Career Action

Career Action Worksheet 1-3
Practice Dynamic Goal Setting and Positive Actions

Directions: Review and follow the guidelines below for dynamic goal setting. Identify a goal that is important to you, and complete the worksheet on the following pages.

1. Define your goals clearly in writing. Writing down your goals increases your likelihood of achieving them by 80 percent! It increases your sense of commitment, clarifies required steps in the achievement process, and helps you remember important details.

2. Identify and focus on the benefits (to you and others) of achieving goals. This is a strong motivator.

3. Define the purpose of your goals. Link your goals to a practical, specific purpose. To boost your own motivation, base your goals on inspiration, not just logic.

4. Identify your supportive forces. Examples of supportive forces include instructors, books, training, people who encourage you to persevere, skilled coaches or mentors, and printed and online research materials.

5. Develop an action plan, set deadlines, and act. Establish subgoals. Divide each main goal into logical, progressive steps. Set deadlines for completing each step, and complete the steps on time.

6. Establish priorities. Take action in order of priority.

7. Make a public commitment. If appropriate, share your goals with someone who encourages you to go the extra mile. This will increase your sense of responsibility and provide motivation.

8. Be realistic about limitations. Don??™t set a short-term goal to get a job requiring more education. Set separate goals to get the education, take an interim job, and then reach the ultimate goal.

9. Use positive self-talk and affirmation statements. Do this every day! Write down your statements, post them prominently, and review them regularly.

10. Use positive visualization. This boosts goal achievement.

11. Practice. Practice new skills regularly. Get additional information, training, coaching, and feedback on your progress.

12. Evaluate and revise goals as necessary. Evaluate your progress. Experiment with new methods if you??™re not getting the results you want, and, if necessary, revise your goals.

13. Persevere. Stay the course until you succeed!

14. Reward yourself. Rewards are motivators. As you make progress toward your goals, do something nice for yourself.

15. Record progress on your goals. As simplistic as it may seem, a long series of check marks on a calendar can motivate you by providing a sense of accomplishment. Don??™t let missing an occasional daily goal deter you, however. Keep focusing on the ultimate goal.

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|1. |Write down your goal. |
| | |
| |My goal is to obtain a degree in the field of Criminal Justice. |
|2. |Describe your goal by addressing goal-setting guidelines 1-5 on the previous page. |
| |1. |Define your goal clearly. |
| | | |
| | |(A) I will take my studies seriously. I will not wait until the last minute to complete homework. (B) Ask questions in class. |
| | |This will help me to look at situations from a different perspective and I could learn how to handle situations in an alternate |
| | |manner. (C) Attend class on a regular basis. Lecture is an important part of the learning process because students are able to|
| | |gain important background information. (D) Taking comprehensive notes will be beneficial for tests and quizzes. |
| |2. |Identify the benefits (to you and others) of achieving your goal. |
| | | |
| | |I know that my family will profit from my education financially and it will serve as a postive model role for my children to |
| | |follow. In today??™s changing society, education is necessary. |
| |3. |Define the purpose of your goal. |
| | | |
| | |Obtaining my degree will assist me in striving for promotions and self-advancement. |
| |4. |Identify your supportive forces. |
| | | |
| | |Attending school and my family are my supportive forces. School is giving me the knowledge to achieve my goal. This |
| | |information can be taken with me wherever I may go. My family is making sacrifices to allow me to attend school in the evenings|
| | |and online. My supervisors are assisting me by giving me words of wisdom and allowing me to attend school during my lunch |
| | |break. These factors are encouraging me to do my best and not to give up. |
| | | |
| |5. |Develop an action plan, set deadlines, and act. |
| | | |
| | |Devote 1 ? hours each night studying for the upcoming class (es). |
| | |Attend each lecture, ask questions and take detailed notes. |
| | |Complete all assignments prior to the due date. |
| | |Submit all completed assignments by the predetermined due date. |

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|3. |Identify three to five positive actions you can take in the next 10 days to achieve your goal. |
| |a. |Research information that has been studied. This will make completing assignments and studying for test less chaotic because |
| | |the knowledge will be retained on a daily basis. |
| |b. |Take classes that are parallel so that information learned in one course will reflect information learned in the next class. |
| |c. |Working in the field of corrections is giving me on knowledge and the job training for future employment. This information is |
| | |also useful in class participation. |
| | | |
| | | |
|4. |Follow up by actually completing all 15 guidelines. |
| | |
| |Defining my goals in writing keeps me on task. |
| |Identifying and focusing on achieving the goals assist as a motivational tool. |
| |Defining the purpose of my goals keeps my dream alive. |
| |Supportive forces act as inspiration and motivation. |
| |Developing an action plan, setting guidelines and actions makes sure that tasks are completed in a timely manner. |
| |Establishing priorities will put assignments in order according to their importance. |
| |Making a public commitment to my family, friends and employers will help stay focused. |
| |Setting realistic goals makes things achievable. |
| |I will use positive self talk and post positive phrases to obtain my goals. |
| |I will visualize myself graduating with honors. |
| |As positive reinforcement I will practice the skills learned in school on the job. |
| |If the information studied is not retained a new course of action will be taken. |
| |I will treat myself to a night out as a motivator as each goal is obtained. |
| |My grades will act as a progress report for my goals. |

File your goal statements in your Career Management Files Binder.