Canadian Racist and Sexist State Policies

Examines the ways in which the Canadian Governement has institutionalized policies of racisim and sexism in order to maintain a system of white, male privilege.

Ng (1993) and Bannerji (1995) both provide arguments for describing how the Canadian state practices racist and sexist ideologies; and how the work of building a “Canadian nation” has been constructed around racist/sexist state policies and social practices, all of which have served the interests of the elite white classes. Furthermore, as Ng and Bannerji include relations of gender in these historical constructs, they explicated the ways the relations of ethnicity and gender are linked into economic structures. How have these practices been in effect as structures of oppression and subjugation? Specifically, how have these processes operated to maintain racism and sexism through structural and institutional systems of white privilege and patriarchal dominance?