Career Development Plan

Patricia Butts
University of Phoenix
HRM 531 ??” Human Capital Management
Adam Carr, Ph.D. – Facilitator
March 23, 2009

My assignment is to develop a career development plan that deals with the restructuring of my current team. The team will take on new responsibilities that require the hiring of additional personnel and training for new and current employees. Included in the proposal will be appraisal methods, compensation and benefit plans, and career development options. This proposal will be introduced to upper management to show how this plan will be designed and implemented.
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was started out of a vision to provide a one-stop shopping experience for organic and gourmet foods at reasonable prices. Kathy Kudler founded KFF in 1988 with a mission to provide customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines so that culinary visions can come true. There are currently three gourmet grocery stores located in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas, California. Kathy Kudler puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction and offering them high quality foods and service that leads to customer loyalty. In order to help Kudler??™s managers prioritize and focus resources in a way that reaches the organization??™s objectives, a new sales plan has been implemented.
The purpose of the sales plan is to support the expansion of services and programs to increase loyalty and profitability of existing customers and to gain new high-margin customers. A new sales team has been implemented to carryout this plan. The new team will include a sales manager and three sales representatives for each store and one events coordinator. The objective of the sales team is to successfully implement programs designed to increase revenue and decrease costs. The events coordinator will work with each representative in developing and effectively presenting the new customer focused programs. The sales manager will oversee the incorporating of this new division into Kudler foods strategic plan to ensure the team progress meets the organizations objectives.
Sales Manager Job Description
??? Responsible for the development and performance of all sales activates
??? Staffs and directs sales team and provides leadership towards the achievement of maximum profitability and growth
??? Develops and manages sales and marketing budget
??? Must be willing to travel

Sales Manager Qualifications
??? BS Degree in Business of 5-8 years in a sales management position
??? Extensive knowledge in gourmet and health food market
??? Strong communication skills
??? Strong leadership skills
??? Proficient in Microsoft Windows XP operating system; MS Word; MS Excel;
MS PowerPoint; MS Outlook

Sales Representative Job Description
??? Promoting and selling customer based programs
??? Analyzes situations and provide services to exceed customer needs
??? Ability to gain new customers and service existing customers though strategic selling skills

Sales Representative Qualifications
??? 3-5 years sales experience in food industry
??? Excellent oral and written communication
??? Strong customer service skills
??? Proficient in Microsoft Windows XP operating system; MS Word; MS Excel;
MS PowerPoint; MS Outlook

Events Coordinator Job Description

??? Plans, organizes, coordinates, promotes, and facilitates events
??? Creates and maintains schedule of classes and presenters
??? Works with sales representatives in targeting customer base for customer based programs
??? Requires some traveling

Events Coordinator Qualifications

??? Detail oriented with the ability to forecast needs of classes and socials
??? Creative and event planning skills
??? Excellent verbal and written communication skills
??? College degree preferred
??? Proficient in Microsoft Windows XP operating system; MS Word; MS Excel;
MS PowerPoint; MS Outlook


Training must be an integral part of any business??™ corporate strategy. Failure to include training can lead to poor customer service and low employee morale. The whole objective of training is to ensure that staff becomes more efficient and effective (Richardson, 1998). When this objective is, achieve employee??™s job satisfaction increases as well as customer satisfaction. The following is an outline of the training program I will follow to orient employees.
I. Obtain agreement and support form upper management ??“ Obtaining approval from these groups will ensure continued support and involvement when it comes for training implementation.

II. Identify objectives and develop training agenda ??“ Identify what is to be accomplished and what is needed to prepare employees to be successful in their jobs.

III. Set aside a regularly scheduled training time ??“ Instituting a regular time will help employees remember when sessions are scheduled.

IV. Add variety in training delivery ??“ Employees will appreciate the effort in keeping training fresh and interesting. Types of training will include classroom, elearning or web based training, and webinar training that will allow for employees who travel or telecommute to participate in training

V. Feedback ??“ Let employees evaluate training to allow for improving of the training.

Kudler customers expect to be served by courteous and knowledgeable employees, therefore; the training content is very extensive and thorough. All employees will go through the new employee orientation training with additional training according to position.
New Employee Orientation Training
??? Employee work guidelines and rules (Employee Handbook)
??? Compensation and benefits
??? HR compliance training
??? Workplace safety guidelines
??? History and of company and product knowledge
Additional training that will be offered on a continuous basis
??? Communication skills
??? Closing the sale
??? New and improved product knowledge
??? Customer service skills

Manager and employees will be encouraged to discuss goals frequently on an informal basis. Formal performance evaluations will be conducted quarterly to determine incentive pay and annually to determine annual pay raise.
Methods for evaluating employee performance can be done on the individual level or as a team. With individual performance, only the employee is evaluated and rewarded based on his or her performance, and with team performance, the team as a whole is evaluated. Team performance eliminates individual performance evaluation altogether. The goal behind team performance is to get rid of any negative impact of individual performance and to focus on improving performance as whole to benefit the company.

Team performance evaluations (US Office of Personnel Management, 1993)
??? Those employees who are low achievers may have a negative aspect on overall performance and might receive peer pressure to improve
??? Every employee is rewarded the same giving no consideration to individual performance
??? Incentives and pay raises may have to be based on other factors than performance all employees receive the same pay and eligible for same cash awards
??? Employees are coached to focus on desired behaviors instead of meeting quotas
??? Low achievers are encouraged to better performance through coaching and peer influences
??? Peer pressure is relied on for motivation of team members

There are times when an employee may need to be disciplined. It is my position to develop a progressive discipline plan that is equitable and consistent to handle unsatisfactory conduct in the workplace. All employees will be informed of what is acceptable behavior as outlined in the employee handbook. The offense will be dealt with in relation to the severity of the offense. Employee will receive verbal warning, written warning, or termination of employment. The goal of my program is not to accumulate bad reports on an employee in order to fire and them, but rather to align employee behavior to stated guidelines and to maintain control of the company environment.

Incentive pay is based on performance evaluations. Those employees who receive performance evaluations that meet or exceed company standards will be eligible to receive an annual pay raise. Employees who exceed company standards will be eligible for a 3% raise of their base salary, while employees who receive satisfactory ratings will be eligible for a 1.5% raise of their base salary. Those employees who receive unsatisfactory performance review will not be eligible for incentive pay. Kudler has instituted a store-by-store incentive plan. Incentive is tied to overall store performance, with employees receiving equal distributions of store profits. I have chosen to continue the use of their previously instituted plan.
This portion of the compensation plan provides insurance coverage to the employees
??? Medical
??? Dental
??? Vision
??? Life insurance
??? Sick leave
??? Flexible spending account
??? 401K with 5% match ??“ as profits grow will look into increasing
??? Business expenses reimbursement ??“ transportation cost, meals when traveling, and hotel.

Work/Life Benefits

It is important for employees to achieve success at home and at work. These programs will afford all employees to achieve that.
??? Workplace flexibility ??“ Employees will be offered flexible work hours and the ability to telecommute to accommodate family obligations or career advancement opportunities.
??? Paid Time Off (PTO) ??“ Each employee will be awarded 14 days of paid time off.
??? Paid Holidays
??? Tuition Assistance ??“ Each employee will be offered 50% tuition reimbursement for classes related to current position or for the advancement of that position.
??? Employee discount cards ??“ 15% off each purchase
??? Childcare reimbursement

An integral part of meeting optimal success in any business is to match employee potential and goals with the business need of the company. By building, a career development plan for employees will allow companies to (Chemini, 2006):
??? Minimize employee dissatisfaction over unclear future opportunities
??? Lower replacement costs when employees resign or retire
??? Keep employees focused on long-term objectives
??? Increase management??™s ability to cover employee vacations and absences with cross-trained employees

At Kudler, I have decided to implement a program that will allow employers to better understand the career interests, development needs, and potential of employees. Employees will meet with the sales manager to discuss current job needs and career goals. A plan will be instituted to outline any area of development and what plan of action will be used to gain skills, knowledge and experience to strengthen employee in that area.
Learning and development opportunities of employees are not to be viewed as entitlement but are based on employee interest and initiative. Avenues that will be used in developing employees are:
??? Mentoring and coaching
??? Workshops
??? Conferences
??? Webinar training
??? eLearning (self paced opportunities)
??? College degree programs (offset by tuition reimbursement)
??? Certification programs
??? On-the-job training

Managers will evaluate employee performance to provide feedback and guidance to ensure they are on a path that will benefit employee as well as the company.

It is important for management to develop a fair pay system that is compensates employees on efforts, but promotes a team atmosphere are well. Encouraging work as a group and not against each other would create camaraderie among employees, thus enhancing the work environment and increasing quality and quantity of sales (Shipley & Kleiner, 2005). The sales manager will be compensated $45,000 plus incentives, sales representative will be compensated $35,000 base pay plus incentives, and the events coordinator will be compensated $30,000 plus incentives. The sales representatives will be offered 10% commission if they exceed their sales goals by 15%.

This proposal is designed to layout the new sales department to Kudler Fine Foods. In order to help accomplish the 2007 sales plan, we needed a team with sales and event planning expertise. This team will allow Kudler to meet the new strategic sales objectives of:
??? New Customer Focused Programs
??? Better Information Management
??? Targeted Awareness Building
??? Increased Behind the Scenes Efficiency

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