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1. Introduction

1.1 Background of the study

Before the existence of many highly developed computer system it??™s started from manual method. And the age old say??™s that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Because of the need of business industry, different technologies and computer system has been grown. Nowadays with the use of internet, many ordinary task and businesses that people conducted were made feasible like buying products through online. The study will emphasize the effects of using manual reservation and how the computerized reservations be used these days. The Events and Rooms Reservation system is a transaction processing system that solves the problem encountered during the manual reservation management. It aims to simplify the manual reservation management fastest and accurate. And it helps most in terms, and also the computerized reservation system is easy to use and the transaction will do quickly unlike the manual. ? It created for the convenience of the client and the staff of the custodian department through this study the demand of the client has been fulfilled.We decided to use a computer program for our study because it enables us to ease our entire works and helps us to lessen the time needs to consume in every task we need to do.BlazingwoodApartelle was founded by Mrs.EmeliaSyskowski on Decdember 21, 2004at Susano Road, San Agustin, Quezon City,Philippines.
? ? It has a lot area of 886.56 sq.m, composed of a two storey building with a total of 30 rooms, economy, family and first class and has a net worth of P1, 653,750.00

1.2 Current State of the Technology

Events and Rooms Reservation of BlazingWood, the main aim of this project is gives the customer view of the Apartelle. The customer needs in Apartelle are enquiry about rooms, reservation process, vacating process, canceling the reservation, and the restaurant for food items. This reservation is for may today or future, for this the reservation form can work more efficient than the manual process. This form also checks the rooms for reservation dates. It is interactive to the customer; if the rooms are not available it gives message and not allows reserving for that date. The next process for the customer is vacating the room. For this he needs the total bills. Also he uses the restaurant for food that information also we need in the bill. The vacating form works for this information effectively. This form calculates the user bills of room and restaurant; it is minus by the advance. Shows the total bill he needs to pay. The cancellation process is the next process of the customer. For this the cancellation form works effectively. The customers reserved for future needs the cancellation process. That time we need to calculate the refund amount from the advance.

1.3 Significance of Study

The following will be the beneficiaries of this study:

For Apartelle

– I believe we can help the apartelle with our system because it will make some of the other apartelle employee??™s work easier. They won??™t have to worry about misplaced records and other related problems.

For Walked in customers

-The customers might also prefer to use our system instead of having to take a manual. They won??™t have to worry about cracked plate, fork and spoon wanting problem and the whole stay might be better for them as they would work in a computer based environment.


-The proponents can apply and practice their programming skills in this study. Furthermore they can gain additional knowledge on how to develop a transaction processing system like Room and event reservation system.

For Future researcher

-The employees also benefit our system designed to accelerate their work and to help reduce or prevent hand wrasse fish and they work they work for much focuses through s more than important things.

2.0 Project Description

2.1 Statement of the Problem

2.1.1 General Problem

a. How to develop Computer based Rooms and Events Reservation for Blazingwood Apartelle that will help and improve the process of daily transactions

The company is using a manual process in their reservation reports preparations. Thus, the manual process generates minor problems that if not properly addressed could result to major problems in the long run. That??™s why we proposed the computer based hotel reservation. And for faster transaction even you are not going to the said hotel

2.1.2 Specific Problem

a. How will the proponents develop a module that will provide information about the availability of rooms and other services offered by the company

Before the reservation is approved, the reservation consultant will browse the customer reservation list to check the availability of the rooms and other services offered by the company. In this kind of manual system, availability check slows down the procedure on circulation transaction.

b. How will the proponents develop a module that will monitor the event and time

Tracking the scheduled events manually requires extra effort to complete. The proponents
Aims to provide a module that will monitor the upcoming event.

c. How will the proponents develop a module that will hold a large amount of customer information

The company is using a manual process in their registration they record it to the record book. Sometimes this so called record book is being misplaced so the information has gone then they??™re operation must stop just to find the record book.

2.1 Objectives of the Study

2.2.1 General Objectives

To develop Computer Based Events and Rooms Reservation of Blazing wood that will help and improve the process of daily transactions.

This module will help the owner lessen a job by making a record from a manual process into a more convenient computerized recording of data.

2.2.2 Specific Objectives

a. To create a module that will provide information about the availability of rooms and other services offered by the company.

This module will generate reports of all the rooms or services that are unavailable and available. That will serve as availability check.

b. To create a module that will automatically check if there??™s a reservation on that day.

This module will automatically find any available slot for the upcoming events
Unlike in manual system you??™ll going to browse the records if there is an event or reservations.

c. To create a module that holds a large amount of customer information.

A module that will hold a large amount of customer information that will save automatically in the database unlike in manual transaction mountains of record books are going to waste.

2.3 Scope and Limitations


* Search Feature Module
This allows easy searching of existing records of the hotel modification

* Cancellation of Apartelle Reservation Services Module
Monitors the cancellation of the reservations and other hotel services to avoid delay in transaction

* Customer Information Module
Allows the user (duty information officer) to add and modify information about customer

* Reservation ? Module
This will handle all the reserved schedules of services

* Economy Module
System will provide the customer to choose what economy room they want


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 
* Credit Card
The System is not responsible for Debit/Credit Card payment.

* Online Reservation Module
Online reservation is not available in this system

3.0 Methodology

SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)

SDLC refers to a methodology for developing system which has five phases commonly known as PADIM. P stands for Planning, A for Analysis, D for Design, I for Implementation, and M for Maintenance.

Planning Phases

This is the initial phase in SDLC where gathering of data for the proposed study were implemented. The proponents gathered information through asking question that are connected to the proposed study and interviewing the entire person-in- charge, which is the Supervisor. The proponents also prepared some surveys to every student who experienced conflicts related to Library System. The proponents also knew effects and disadvantage caused by the conflicts. The proponents also conduct a brainstorming were all thoughts are suggested that will make the study a better system.

Analysis phase

The second phases in the SDLC were all the gathered information in the planning phase were examined and analyzed, the proponents is still dealing with the Supervisor for some clarification about the effects and disadvantage of having conflicts in the current system. In this phase the proponents also make sure of the proposed study whether it is implementable and reliable or not. The proponents also considered the ???what if??™s??™ in making the system. They also considered all the suggested views and opinions by their host company.

Design Phase

It is the third phase in SDLC, in this phase is the actual creation of the interface of their proposed system. The proponents deliberated all the opinions and suggestions of their Adviser to make their design better looking and presentable to the user of the system. They made a structural layout which started in scratch for them to make it easy to understand all the details that the study must have. The proponents create and develop every interface suitable to their study. The proponents put all together all the pieces that will construct the system. They also considered all the information from their host company to make all the modules.

Implementation Phase

It is the fourth phase in SDLC, and it involves the actual developing of the system and codes are written here. During this phase, the proponents considered their Adviser??™s advice on how to do the system approach to better facilitate all the coding needed by every form to make it work for the users to use it. The proponents also build the constructions of coding by scratch. They also did some research about the coding for some part of their proposed study. The proponents also create documentation on how to use the system for the user to easy to understand and learn system.

Maintenance Phase

This is the last phase in SDLC and also the longest one. During this phase, the proponents made all the testing that is necessary to make a proposed study an enhanced system, the proponents sort out some changes, addition of design, module, code and corrections in their study to make it user friendly.

4.0 Data Gathering and the Analysis of Output

The following data gathering methods were used by the proponents:

* Interview

Provides the opportunity to gather information from the people who have first-hand knowledge regarding the system. The researcher conducted an interview with the manager of the BlazingwoodApartelle.MrsEmeliaSyskowski,to complete the data and information ? that will support to design a proposed event and room system in this stage ideally describe the model to be build and to be constructed for assessment by customer and developer

Through interview the researcher can formulate user specification that serve as the basis in formulating research objectives as a result of the interview the researcher were able to disclose the problems that manage encounters most of the these problems include the difficulty in the computation of customer bills difficulty in monitoring the customer check in and check out time difficulty in monitoring of events difficulty in monitoring the room availability delayed generation of reports.

* Observation

Based on the observation the researcher made they were able to learn of actual operation of blazing wood apartelle. Their check in and out time procedures how they monitor the room and event reservation how they monitor the check in and out time and for extension time of customer how they generate report in everyday transaction in order to monitor their income on that day.

* Research

The proponents used internet as reference to guide the researcher on the course of the study. This enables the researchers to fully understand the process of implementing the possible solution and finding alternative for the proposed system.

5.0 System Requirements
The following hardware and software is required for Visual Basic applications:
* Pentium?®? 90MHz or higher microprocessor.
* VGA 640×480 or higher-resolution screen supported by Microsoft Windows.
* Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or later or Microsoft Windows 95 or later.
* 24 MB RAM for Windows 95/98, 32 MB for Windows NT.
* Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01 or later (version 4.01 Service Pack 1 or later for DHTML application developers, and 4.x? for end-users of these applications).
* Disk space requirements:
* Standard Edition: typical installation 48 MB, full installation 80 MB.
* Professional Edition: typical installation 48 MB, full installation 80 MB.
* Enterprise Edition: typical installation 128 MB, full installation 147 MB.
* Additional components (if required): MSDN (for documentation): 67 MB, Internet Explorer 4.x: approximately 66 MB.
* CD-ROM (no MS-DOS support assumed).


The Blazingwood ? Apartelle they only have one person who is in charge with all transactions. The problems have been defined, analyzed and the best solution has been formulated to computerize the system.The proposed system is A Computerized Events and Room Reservation System for BlazingwoodApartelle.