Career Development Plan Intraclean

Career Development Plan
The reorganization of IntraClean has made it necessary to promote internal sales employees to different positions, and hire new sales employees from EnvironTech. As you know, our management team is dedicated to the training and development of employees. The organization is moving in a new direction, therefore, it will be necessary for the sales team to be trained and mentored for their new job responsibilities. The mentors will assist the new hires to make the move into their new roles, and ensure that their training is aligned with goals of the new organization. In this document, I will discuss training objectives, the mentoring program, review performance standards, training delivery methods, training content, and time frame for training, and training evaluation.
IntraClean has acquired four new team members from EnvironTech, and one IntraClean veteran. There is 51 years of experience combined with the five members; therefore there is quite a bit of experience and knowledge of the industry to be had. However, because of our new direction, employees can still benefit from mentoring and training. The objective of the training is to help raise sales and increase market channel presentation, and grow referral based sales as well as receive training on how to communicate directly with facilities managers, operational executives, and health care professionals. Employees will also go through customer service training because no customer is the same; each customer is different depending on the region, country, state, or culture. Training in the area of OSHA requirements, environmental standards and regulations, and sanitation requirements are detrimental to the success of the new direction of IntraClean. The new sales team will train extensively in communications and sales.
Mentoring provides a chance for successful individuals to share knowledge and to advise employees. This interactive mechanism will not only increase the skills of the sales team but will also enhance professional and career skills of employees. At IntraClean our goal is to provide our employees with dependable mentors. Our mentors are experts and have firsthand knowledge in the sanitation industry and are experts in their fields. The mentors will assist employees on how to handle various situations, improve their developmental skills, and avoid some of the pitfalls that can potentially sidetrack a career or delay promotion opportunities. By mentoring individuals broaden their skills, experience, and expertise through the organization. The objectives of the sales mentor would be to offer guidance to the sales employee, provide professional guidance and leadership role model to trainee, share research experience and knowledge that are relevant to sales role, assist trainee with conducting research, assist trainee with publication and research efforts.
To ensure that the new sales team receives the training that they need and that the training is in alignment with business unit goals and objectives we must create performance standards. Performance standards inform employees what is expected of them as it relates to each duty or job function. Performance standards are actions or behaviors, which inform employees how the job should be done, and the expected results. Performance standards also inform the employees what is expected of them as it pertains to their job. Performance standards are not based on the individual; they are based on the job itself. Performance standards are detailed indicators of success and are clear, meaningful, and attainable.

Performance Standards.
Develop department objectives, work plans, implementation strategies, and budgets.
??? In line with department goals.
??? Raise market channel.
??? Create three secondary channels.
??? Grow referral-based sales.
??? Communication is clear across all departments.
??? All activities fall within budget.
??? All tasks are accomplished on time.
??? Analyze territory market situation (actual achievement vs. targeted)
??? Analyzing sales situations (actual vs. sales target (current/last year)
??? Facilitate sales presentation on a regular basis.
??? Analyze the performance with the customer and business plan to increase share.
??? Increase sale of product (review monthly).
??? Identify current and future needs of consumer.
??? Researches the market for the proposed product or service offering.
??? Assess end-users??™ degree of satisfaction with existing goods and services to satisfy those needs and wants.
The training delivery method preferred at IntraClean includes on-the-job training, launch events and training classes, seminars, simulations, and mentoring. Training will begin in a classroom setting using workbooks and simulations for each sales team member. The content of the classroom training will include: focus on environmental issues, standards and regulations, sanitation standards, and OSHA requirements and regulations, and extensive sales training, and communications training. There will also be a review of the legal aspects in business and ethics awareness. Classroom training will last three weeks, after which trainees will pair up with a mentor for on-the-job training. In conjunction with on- the-job training, trainees will attend launch events, and seminars for approximately three months with their mentor. After the twelve weeks of training, which includes classroom training and mentoring, management will come together with the mentor and trainee to review the success/failure of training, and if necessary, management will determine if retraining is necessary.
It is important that organizations evaluate their training programs to ensure that the training is effective or successful. It is important to document how trainees behave on the job after training. Organizations will analyze whether or not behavior is relevant to the goals/objectives of the organization. In evaluating if the training was successful, organizations may look for changes in the learner, organizational pay-offs, cost benefit analysis, and surveys. Feedback will occur with the completion of a survey from trainees. The survey will address content of training, delivery of training, presentation, and if training objectives were met.
Unfortunately, new employees, and sometimes existing employees need to be retrained. Management should review the environmental, organizational, and possible human factors that may have caused the need to retrain employees. Management should review the design of the training process and the environment of the training area to ensure that there is adequate space and equipment. Management should also review training materials to ensure that the training material falls in line with the organizations goals. After management has done a thorough job of investigating why retraining is required, careful planning of the retraining program is required. The training goals should be restated and the steps that will be taken if the trainee fails to meet stated goals of training. Perhaps it would also be a good idea to use a different trainer in an effort to get a different perspective on things. A review of previous training may allow management to pinpoint where misunderstanding or clarity is required. Management should ensure that training records are kept updated at all times. The in-class retraining will be one week, after which, the trainee will team up with the mentor for one month to provide more on-the-job training. This on-the-job training will focus on specific areas, particularly areas in which the trainee is struggling. If management finds the trainee is not cut out for the position, HR will be called in to take necessary steps to re-assign or terminate the employee.
Management??™s focus should be on developing an effective training and mentoring program, now that they have an excellent new sales team, which was formed by using a great strategy to blend both companies??™ employees. To ensure that we create an effective and efficient training and mentoring program a great deal of research and planning should be done before we can implement the new program. Management??™s focus is to determine what the current needs are for training and mentoring, what are the objectives going to be, and create an outline to detail what the performance standards will be. Once InterClean has completed its research and communicates the findings of the research on how they are going to use training and mentoring, we will be able to focus on implementing the training and mentoring programs.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and support. I know setting up a training program poses a significant challenge, however, in an effort effectively grow and serve new markets and become industry leaders, the training program is necessary. I reiterate that this is an excellent opportunity for all of us. This opportunity will allow us to gain valuable skills that will serve us collectively and individually over several years. I am confident that the training will increase our employee??™s technical skills which will pay off for everyone in the long run.