be established and implemented. The merger between these two businesses will result in several new changes. One change in particular will be the transition from a sales based only cleaning supply business, to a full service cleaning solutions business operation. To implement this new company strategy, a four part development plan will be created. Part one will consist of a job analysis, workforce planning system and a selection process for a new sales team. A job analysis will be conducted to establish the job duties and skill set requirements for the new sales team. The workforce planning system will determine the size of the sales force needed to meet current and future sales needs. After conducting a job analysis and implementing a workforce planning system, a selection process will be established based on the data that was collected. Poor job analysis, inadequate personality skill profile, poor interviewing techniques and mediocre questioning can lead to bad recruitment. (Ongori & Temtine, 2009) The goal of this plan is to make certain the company has the necessary skill set to make the appropriate decisions that will lead the company in its new quest and experience success.
Job Analysis:
A job analysis provides management with pertinent information regarding a particular job. The analysis determines what the job functions will be for the position, as well as determine what skills sets are needed to perform the job.
A job analysis was conducted using observation and interviews. Using the information that was collected the following information was established:
Job Title: Sales Representative
Department: Sales
Reports to: Sales Manager
Compensation: Straight Commission (With possible eligibility for the Sales Bonus Program)

Job Description:
Responsible for customer lead generation, outside sales and customer follow up. Works effectively with the sales team to achieve superior customer satisfaction, reach sales and revenue goals, and expand and maintain long-term customer contracts.
??? Demonstrate a broad knowledge of products and services made available by the company in a sales setting.
??? Create a database of potential customers based on referrals, cold calling and networking.
??? Demonstrate the ability to create presentations for business??™s decision makers based on the product base of the company.
??? Possess the ability to educate potential and current clients on products and services.
??? Meet the sales goals set forth for the department.
??? Conduct themselves according to all company policies and procedures and adhere to the rules and regulations that pertain to the industry.
Skills and Qualifications:
??? Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite
??? Aggressive sales skills
??? Ability to close a sale
??? Work in a fast-paced environment
??? Must possess a minimum of 2 years sales experience.

Workforce Planning System
For a business to be successful, the right people with the proper knowledge and skills are placed strategically within the company. A workforce planning system can assist businesses in establishing the knowledge and skills needed for each department to ensure success. When companies merge employees always have questions and are unclear as to the direction the organization. ???These factors produce uncertainty ??“ because it??™s difficult to be efficient in an uncertain environment, firms develop business and workforce plans to reduce the impact of uncertainty.??? (Cascio, 2005)
Currently, EnviroTech employees perform above average in the areas of communication, customer service and compliance. They are highly educated, possess knowledge pertaining to the industry and have several years of experience. However, the same cannot be said for Interclean. InterClean employees are low performing in the areas of leadership, computer skills and compliance and regulatory laws. They possess less formal education and require additional job related training. Despite their deficiencies, InterClean employees are excellent sales people.
The new sales team will consist of a sales manager and five sales representatives. Each member must possess aggressive sales skills, the ability to close deals in the field, establish and maintain long-term contracts with clients, and possess knowledge of laws and regulations that pertain to the industry.
The selection of the sales team members will be based on employment interviews as well as situational judgment tests. Statistics have shown that ???situational judgment tests have been shown to make the prediction of job performance more accurate, above and beyond job knowledge, cognitive ability, job experience, and conscientiousness.??? (Cascio, 2005)
Situational tests along with leaderless group discussion, where ???a group of participants is given a job-related topic and is asked simply to carry on a discussion about it for a period of time.??? (Cascio, 2005) According to the research, this method produces a fair evaluation of the ability of the candidates. (Cascio, 2005)
To ensure the sales team??™s success, each member of the sales team will be trained in accordance with the new vision of the company in mind. They will receive job related training, and be given sales and revenue goals that must be reached. Each salesperson will be responsible for bringing in 5 new accounts every month, along with $30,000 in sales revenue per month.

In order to be considered for a sales position within the new company, all employees must apply. A resume and a copy of the most recent job evaluation, along with any pertinent information from the employees personnel file will need to be provided for review. The employee pool will be established entirely through internal applicants. In the event that there are not enough applicants to fill these new positions, then the application process will be opened for the general public to apply.
After careful evaluation, the following people were selected:
Sales Manager: Tom Gonzalez
He will be kept as a sales manager because he has demonstrated good leadership skills and brings with him over 25 years of experience in the industrial cleaning industry.
Sales Representative: Eric Borden
Eric is a great leader and has played an integral role in building financial wealth for EnviroTech. He is an assertive person and has possessed valuable knowledge pertaining to the regulations and compliance issues that affect the industry.
Sales Representative: Ving Hsu
Mr. Hsu has a track record of providing superb customer service. He is familiar with conducting training seminars and can assist in creating training programs for employees.
Sales Representative: Dennis White
Dennis is a determined and aggressive salesperson with a great ability to close the deal and find new clients.
Sales Representative: Susan Burnt
Susan possesses valuable experience in various areas of the cleaning business. She is flexible and easily adapts to situations. She can provide insight on how company decisions affect sales departments.
The individuals selected have established themselves as leaders and demonstrate great sales skills. Their experience will be a great asset to the company and will provide the company with the spark it needs to be successful after the merger. As the company grows, so will the need for more sales representatives who possess the skills and educational background needed to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry.


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