Capital Punishment Reviewed

A review of several websites which offer opinions on the death sentence.

The paper examines and reviews several websites which offer varying opinions on the death penalty. It discusses several articles which give factual information on the Ted Bundy case and the U.S. constitution. Other examples of websites reviewed are Bedau & Radelet’s article Miscarriages of Justice in Potentially Capital Cases and Morrison’s article “Death Penalty: an Ineffective Deterrent” which appears on a Massachusetts Institute of Technology newspaper website.
“The FBI’s information on Theodore Robert Bundy is also an authoritative and objective source. The material given is a matter-of-fact accounting of the Ted Bundy case, from his initial escape from a Colorado courthouse to his execution. The material has intrinsic value as an accurate source. Ernest van den Haag’s defense of capital punishment is an excellent example of authoritative and accurate Internet content. The root webpage is at PBS, a highly respected source. Further, the article is taken from the Harvard Law Review, another highly respected source. The article backs up its arguments with extensive statistics and includes an impressive 30-item notes section that clarifies important concepts and provides material for further reference.”