Can a Cusumer Have a Relationship with a Brand

The purpose of this paper is to select one brand from the three different product categories and discuss the relative important of brand, quality, distribution, and price. First, I am going to give a brief description of each brand under the product categories: Goods and Services, Goods Only, and Service Only. Then, I am going to discuss the importance of the brand, quality, distribution and price has on each of the brands. Finally, I am going to discuss if customers can have relationships with brands.
Goods and Services
Sprint Nextel is a communications service organization that offers a wide range of communications services, the most popular being their telephone and cell phone service. The company began as Brown Telephone Company in 1899. Over the next seventy years it continued to prosper, and by the 1970??™s, it was considered the nation??™s largest independent local telephone provider. Sprint continued their charge forward, and in 2005, Nextel and Sprint merge to create Sprint Nextel. Currently, Spring Nextel serves more than 48.8 million customers. It is recognized for being on the cutting edge of United States (U.S.) technology for things like: 4G service, data services, prepaid mobiles, and instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities.
Good Only
Honda is a Japanese based company that develops cutting edge technology and uses that technology to build everything from automobiles to lawnmowers. Its headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. The corporation is comprised of six major manufacturing plants, four research and development (R&D) corporations, and numerous parts manufacturing locations all over the world. Honda has three basic types of goods: vehicles, power products and technology. Under the vehicle category, Honda produces vehicles that range from economy cars to trucks, mini vans to sports cars, and gas guzzlers to economy friendly vehicles. In addition to automobiles, Honda also produces motorcycles. Again, these vehicles range from dirt bikes to cruisers, scooters to choppers, and automatics to manuals. Outside the arena of vehicles, Honda produces power products that range from generators to snow blowers. Feeding the development of these vehicles and power products is the R&D corporations. Things like the fuel cell and the hybrid are examples of technology developed, integrated and manufactured by Honda.
Service Only
Brad Pitt was born on December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, OK. He was raised in Missouri and went to the University of Missouri. Within two credits shy of graduation, he decided to move to California and begin his acting career. His first break came in 1989, with his role in ???Cutting Class???. He became an overnight sensation in 1991, as he made is appearance in ???Thelma and Louise???. Since then, he has been in over 70 films and grossed $13.5 million dollars in 2009.
The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a ???name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers???. The brand is very important. It has to be unique but translatable into different language and not offend potential customers. It has to set the good or service apart from all other goods or services. Sprint, Honda, and Brad Pitt all have unique brands that differentiate them from all the other brands in their respective markets. Each brand has a good reputation in each of their respective markets. Their reputation is based upon the customer??™s feelings about each of the goods or services provided.
???Basically importance of quality products assures more sales and more profits???. This statement could not be more true. If a brand wants to make money, it has to have some measure of quality built in. Customers will not continue to buy low quality products. In all three examples, each brand has a reputation of producing high quality goods and services. If the brands did not have a high quality good or service, they would not be competitive. They would not be able to continue to compete with the nation??™s leaders in their respective markets. In my opinion, quality is probably one of the most important factors in whether or not a good or service is going to be successful at making the owner money.
Distribution is very important to a good or service. If the good or service is only available in one area, it is losing the potential buyers in another. The wider the distribution, the better the probability of someone buying the good or service. In each of the examples, their distribution spans the nation and in some cases the globe. This distribution not only spreads the goods and services but it also spreads their reputation. The more people know about them and the more people see their goods or services, the more likely the people are going to be to buy their good or service ??“ if the quality is good.
The price of the good or service depends on the target market. In all three cases, the price of the good or service correlates directly to the target market. Sprint provides cheap to expensive cell phones and telephone services. Honda provides economy to luxury cars. Brad Pitt??™s income has been directly tied to how popular his last movie was. In order for a good or service to be successful, it has to have a target income range and design its good or service to meet that market??™s needs.
Customer/Brand Relationships
According to Webster, relationship is defined as ???the state of being related or interrelated???. Using this definition, I believe brands and people can have relationships. When you look at income brackets, the majority of the goods or services these people buy are directly related to their income bracket. If a person is trying to buy a good or service outside of their target income bracket, it is usually because that good or service portrays an image they want. This relates to how they feel about the good or service. Then, you mix in the reputation of a good or service. People buy goods and services based upon the relationships other people they know have had with the good or service. My dad will not buy a Ford, because every one of his friend??™s has had some type of problem. Since we are human beings, and tend to make our decisions based upon our feeling it is unrealistic to assume we are just going to base our decisions upon data.
In conclusion, the brand, quality, distribution, and price are all very important to the success of the brand. First, I gave a brief description of Sprint, Honda, and Brad Pitt. Then, I discussed the importance of the brand, quality, distribution, and price of each brand.

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