Career Development Plan

Career Development one

Career Development Plan
Enterprise Maintenance Services

Career Development two
Career Development Plan
Enterprise Maintenance Services is a full service janitorial supplier that maintains inventory on all the supplies, products, dispensers, and equipment. EMS proudly serves the entire North Florida region especially Jacksonville. It prides itself on professional quality and service that is skillful and properly completed in a timely fashion. In addition it continually provides employee sales and service training to maintain its exemplorary standards. The company is proud to be distributors of Chemspec, Mytee, Pioneer Eclipse, Kent EuroClean, Simple Green that is eco friendly. Simple Green is appropriate for people who suffer from chemical allergies or reactions, people who want to reduce their carbon footprint, and those who are environmentally conscious.
EMS will be restructured and needing additional sales and cleaning individuals but also intends on retaining its current employees. This company currently has five individuals it is considering keeping on and two new employees to add on to the company:
* Needs to possess a four year degree and have reliable transportation to ensure that employees are performing up to par.
* Work closely with mid level management
Janitor (x2)
* Needs to be punctual and be familiar with the products and be consistent in maintaining cleanliness
Sales Manager
* needs to possess a four year degree but also needs to possess a minimum of two years janitorial
Career Development three
* experience
* relationship deepening is required
* generate an atmosphere of success
Sales Officer
* No formal training is mandatory but the individual does need to be habituated with different chemicals and products.
We are in need of one additional sales-person and one janitorial individual to add on to the company. However, these individuals need to be Caucasians because our team consists of only Hispanic, Black and, Asian.
The five individuals kept on possess the attributes that would be beneficial to the company and should be retained.
Enterprise Maintenance Services, empower its people to create their own career paths as well as provide the tools and training to achieve their goals. It is believed that this makes work more fulfilling for each individual, increase their productivity and builds loyalty to the company.
As with any company, training improves our performance to ensure that the organization is capable of responding to the challenges of its competitors.
The policy is that employees receive annual performance reviews in which they discuss strengths, skills, and development needs with their managers. These sessions help shape individual development plans including training, mentoring, and career stepping stones. The individual development plan process encourages ongoing career development discussions between managers and employees and provides employees with formal action plans to attain their career goals.
Career Development Plan four
In addition, EMS should conduct a global talent review annually that assesses all of its employees at the director level and above for their leadership potential and overall development needs. In 2008 over 5,000 employees were included in the process including some at the manager level. The results are reviewed by the EMC chief executive officer (CEO) and are used for succession planning within key management roles as well as for providing focused development and career guidance to our leaders across the organization. Several courses for the employees along with a full suite of talent management programs and processes are offered. EMS Learning and Development programs are designed to enhance our people??™s ability to execute the corporate strategy as well as to attract, retain, and develop the best talent in the industry.
Although the three different objectives of learning are declarative, procedural and strategic, the ideal for EMS would be strategic. Strategic knowledge is most used for planning, monitoring and revising goal directed activity. Since EMS is a janitorial company that focuses on cleanliness then the staff should be focused on maintaining their job responsibilities in order to increase the company??™s potential growth.
* Business Functions
* Hiring, setting wages
* Inventory control
* Supervise
* Ensure that the company is compliant with federal obligations

Career Development Plan five
Sales Manager
* Sales and Marketing
* Delivery of Policies
* Maintains Staff Morale
* Resolves janitorial problems in a timely manner
* Familiarity with cleaning products
* Must have reliable transportation
Sales Officer
* Target potential commercial clients
* Maintain and strengthen relationships
* Prepare an overall package for new sales
are four delivery methods for learning; discussion, e-learning, simulation, lecture and The employees at Enterprise Maintenance Services need to trained using the discussion and simulation methods for cleaning. The discussion method uses the two way communication between the trainee and the lecturer in order to increase the learning potential. Not only does it prevent unambiguous communication but it allows reinforcement and expansion on the information presented. The discussion method also allows verbal and nonverbal feedback from the trainees to ensure that learning was achieved.
Because Janitorial work deals with a lot of hands on, simulation is perfect to demonstrate learning. There are several different types of simulations such as behavior modeling, equipment
Career Development Plan six
simulator and case studies but in this case equipment simulators are ideal for demonstration.
Another great method to be used at Enterprise Maintenance Service would be on the job training. The three phases need to be addressed are the assessment phase, training and development phase and the evaluation phase. The assessment phase is the first phase dealt with before any training and there are questions that need to be asked before moving forward such as;
* Existing and desired competencies and skills (Diana M Osinski, 1996)
* Current and desire job performance
* What the organization expects to happen and what really happens
After the assessment phase, the training and development phase is initiated.
* The appropriate setting is chosen
* Identify and train the right individuals to conduct the training
* Equipment needed for the training.
Then comes the evaluation phase that determines the participants??™ reaction to the training program and how much was learned to be reinforced back into the job.
No training is successful without feedback and therefore the formative method would??? provide ongoing feedback to the managers to ensure that the needs of the clients are truly being met??? (Competencies, 1994).
Performance Management is a chain of action managers take when interacting with employees about their performance and expectations. Managers have to be clear and lack ambiguity in order for feedback to be received well. That allows the manager to handle the situation and avoid any interpersonal tangles because of poor communication. Not only should
Career Development Plan seven
the feedback be provided but a progress plan has to be implemented to identify employees skills with their assigned job.
EMS has been performing well, however there is room for added growth and feedback provides the productivity needed.
As a mid level manager, it is important:
* to help motivate others
* address and deliver feedback in a supportive environment
* listen and respond with concern
In regards to the team performance evaluation appraisals team are necessary but there are differences between the two.
* Performance Management – requires willingness and focus
requires daily attention from the manager
* Performance Appraisal – performed annually and has a narrow focus.
There are unique difficulties that keep arising such as relevance which is the clear distinction between success and failure, performance standards, not having the instruments for janitors to perform tasks and not distinguishing between effective and non effective performers.
Team performance evaluation entails so much and focuses on its appraisal system.
Team members are:
* Rated by manager, other team members, customers and self
* Rated for outcome, behavior and competency
* Used for development, evaluation and self regulation
Career Development Plan eight
Every company should come together to put together a compensation plan and Enterprise Maintenance Services is no different. It is important to be able to pay everyone fairly and comparatively to the market. Also, cleaning slowly to add in overtime should be avoided. Also, an administrative pool should be created to focus on staff cross training and so several persons will be available to assist whenever the help is needed. This utilizes on the job training and reduces the cost of spending on training. Pay systems are usually ???designed to attract, retain and motivate employees??? (Cascio, 2005) therefore a rate slightly higher than other companies would be ideal. End of year bonuses given to the most deserving employee; meaning that the individual who is punctual, and never misses a day from work but at the same time performs well when on duty will receive a deserving amount at the end of the business year.
A team performance is primarily impacted based on its pay system. The incentive system that rewards the employee by providing gift cards or trips generally has an impact on the group on a whole. The most often used is the skill pay system that pays the individual based on the training they have received.
We may often believe that the pay systems encourage the individuals to perform at their best but many times there is social loafing that affects the overall performance of the company. There are many ways to discourage loafing such as:
Punctuality – pertains to being punctual and prevents the individual from wasting time on things of little importance. If the employee is monitored and is aware of that then he is less likely to waste valuable working time participating in social loafing. He will be concerned that his wages will be deducted.

Career Development Plan nine
* ???Evaluation potential – allows the employee to be aware that he will be evaluated on these individual contributions to the group so he is less likely to loaf.
* Group valence ??“ the participant feels a positive attraction or a sense of loyalty, or commitment towards the group and that prevents loafing???(Human Resources, 2002).
Although developing the career plan allows you to see areas that need to be concentrated on for improvement and success, it is still important to be devoted to your team and be responsible. A good team player maintains open communication, is reliable, tends to be flexible to accommodate everyone and should be always motivated enough to pursue the goal of success.

Career Development Plan ten
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