Canadian Troops in Afghanistan

World War One was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Sadly, many world leaders are flawed creatures with selfish motives. In today??™s world, many countries are trying to seek for peace and independence, as there are many brutal wars that are still ongoing. September 11th, 2001 is a date that still remains unforgettable. When the World Trade Centre was attacked, there were thousands of innocent people who had died. Not only did it leave a painful memory but, it triggered the ongoing conflict between United States and Afghanistan. Even today some major issues have yet to be resolved. Over the past few years, Canada has participated with the United States to serve as peacekeepers in Afghanistan. Their role as peacekeepers is to monitor and observe peace in conflict areas and implement peace agreements that have been signed by the country officials. The peace movement usually involves power sharing agreements, strengthening the rule of law, economic and social development. Unfortunately, over the past years the initial purpose of Canadian soldiers serving as peacekeepers slowly turned to be interventionists[1]. A former military lobbyist by the name of Gordon O??™Connor was responsible for supplying war equipment to the Canadian Troops thus, being involved in the war was a financial benefit for him. However, at the same time he had a responsibility to protect the Afghan citizens from abuse inside the prisons, but he failed to report the ongoing abuse that occurred to innocent civilians because of the troops. The abuse that was displayed in the prison was not the only factor, since the U.S had been fighting in Afghanistan; the Afghan economy was facing a downfall. In order for Afghan citizens to survive in the economy while the war was occurring, there was a high demand of opium production all over Afghanistan. Although the economy was down, Canadian troops had benefited by staying in Afghanistan and profiting billions of dollars. Canadian troops are not fighting for the safety of the Afghan civilians, but they are fighting to
protect the Trans Afghan pipe line because Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister, and Canadians Corporation were involved in that deal. Many Canadians still believe that we are a country that fights for freedom and, many others think that we are there to interfere with the country??™s peace. It shows that Canadians are taking advantage of the invasion by taking away the country??™s wealth, abusing the civilians and destroying their land. These actions displayed by the troops cannot define them as being peacekeepers.

The conflict in Afghanistan is not a new one. Afghanistan has been fighting from the start of the 1830s and they still partake in the battle for independence. The British Empire and the former Afghan King Shah Shuja invaded Afghanistan during the 1800s.[2] The reason for the invasion was the influence of the Russian and Persian in the region and Shuja got his throne back in 1839.[3] However the king was killed three years later and the Afghan forces were at war with the British troops. As a result, Afghanistan had received their independence in 1843 and the British left because of their loss.[4] However the battles of the invasions were not over in the early 1900s, the Soviet Union had once shared a border with Afghanistan but later on, the Soviet soldiers had invaded and installed a puppet regime[5] in the capital of Kabul in 1979.[6] It was a long war between many Afghan resistance groups and Soviet soldiers. On the other hand, in 1980??™s United States and other nations started assisting the Mujahedeen, and as a result the Soviet troops departed in 1989.[7] Three years later Mujahedeen declared Afghanistan was a free country. In spite of the invasion and destruction of the Soviet, years later the Taliban started to gain some recognition from the Afghan people. In 1996 when Taliban militia had become in power and took over the capital city of Kabul and started an Islamic law state, it prevented women from getting jobs and denied them an education. In addition, Islamic punishment was introduced which involved the removal of limbs of thieves and stoning by death. Furthermore the Taliban gave refuge to Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, where he made training camps for Al Qaeda terrorists. Subsequently when the 9/ll attack occurred, U.S intelligence assumed it was Osama Bin Laden who was responsible for the attack.[8] However when the United States wanted custody of Bin Laden, the Taliban refused and as a result the U.S had no choice but to set off bombs in Afghanistan. Until this day Afghanistan is still fighting for freedom and are trying to overcome the many barriers that are preventing them from reaching their destination.

Many significant events have happened in the world, but one event that occurred and is still an ongoing situation with no resolution was the attack in September 11th, 2001. There were numerous suicide attacks that took place by Al Qaeda. On that morning, 19 Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial jet airplanes.[9] The hijackers hit the twin towers killing all passengers aboard the aircraft and many workers within the building. Both buildings collapsed within two hours, destroying nearby buildings. Not only were the twin towers targeted, other buildings were attacked as well. A few hours later, the Pentagon was attacked and the last plane crashed into a rural field in Pennsylvania.[10] Even though the civilians on the plane tried to control the plane, it was too late and the aftermath resulted in no survivors. Due to the attack of the 9/11 over 2973 victims and 19 hijackers were killed because of the attacks, the majority of the victims were innocent civilians who were caught in the attack.[11]

When the attack occurred the media spread the news worldwide very quickly. Many of the people in Afghanistan have tried to flee from the following because they were scared of how the United States were going to retaliate. However when many of the Afghan citizens tried to
go to the Pakistan border, Pakistan authorities had closed it down so they can prevent Afghans from entering.[12] Nevertheless after 1 month of the attack of 9/11 America sent an international force team to remove the Taliban regime for occupying the Al Qaeda group.[13] In spite of that, Pakistan had organized themselves to work with the United States in the war against
the Taliban and the Al Qaeda. As a result of assassinate, Pakistan offered United States with number of military airports and military bases for the attack on the Taliban regime. Furthermore, Pakistan authorities helped arrest over 600 alleged Al Qaeda members and gave them to the authorities of United States. [14]

Canadian Troops assistance in invasion began in October 7 2001 but the Canadians soldiers arrived in Afghanistan in January to February 2002. [15]When Canadian came to
Afghanistan they were not given major responsibilities until 2006, where 2,500 ??“ 2,830 Canadian forces were sent to Kandahar.[16] The task they are currently were given was to be part of an International Security Assistance Force. In addition the Troops also wanted to stop the regime which was claimed to be supporting international terrorism. Canada had three main reasons for why they wanted to be part of this. First, to defend Canada national interest, secondly ensure Canadian leadership in world affairs and finally help Afghanistan rebuild. However, Prime Ministers Jean Chretien Liberal government announced on October 7 that Canada would contribute forces to the international force being formed to conduct a campaign against terrorism. In addition to that Canada also assisted in a 250 million dollar aid and 5 million dollar to support the election. [17]Although the war has still not finished and Canadians are stilling fighting in Afghanistan despite the fact that they are helping the innocent civilians that are caught in the crossfire, Canada had another beneficial reasons why there are. However, we look upon the Canadians soldiers as peacekeepers however there are reasons proofing that their presence in afghan is just benefiting them and they are not making much of difference in Afghanistan.

When a war occurs in a country, many civilians get tortured and abused by the country they are going against. However the Canadians Troops supposedly trying to keep the peace but all that is being done by the Troops are violent activity. On the other hand Gordon O Connor did not play his part in the peacekeeping in Afghanistan. He was a former Military lobbyist who was supplying war equipment such as guns, vehicles and bombs to the Canadian Troops. O Connor realized by getting involved with the war he can benefit from selling weaponry goods and be wealthy. However he had the duty to report officials in Canada if any sort of abuse that occurred in the prisons committed by the Troops or the afghan officials. As a result Gordon had given false testimony about civilians that got abused that was not true. In the ongoing attack in Afghanistan many Al Qaeda suspects have been caught and held as prisoners for questioning. However, when they are arrested not only do they get questioned they get tortured by the U.S and Canadians Troops nevertheless the media is not aware about because the soldiers do not want the public to know what goes on in the prisons. In the spite of that Mr. Gordon O Connor was in Afghanistan and at the time he was present in Afghanistan he entitled the position as a defense minister. Furthermore, what he did was he supplied the Canadian forces with weapons and war machines to fight in the battle.[18] At the same time he had a duty to report any abuse that was happening in the camps as a result he did not report it. [19]

However, it was the job of the Canadian Troops to capture the suspects and turn them over Afghan authorities who are known for torturing the prisoners. O Connor stated under these conditions to the parliament that Red Cross is responsible to watch the Prisoners when they are in the hands of the Afghan authorities.[20] If something seems suspicious or not safe they should inform the parliament where they would take action. When this statement was stated the ICRC[21] had denied it and said that with their normal operating procedure they would not report to any foreign country including Canada of abuse found in Afghanistan.[22] O Connor also admitted to saying that what he said in the parliament was not true and the ICRC was not watching the detainees and reporting any abuse. As a result O Connor apologized for stating false statements he made on the treatment of detainees which were captured by Canadian forces and given to the Afghan police. The AIHRC [23]told O Connor that they will now inform Canada of any upcoming abuses and also after the new agreement which was signed, Canada must notify that the IRIC as well as the Afghan human-rights commission when it transfers prisoners to Afghan custody.[24] When looking at the prison logs the afghan prisoners have been suffered with lacerations[25] and contusions[26] as a result the injuries have been occurred while the men were in custody with the Canadians. In the same way when Canadians go to prison they do not get tortured or abuse but however since its Afghanistan and it is been stereotyped as a terrorist country that does not mean prisoners get beaten and abused.

When you look at this it is not right because Canada mission there is to peace keep from Outbreak attacks and when the Canadians soldiers capture them they should make sure that the suspect does not get harmed by afghan authorities or by other Canadian forces. Furthermore when you look at this situation you cannot possibly believe that Canadian Troops are not peacekeeping because they are allowing the prisoner to get beaten and abuse and not helping them in any way and to make it worse the Troops do not even report, the soldiers believe that the afghans are not people and they deserve this treatment but however they are humans and they should deserve the rights. This is definitely not peacekeeping because if it was peacekeeping the prisoners would be in a safe place, and would not be arrested without reason and not tortured.
When a country is in a war they have to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. However, when United States and Canadian Troops were fighting in Afghanistan, it was ruining the economy forcing the afghan civilians to participate in illegal activities. When the Canadians Troops were coming into Afghanistan and taking over different territories and destroying massive amount of land. As a result many farmers were not able to produce any food which left with little option but to produce poppies. The harm in producing poppies was that it contains opium which is found in heroin which is an illegal drug, and the afghan civilians were growing it because the money that was made was given to reconstruction funds for country. In addition the opium is a good source of income for 2 million afghans that rely on it for their livelihood because its makes 2.7 billion dollars of illegal wealth.[27] The afghan farmers are not going to give up on opium anytime soon and neither is the farmers because their desires to feed their families is stronger then the desire to placate NATO[28].
The opium that is produced is illegal and is being distributed through the 32 provinces of Afghanistan and is also the country who supplies other countries. The Taliban regime is funded a lot because 90% of all heroin sold in Britain originate from Afghanistan.[29] However, the Troops tried to spray over the fields to stop the production of the opium but all these did was prevent more damage to the land for future production of good produce to help the country economy but all the Troops are doing is causing more damage forcing the afghan citizen to consume and produce heroin. Due to this Taliban leaders and drug lords started fighting back and causing more trouble then there already is, as a result the resurgence in poppy production is a consequence of the US and Canadian invasion and continuing occupation.[30] The Canadians presence in Afghan is not useful because it is making matters worse because when the Troops try to damage their only source of income the country is going to get angry which cause more retaliation which mean more deaths occurs on both ends. On the other hand the Troops are ruining the country by ruining its fields and basically making the country look like a warzone. However, Canadian and U.S is responsible for the country production because when they invaded it left them choice but to grow illegal drugs rather then good produce to support the economy. When the Troops tried to stop the drug lords from producing it causes more conflict and Troops end up killing innocent civilians who are trying to make a living. The invasion of Afghanistan was looked upon as peaceful movement with the motive to bring Afghanistan into a peaceful nation however the motive of the movement was to acquire Afghanistan for geopolitical reasons and energy resources. Many countries see Canada as a peaceful country, a country where you can seek for assistance however when the Canadian Troops were attempting to peace keep in the war it was only benefiting them financially.
The real reason why U.S is there because of the production of Trans Afghan pipe line which is involves four countries Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India. However this pipeline was the real motive for the U.S and Western foreign policy. Nevertheless Canada played a part in a gas pipeline production, Canada former Prime Minister Jean Chretien was involved in this production and wanted Canadian Troops to be here so that this production was successful. However the role that Jean Chretien played was that he was responsible in signing deals between Canada Oil and gas Corporations for pipeline constructions that are occurring in the area.[31] Chretien helped in the assistance of helping afghan by forming international forces against terrorism because he and the Canadian corporations were involved in a trans- afghan pipeline Operation. The part that Jean Chretien played in this operation was that Jean Chretien is an advisor to Bennett Jones a Calgary based law firm which specializes in energy issues and also in addition to that Chretien is a international relations advisor to PetroKazakhstand Inc an Energy firm bases in Calgary with major interests in Kazakhstan and Caspian.[32] In September 2004 Jean Chretien went to Turkmenistan to work a deal out between Edmonton which is the buried hill energy and government of Turkmenistan to develop oil and gas resources in the Caspian area.[33]

On the other hand Chretien met with the president of Turkmenistan to talk about the participation of Canada corporations in the trans afghan pipeline. On the contrary over 80 Canadians soldiers and thousands of afghan civilians have died due to this production.[34] However the pipeline is going through Khandar where Canadian forces are trying to provide security and eliminate insurgents. Nevertheless the pipeline would help the economy but the Canadian Troops job is to protect the civilians but instead their protecting the gasoline. This goes to show that Canadians Troops are more concerned about the geopolitical aspect rather than the humanity which defeats the whole purpose of the Canadian Troops as peacekeepers. Although Chretien had his mentality on improving on the economy but was hurting Afghan civilians because they were not getting protection they deserve and Chretien however taking advantage of the country.

Canada Troops are seen definitely as interventionist s and are not peacekeeping in Afghanistan. Many people believe that the Canadians Troops have taking the country as an advantage for business purposes and not protect the innocent lives that are caught in the crossfire. The reason for peacekeeping is to ensure the safety of all citizens in the country which is not being demonstrated by the Troops. Many Afghans got tortured and abused for no reason and Gordon duty was to report it which he did not. Therefore this is a bad part on Canada because this is not showing peace at all when allowing a person to get beaten by country authorities and the Troops.

However, in Canada torture is not allowed when imprisoned under the justice system and is not tolerated at all therefore the same rules should apply to the afghan prison. Gordon had failed his part because he knew there was abuse going on in the prison but did not mention it. Even though many were beaten and abused Canadian Troops should not sit and allow criminal activity to occur, since the invasion the soldiers destroyed the afghan fields for growing produce so they were left with no choice but to grow opium. This causes more conflict to the issues that are already occurring in the country. The Troops were killing innocent people who were trying to make a living because there no money for survival and the only way to make money was to produce opium. Troops tried many to stop them but it still growing there and day, by day more people are getting addicted.

Canadians Troops are helping Canadian officials to pocket profit money while innocent civilians are dying which Jean Chretien was responsible for. He made matters worse by signing deals into pipelines in Afghanistan where he is trying to make money out of it and also to ensure Canadian soldiers are there to defend the oil plants while of the innocent civilians who are running for their lives. In addition it is a gain for Canada because if the plant is placed in Afghanistan it the main central point for distribution for the whole world, this why jean Chretien is seen not as a peacekeeper. Due to this invasion many are left hopeless, devastated and lost because the troops have invaded their motherland and have destroyed every part of land that they were once able to roam freely. In addition, many have died and also have been abused, which could have been prevented by the Canadians soldiers. However, the troops try hard to keep the peace, but the more they try, the more they are becoming interventionists. Although nothing has changed significantly no one knows when this war will end. The Canadians are still in Afghanistan fighting supposedly to promote peacekeeping because that is what the media wants to portray. No one truly will have an idea as to what the truth behind this ongoing war is, however we can depict that there is no positive outlook as of yet. This can be deduced by the fact that the news we receive back here in Canada are of the increasing death rates, of both Afghan civilians and our own Canadian soldiers.

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Canadian Troops Are Interventionists

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