Career Development Part I

Career Development Plan Part 1 – Job Analysis and Selection
Michele Smith
University of Phoenix
Human Capital Management/HRM 531
Laurie Ryan, MHRM
April 13, 2010

InterClean, Inc. merge with EnviroTech

To: Supervisory Team and Human Resources Department
From: Michele Smith Sales Manager
Date: April 13, 2010
Re: Career Development Plan Part 1- Job Analysis and Selection
In the recent merger InterClean, Inc. acquired EnviroTech in the chance to advance InterClean, Inc. services in the health care field. With the merger complete, some necessary changes in the structure of the company must be aligned with the direction that the company is growing. The change in the company and the changes in direction have motivated upper management to review the mission and vision statement and rewrite them. With the newly shared mission and vision statement, InterClean, Inc. has designed a path to be the leader in the institutional, industrial cleaning, and sanitation industry. The Human Resources Department of InterClean, Inc. is faced with the task of developing a sales team from both old and new companies based on the company??™s new direction. The Human Resources Department will start with a job analysis and Michele Smith, a midlevel manager, has been asked to help select the new team.
Job analysis provides information about specific job tasks and the personal characteristics (education, experience, skills, and abilities) required for efficient output (Cascio, 2006). The specialized development plan will be in four stages. The first stage that will be discussed will be to conduct a job analysis, create a workforce planning system on sales development, and selection of the new members of the sales team. The job analysis methods that Michele will use but are not limited to the following: observations, structured questionnaires, job performance, and training (Cascio, 2006). Michele will observe the current sales team to evaluate the daily activities to enlighten her understanding of the job title. The HR Department has also suggested that Michele use a structured questionnaire of the present employees in the sales department. Cascio (2006) stated, ???These questionnaires list tasks, behaviors (e.g., negotiating, coordinating, using both hands), or both. Task focus on what is done. This is a job-oriented approach. Behaviors, on the other hand, focus on how a job is done. This is a worker-oriented, or ability-requirements, approach. The ratings provide a basis for scoring the questionnaires and for developing a profile of actual job requirements. One of the most popular structured questionnaires is the position analysis questionnaire (PAQ) Chapter 5, p.165. Michele will use the PAQ for the structured questionnaire. The PAQ Services, Inc. (2009) says, ???the position analysis questionnaire is a structured job analysis questionnaire containing 194 items called job elements. Theses elements are worker-oriented. Each job element is rated on six scales: extent of use, importance, time, possibility of occurrence, applicability, and a special code for certain jobs??? (para. 3). By using the PAQ, Michele believes that she will develop a better understanding of the sales representative position and develop a strong team who will reach and surpass the sales requirements of the new direction of the company. Michele, will also use the job analysis of understand the job performance. Cascio (2006) states, ???with this approach, an analyst actually performs the job under study to get firsthand exposure to what it demands??? (Chap. 5, p. 165). The ability to use and understand job analysis methods of observation and structured questionnaires will only give Michele a better understanding of the job performance and know the job requirements of the new potential applicants. The last method that Michele plans to use is training method. By using the observation method and the structured questionnaire, Michele will be able to develop the training materials required and needed for the position (, 1999). The training method is to Michele the main part of the job analysis because by the sales team deveolping the correct training this will ensure that the team is well developed into an effective selling machine (, 1999). Michele has completed the job analysis and will further add details to the job duties and specifications that the newly developed sales department.
Job Description for InterClean, Inc. sales representative:
The job requirements and duties for the new sales position are as follows:
a) Four year BA/BS degree from an accredited institution
b) Ability to travel domestically and abroad if necessary, which may include overnights and or weekend travel
c) Valid driver??™s license
Preferred qualifications
a) Minimum four years sales experience and strong customer service skills
b) Strong record of high-level performance and consistent achievements
c) Demonstrated ability to understand technical information
d) Strong account selling skills, including contract negotiations and ability to close a sale at the completion of a transaction.
e) The ability to call on perspective clients and conduct cold calls
f) Working knowledge of computer software
a) Each member of the sales team should be able to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the InterClean, Inc. product, competitive products, and promotional strategies.
b) The newly developed team will demonstrate a high-level selling and marketing skills, including account-based selling, strategic thinking, drive or results, and the ability to ask for the business.
c) Each member of the team should be able effectively to understand and actively use the InterClean, Inc. sale data.
d) Each member should set the goal of moving the new company to the level that makes InterClean, Inc. a trademark in the industry.
e) Ensure that the pricing is correct for each customer, negotiate contracts, and ensure contract compliance.
f) Maintain and update customer profiles and ordering timelines, which is done by maintaining correct files.

Workforce Planning

|Name |Customer Focus |Exp. In Industry (yrs) |Exp. In Sales (yrs.) |other Work Exp. |
|Jim Martin | | serveral| serveral | |
| |yes | | |yes |
|Shane Huck | |8 |8 | |
| |no | | |yes |
|Tom Gonzalez | |25 |5 | |
| |yes | | |yes |
|Donna Wilson | |2 |2 | |
| |no | | |no |
|Mark Pierce | | unstated | unstated | |
| |no | | |no |
|Susan Burnt | |24 |6 | |
| |yes | | |yes |
|Dennis White | |4 | | |
| |no | |>4 |no |
|Eric Borden | |14 |14 | |
| |yes | | |yes |
|Ving Hsu | |12 |12 | |
| |yes | | |yes |
|Terry Garcia | |6 |6 | |
| |no | | |yes |

In the workforce planning system several activities could be needed such as a talent inventory, a workforce forecast, action plans, or even control, and evaluations (Cascio, 2006). Michele and the Human Resources Department reviewed the plan and concluded that there are enough existing employees internal. The need for each team member to be crossed trained is important to the sales team, so each member will be trained to do all jobs incase of an illness, vacation, or possible loss of an employee.

To meet the needs the sales team will have the following:
One Senior sales position
One sales coach
One educational trainer
Three outside sales representatives
The possibility that the dynamics of the team may change as the sales goals are met. Based on the company??™s new direction, Michele believes that the sales team. Goals should at least have education and training in the industry so that the team can develop customized packages to meet the clients??™ needs and be aware of the current OSHA requirements (University of Phoenix, n.d.).
After reviewing the possible candidates, Michele has been able to use a few of the selections methods to make the decision. The selection methods used were to interview, application, and work sample. Michele chose these methods because the advantages were all intertwine with each other by getting specific prior job experiences and reviewing the qualifications (Cascio, 2006). Michele was able to choose six candidates for the new team:
Susan Burnt- Senior Sales Representative, of her experience and knowledge of the entire company.
Eric Borden- Sales Coach, he has a solid reputation of helping the customer get the best product for their needs.
Ving Hsu- Educational Trainer, he has a solid background in performing training seminars.
Outside Sales Representatives
Tom Gonzalez- because of his years of sales experience
Terry Garcia ??“ because of her combined skills to communicate, educate and critical think
Dennis White ??“ because of his past sales experience and ability to close a sale.
Michele believes these individuals will be the start to a successful sales team with everything they have to offer (University of Phoenix, n.d.). If any members of management or HR has any comments or concerns in the report please contact Michele or HR Department. Thank you for the support and dedication on making the merger and selection of the new sales team a success.

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