Career Development Plan

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was founded by Kathy Kudler as a gourmet grocery store, for shoppers who were looking for the finest meats, wines, cheese, and produce. Kudlers Fines Foods has three location throughout California, La Joella, Del Mar, and Encicitas and is looking to start a fourth store in Carlsbad, California.
As KFF strive to be successful and to continue grow the management structure has remained the same. Kathy is primary operations manager for all three stores, she is also the overseer of purchasing functions, and also keeps track of inventory at all locations, this is because there is no purchasing department at any of the location even though there is a standard purchasing procedure. I recommended that KFF hires five new employees, one purchasing manager and four purchasing clerks; one clerk for each store. I believe that it is crucial to hire a purchasing manager that can focus on considering prices, the quality of the product; the availability of the product, how reliable is the company that the products come from, and the technical support when choosing merchandise and suppliers. The purchasing manager will find the best deal for the company, this means that we will receive the highest quality goods and service at the lowest cost.
Job description and qualification for Purchasing Manager.
Job description
Purchasing Manager has a crucial role in the company??™s merchandising system that performs a wide range of customer wants and needs. The purchasing manager will be responsible for purchasing merchandise from wholesale company or directly from manufacturers that resale to the public. Purchasing manager will also have to determine which products will sell, for that reason they will need to know what will attract customers. It is very important for the purchasing manager to keep up with the newest trends by research using catalogs, trade journals, and industry and company publication. Purchasing manager will monitor competitor??™s sale activities by tracking advertisement and predicting customers buying patterns by following general economic conditions.
??? Bachelor??™s degree in business or economic
??? 2-5 years of direct purchasing experience
??? Exceptional communication and negotiation skills
??? Leadership Qualities
??? Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
??? Knowledge of the supply-chain management
??? Must know how to market products and identify products that will sell well
??? Must know how to research using the internet
Job description and qualifications for Purchasing Clerk.
Job description:
Purchasing clerk will be responsible for: forecast and planning daily, weekly, and seasonal purchasing needs, maintain records of inventory, create and execute a demand chart for hot items and identify products that are slow moving, prepare pricelist and reports for managers, meet with vendors, follow up on purchase order, make contact with vendor regarding missing deliveries. Purchasing clerk will also be responsible for inventory control in the maintenance equipment room, receiving and storage of store supplies, maintenance supplies.
??? High School Education
??? Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
??? 1-2 years office assistant experience
Training Program for new and current managers.
Having the capability of managing people can be a huge financial impact on a company. Kudler Fine Foods offers development and training programs, but there is ways to enhance the programs, to make managers are able to be prepared for their day to day responsibilities. I believe to have an effective management training program should consist of courses on the company??™s ethics rules, compliance codes, codes of conduct, and major employment laws. For the management training program I recommend communication skills training and leadership training. It is known that effective managers can be good leaders. Being a effective managers means you understand what leadership means, and you can do both job be a manager and a leader at the same time. Another key element is having good communication skills, it is important to teach managers about different types of communication systems. Public speaking is very important skill to have as a manager you should have master the communication skills of drafting department communication, handling one on one meeting, and public speaking.
Training program for new and current employees.
Once a person has been hired with the company a training period is needed, well trained employees are the key to a successful business. Even if the new employees are qualified for the job; the company??™s procedures and policies of the company must be learned.
KFF has developed a training program which will provide its customers with a courteous and knowledgeable sales rep and highest standard of customer service. All of KFF new hires will receive an orientation program; this will help the new employees be joined together with the company. This program will familiarize all new employees with the company??™s products, culture, policies and competition; basically it will give them the information needed to be successful in the company. Having an effective orientation program can make a significant difference in how quick a new employee can become productive. Along with new training, each of the stores offers regular workshops on products; this will familiarize employees with the products in their department. This will ensure that employees will continue receiving knowledge on new products that are being introduced to the store. In addition to the existing training program; I recommend the following training programs for all employees:
??? Ethics: Workforces can be so diverse that it brings a variety of values and morals to the workplace. It is important that employees understand the code of conduct, appropriate behavior within the company, and ethics code.
??? Leadership skills: Valuable leadership skills can answer and explain a problem, conquer challenges and discover new opening in the global economy of today.
??? Sales skills: The sales environment today is more competitive than ever and it calls for a business minded approach to selling.
??? Customer Service skills: With competition increasing it is critical for the employees to understand and meet the customer??™s needs.
??? Computer skills: Technology is changing very rapidly in the workplace and computers skills are needed to conduct administrative and office task.
??? Communication skills: Problems that occur in a company are from the employees failing to communicate.
Methods for evaluating employees and team performance.
Key elements to effective team building are performance appraisal. Performance reviews and appraisal are tools that KFF use to offer employees to use to help identify their goals and develop their career. While measuring employees and team performances is very important to make sure that everyone known??™s what aspect of the job is being measured. Use these points of views when evaluating employees:
??? Career and Advancement. Offer employees the opportunity to advance on the job through job rotation and high profile projects.
??? Development and Learning. Analyze strong point and weak points of all employees and see if new skills and knowledge will help employees reach higher level performance.
Establishing goals to make sure that your expectations are understandable and offering feedback can help employees perform more effectively, feedback will make them feel what they do is important.
???From an employee??™s perspective, lack of regular feedback about performance detracts from his or her quality of work life. Most people want to improve their performance on job, to receive constructive suggestions regarding areas they need to work on, and to be commended for things that they do well. The cost of failure to provide such feedback may result in the loss of key professional employees, the continued poor performance standards, and a loss of commitment by all employees. In sum, the myth that employees know how they are doing without adequate feedback from management can be an expensive fantasy.??? (Casio, W., 2006, Managing Human Resources, Ch.9)
Some helpful rules for providing feedback to employees are:
??? Be clear on what you are saying.
??? Be very detailed and avoid general remarks.
??? Be detailed instead of evaluative.
??? Give emphasis to the positive.
??? Concentrate on behavior rather the person.
??? Submit to behavior that can be changed.
Employees first employee performance review should be schedule six months after the employees hiring date, the second one should be schedule six months after the first one and then very year on the employees hiring date.