Career Development Paper

Career Plan

???The pain of self discipline is far less severe than the pain of regret.??? A quote I recently heard that made so much sense when I heard it but never applied it to my life, I actually did the complete opposite. I avoided doing school work because I always would rather be doing something that had immediate gratification and thought I could ???get by??? and make a decent amount of money without the need of a degree. After many years of serving tables at restaurants, time began to fly and I realized that I should have taken my education a bit more seriously. I decided I needed to go to school and make some kind of change and figure out which direction to head in the world of careers.
There are many key factors I included in getting a better idea of which career path to take on. One of the first things I learned about myself is after taking the natural talents assessment, I scored high in diagnostic, spatial orientation, design memory, artistic, intuition, sensing and musical abilities. It was hard for me to pin point which abilities were strong for me because I didn??™t have many low ranking ones. All of them were either mid or high so I second guessed myself and really had to think back to when I was younger, always messing around on photoshop, playing strategic games and always being able to critique something and look for ways to make something better. Another thing I can recall from growing up is if there was something I was passionate about doing, I would spend all day doing it and kept pushing myself until I reached my desired level of skill and had an above average level of knowledge in those subjects. Learning how to code html, DJing, Snowboarding, building computers and racing motocross are all examples of things I learned to do mostly on my own. I would then find something new that I found interesting and do it all over again. This lead me to find out that I am a introvert/specialist. From a very young age I was very independent and grew up enjoying doing things on my own. This made me look into the different learning channels to find out which specific one is most useful and beneficial to me. I didn??™t get a chance to get the Highlands test but I carefully read all the descriptions to see which channel best fits me. After doing so I found that Rhythm memory is my strongest channel but to keep in mind that design, number, tonal and verbal memory were all in the medium range making me a Multi-Modal learner which I found interesting.
A pattern I noticed while analyzing my skills and abilities is that I??™m a good listener and observer. I can master a specific expertise or body of knowledge quickly if I have the drive for it. Same with reading and gathering information on my own. I??™ve usually been able to learn the concept of something very quickly by reading instructions or by observing someone else if I have the drive, determination and interest for it. I??™ve been known by my friends to be skilled in whatever it is I??™m interested in. I also scored high in troubleshooting, evaluating and critiquing physical objects. If anything would stop working around the house, mainly cars or computers. I??™d almost always know how to fix it and if I didn??™t, I would patiently try and figure it out.
My strongest personality traits are being adventurous, independent, accepting, experimental and imaginative. I??™ve always thought of myself to be a little bit out of the norm, unique and different from others. If I find a new interest or hobby, I??™ll be hooked on
it until I reach the desired skill, the problem is sometimes I can distract myself with other new ideas and lose touch with what I was working on initially. My Rockport personality test indicated that my personality type is IN(F/T)P. People with this personality type love to analyze and critique, develop new ideas, open ended and possibility oriented. They usually seek work that allows them to develop a intellectual mastery of whatever it is they are doing. They like challenges, privacy and a quiet environment. At this point I??™m getting a pretty good idea as to what careers may be suitable for my personality traits and interests.
After doing the RIASEC assessment, my scores were almost even all the way across the board. My highest (business) is only 8 points higher than my lowest score(social and office operations). My top 3 are business, scientific and arts/crafts tied for third (REAI). After reviewing all the top careers with my RIASEC code I realized that a lot of my matches seem a little over the top, CEO, Biochemical engineers, Lawyer, Sales engineers ect. I don??™t know if I??™m just not interested in those fields or if there??™s some self doubt when I picture myself doing them, or a little of both. I continued looked through careers for something that interests me and also has a relation to my code. The careers that really stood out to me were graphic design (ARE) and Film and Video editing (AEI). Another area that caught my attention was Athletes and sports competitors (RE). I enjoy being active, exercising and I??™m highly competitive. After looking at the two, graphic design and video editing seemed the more realistic logical route for me because with sports, I think you need that residual experience growing up and I haven??™t competed in any kind of sport even in many years.
I grew up seeing my mother and father work very hard. I watched my dad work and save money to open up his own school in Taiwan teaching students English. This was a big accomplishment for him and he worked his butt off for it. My dad always told me that school was very important and encouraged me to take it seriously and get good grades like he did. My mom is from Thailand, she can??™t read or write much english and she doesn??™t have much of an education. She works many hours at jobs that are physically demanding and low paying because she is unable to get a good paying job with her lack of english. She has always been supportive, loving and a good mother, but she never really pushed me in much of anything, that??™s what my dad did. My dad wasn??™t around once he moved to Taiwan so the father figure I looked up to was my brother in-law Jason. He had a very negative outlook when it came to school and that attitude eventually became my own until recently realizing that hard work does pay off. I remember how excited and determined my dad was before and after he opened the school. I can tell he??™s truly happy with his career and also how big of an effect that can have on the overall quality of life. I used to think if you made a lot of money, you??™d be happy but that obviously isn??™t the case. My dad was a lawyer here in the US before he moved to Taiwan and he hated it. I talked to him recently and he told me that one of his old students just came back from a six month vacation from the United States and wanted to thank him for teaching her english because she could communicate with

everyone so well even though it was her first time there. He told me that??™s the reason he enjoys his career so much. He values being able to make a difference and help kids get a better education. This class and the talk with my dad made me think about the things and traits I really value. The top one for me is being optimistic, I believe that staying positive and optimistic can make a big difference in the way the environments responds to me, especially after listening to the Brian Tracy CD. Another important one is being healthy. I think that??™s the root of a lot of other traits like confidence, being energetic, strong minded and many other things I probably haven??™t even thought of. This made me think and dig to see which career environment would be ideal for me. A career where I??™m sitting most of the day at a computer, or would I rather be physically active at my career exerting myself I thought this through and I believe that I would enjoy not having a physically demanding job because after a day of work, I don??™t want to go home exhausted wanting to do nothing but sit on a couch or sleep. I??™d rather work in an environment where I??™m using a computer to do a project all day and be able to come home, still with energy to want to do fun physical activities such as hiking, lifting weights and snowboarding.
The goals that I set for myself are quite simple. I want to wake up and want to go to my career. When I??™m at work and I look at the clock and it??™s already time to go home, I want to be able to ask myself where the heck the whole day went. I want to make at least $30k starting after getting my college education in a timely manner, no excuses this time, just do it and finish it. If I could buy a house and a car within the the first 2 or 3 years of starting my career, that would be ideal for me. I don??™t need real flashy or materialistic things, just plain and simple quality things. Somewhere down the road I will start my own business, I??™ve always thought it made more sense to work for myself and get paid because of my efforts, strategy and knowledge which seems much more rewarding than traditionally ???trading time for money???.
It??™s a shame that career development isn??™t typically in schools before starting college and I??™m grateful that I got the opportunity to be in this class and have access to many tools that were provided to helped me. Even thought I may still not know exactly which career path to take, I now have a much better idea and understanding of myself and what things to look for when choosing a career.