Captain America a Real Life Sodier.

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Throughout America??™s wars Captain America has always been there to sacrifice himself for America. Like
the soldiers before captain America he is willing and able. Captain America takes on twenty guys to save
the day, outnumbered and outgunned, he takes out the bad guy. Our soldiers are better trained and
more dedicated. Conflicts like the storm of the beaches of Europe were big battles that changed the
war. Captain America also had battles that changed the War. America had a nuclear weapon. And also
the Nazi??™s had a weapon in the Cosmic Cube that could annihilate entire cities (Marvel universe wiki.
Cosmic Cube). The technology was unknown to many, just like our Atomic Bomb was during World War
II. Captain America is similar to a Sniper or Commando when he battles. Just like our Navy seals took out
Bin Laden, it took another special force to take out the red skull in Captain America. The issues and
situations that captain America faces are possible scenarios that could possible face the United States
such as nuclear bombs from Iran. The Conflicts of Villains and Heroes in comics are similar to the
Conflicts that have faced the United States as represented through Captain America and battles, against
drugs, and violence during Wartimes.

Captain America??™s victories are similar to the sacrifices made in real victories against Adolf
Hitler during World War Two. The death of Adolf Hitler in the comic book is the same as in real
life. Hitler commits suicide after the end of World War II. America won the war in the comic and in real
life. Hitler started the war trying to achieve the glory days once had by the Germany. The Nazi Germany
was responsible for the holocaust in the Comics and in real life, and captain America was there to fight
against Adolf Hitler, using his shield to deflect the shots from the doomsday weapons that were created
by the Red Skull in the Comic Books. During the fictional story of Captain America he conquers the
insane Nazi Red Skull. Red Skull was a Nazi and a terrifying foe to America during WW2 and he was a
formidable advisory to Captain America. The Red Skull??™s Powers come from the same technology as
Captain America, called the super soldier serum . The super Serum is Very similar to the Drug Meth as it

makes a person stronger and more alert. It is known the Nazi??™s created Methamphetamine to keep their
soldiers Alert, Wired, Angry and ready to fight all night long. It was also immediately realized that
stimulants went a long way toward the Nazi dream of creating super soldiers (Scheve.T. How Meth
Works) In the Comics there is a Nazi Spy at the injection of the serum and his doctor is shot and killed,
taking the knowledge of the serum to the grave, like the Red Skull wanted (Marvel universe wiki). The
Red Skull wants to be the most powerful man in the world. The Nazis in real life were after the
technology to make super soldiers as well. Thus it is similarities like how The Fight for Power can cause
men to go insane such as Adolf Hitler who committed atrocities in the name of religion and Power. What
makes the red skull like Hitler is that he takes out whole cities of innocent people. Captain America
stopped him from doing this as depicted in the 2 min screen play from (1964) ???captain America battles
the Red Skull??? (Captain America battles the read skull, 1964). Captain America fights as an American
Soldier for freedom like when he Almost single handedly defeated three monstrous robots in Germany
to save the world (Marvel universe wiki. Captain America).

Similar Conflicts after WWII faced the United States. Runners of drugs on the streets,
prostitution, Robberies, and Burglaries were captain Americas Battles after the war (Marvel universe
wiki. Captain America). The Victories against drugs, violence and corruption is another element that
makes a Hero. Captain America was the first avenger and paved the way for all to follow, and I must say
that it??™s quite a list of Heroes now. Captain America says there are men out there dying for their country,
how I could do any less, this isn??™t about me he says (Captain America Movie Quotes). A good mixture of
superhero ingredients).Like our own problems in America, Captain American Comics have been fighting
the war on drugs like in real life. Similar to the Block ops, Shield a organization found captain America
and the cube that fell in the fight against red skull. Captain America was buried in the ice sacrificing
everything he loved. Captain America does dangerous anti drug trafficking operations. Another
challenge once awakened faced captain America. Captain America was found by an agency that calls
themselves shield. Captain America was also faced with police corruption, and government corruption.
As he did not agree with the politics of America he fought against it as a character named nomad.
Similar corruption stories have been brought to the media attention such as Nixon and Watergate, and
assassination of John f Kennedy.The sacrifices Made by Captain America are the same sacrifices needed
today in wars. During the new Movie as Captain America Reached the Red Skull in the Climactic final
fight thriller scene he dies. Captain America crashed in the Arctic Ocean after defeating the Red Skull in
Combat, on the Red Skulls Super bomber plane (Captain America Movie Quotes) Captain America made
that same sacrifice to save the woman he loved, and America from the Red Skull and his Bombs of
destruction. Consequently he is frozen in ice during his succeeded attempt to save New York City from
the Red Skulls super bombs and not thawed out until the twentieth century having lost the woman he
loved. Captain America makes sacrifices similar to American soldier who have to leave there loved ones
to die for their country.

The battle between captain America and Loki in the new avenger??™s movie is interesting. It
reminds me of a terrorist take over. The enemies do not like America or any country however they are
determined to annihilate the human species to inhabit earth as their own planet. During the World War
II there were genocide and holocausts by the Nazi. In the movie the foe is mighty, and hateful. Captain
America and his team of avengers are called in to take down Loki a GOD from a different planet or realm
as he says(Captain America Movie Quotes). Indeed the need for a superhero is important. The things that
make a superhero are not always superpowers. The qualities that make a leader are important. Leaders
are what win wars, and those similarities can be traced back to George Washington. George Washington
was not only a president of the united stated but he was a general in the military, and a born leader. A
Superman you may call men who go above the call of duty. Captain America is always happy to meet the
requirements of a mission just like the soldiers of world war II.
Patriotism and Loyalty to the Military and Country are the staple of real life soldiers and there families in
America and abroad. Similarities are many when it comes to the Captain America Comics and the
actual conflict of the war on terror and drugs also the war against corruption( that is usually done by the
media or vigilante reporter that are gung ho) in any form also against domestic violence and robberies.
Just like the battles between the red skull where he has bombs that resemble nuclear weapons, or going
into poppy fields to destroy heroin dealers operation. Also every variation and scenario has been done.
The possibilities are endless as there are more conflicts to face us and the writers are faced with making
more Comics the put the captain in real life scenarios. Captain America has done battle against Adolf
Hitler, and other terrorists that have actually faced America. The problems faced were real as depicted
above in the battles against the red skull. Nuclear threat is imminent. The world felt safer with captain
America doing battle against evil, as we are safe knowing we have men to go to war. Would you stand
up to a super villain to save thousands All can be lost in the blink of an eye, or the flash of a ten ton
nuclear bomb It could be called insane what captain America does for America and called brave, and he
would say; there are men out there dying for their country, how could I do any less, this isn??™t about me
he says(Captain America Movie Quotes. A good mixture of superhero ingredients).Problems may arise
but as it is shown in comics someone will always be here for America to sacrifice for our freedom. As
nuclear war with other countries persist, America will have to send soldiers like captain America to
battle the forces of evil, it reminds me of a good movie or comic. Captain America was created to bring
hope and I believe he has achieved that at least for me. After reviewing the times from Germany to
Vietnam to Colombia it is all similar to conflicts faced by the United States of America today such as
terrorists, nuclear war, and drugs. Captain America Comics are alternative universe however the wars
on their earth are very much like ours minus the super powers.

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