Francois-Marie Arout (Voltaire). Candide. London: Penguins Group, 1947.
Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds, which Candide and Pangloss maintain this idea. Candide which connotes fair-mindless or lack of corruption. Candide is a naive young man who encounters many odd and strange people then kills a few, or so he thinks. Candide and Pangloss??™s optimistic world view is challenged by numerous disasters Candide is constantly trying to find his love, Cunegonde which will be taken from him under different circumstances. Candide travels all over the world meeting with various people.
The books out when Candide and Cunegonde were caught kissing by the baron, then Candide was expelled from school. Then Pangloss and Candide later join up and Pangloss tells Candide that Cunegonde and her family has been all murdered, which is not true. They make it to Portugal where Pangloss is hung for a crime that he didn??™t commit. Then Candide travels to Argentina and finds Eldorado where the utopian country places no value on its plentiful gold and jewels so Candide collects some. Then he ventures to Paris with the jewels waiting for word that Cunegonde is looking for him. Later they meet in Turkey, but Cunegonde became very ugly and Candide has to sell Cunegonde brother which he thought he killed to slavery, so Candide will be able to marry Cunegonde. Finally the story ends with Candide and Cunegonde and friends all living on a farm working for the rest of their life bored.
This story relates to the world today greatly, you get this information through the characters who each symbolize something. Martin who has suffered a great amount in his life and always expects nothing but the worst from the world. Pangloss, which says “that all is for the best” the novels satire. Even though after everything Pangloss has been through he still keep faith that everything will become better. Then Candide who just wants to find love and be with the one he loves Cungeonde. I believe the thesis of the book would be optimism which the main character Candide and Pangloss possess. These are all ways that Candide uses to pull the reader in by relating the characters to todays life.
Voltaire shares many of his beliefs in this book through humor, folly, and optimism. The books shows how Voltaire ideas on war solve nothing. Voltaire shared his view on inquisition when Pangloss was hung. Voltaire also believed the church were full of bad people that were all Turks. Voltaire expressed his opinions in