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Literature Review

My hypothesis that : Resources available to victims of AIDS are
Thoroughly helpful and have a positive effect certainly received
Positive enforcement judging by the amount of material and
Its content available to me. Below I will set out the various
Charities and their details.

(PRODUCT) Red was created to engage the private sector in the
fight against AIDS in order to deliver funding to the Global Fund
to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and to raise public
awareness about HIV and AIDS in Africa. Product Red is the first
initiative to bring together some of the world??™s leading companies
as partners in a joint commitment to channel a percentage of
profits to assist in the fight against the AIDS pandemic. It has
become one of the largest consumer based income generating
initiatives by the private sector for an international humanitarian
cause. Product Red was an initiative begun by U2 frontman Bono
and Bobby Shriver of DATA.

As of December 2009 partnerships with American Express in the
United Kingdom, Apple, Bugaboo, Converse, Dell, Gap, Emporio
Armani, Hallmark, Starbucks, Nike, Penguin and Product Red
Events have generated more than $150 million US for the Global
Fund. Product Red money flows to six countries in Africa ??“ Rwanda,
Swaziland, Ghana, Lesotho, Zambia and South Africa. Programmes
Are designed separately in each country and these provide antiretroviral therapy for HIV positive individuals, support HIV
Prevention, feed and educate children orphaned by AIDS and
Provide the low cost treatments needed to reduce the risk of
Transmission of HIV from mother to child. One hundred per cent
Of all Product Red contributions are used in implementing these
Programs ??“ no overhead is taken out.

Product Red states that its main principles are:
??? to expand opportunities for the people in the continent of Africa
??? to respect its employees and ask its partners to do the same with their employees and the people who help to make their products or deliver their services
??? to promote the fight against HIV/AIDS in the workplace
??? to see the power of a community mobilized for hope, health and progress
??? to ask its partners to uphold the same principles

However, Product Red has been criticized for not having an impact
That its advertising suggests and for being much less efficient than
Contributing to charities direct and for not being totally clear with
Regards to the amount of money going to charity as a percentage of every purchase. Some people feel that a retail middleman between donor and charity is unnecessary and that donors should just give. Critics have also pointed out that Product Red??™s emphasis
On funding treatment for AIDS sufferers means that large amounts of money will end up with pharmaceutical companies ???unwilling to
Distribute their drugs for free???. Many accuse the campaign of profiting by using diseases as a marketing vehicle.

2007 data claims companies involved in Product Red invested
$100 million in advertising and raised only $18 million for the
Global Fund. In July 2010 Product Red claims to have raised $150
Million to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. They also state that one hundred per cent of Product Red money is allocated in one of the
Global Fund grants in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, Swaziland, South
Africa and Zambia. More than five million people have been reached
With testing, counseling, treatment and other services.

The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is markedly different to Product
Red. It only exists in New South Wales, Australia and because of
Its lack of size was much easier to approach and to interpret the
Information. I feel I must comment that to me their assistance
Does appear much more personalized.

The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is Australia??™s longest running
HIV charity. It was established by a dedicated group of Bobby Smith??™s friends in 1984. The Foundation has helped thousands
Of men, women and children living with HIV. Their mission is to
Help people living with HIV by providing practical, emotional and financial support ??“ the kind of ongoing, unconditional support
That usually only friends and family would provide. The Bobby
Goldsmith Foundation provide support to people living with HIV
So they can live as independently as possible and improve their
Quality of life. The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation offers a range of
Resources for their clients and supporters to become better informed about HIV, the work they do and how they work.

Some of these resources are: Direct Financial Assistance is
Provided to people living with HIV/AIDS on a low income. Assistance can be provided for basics like electricity and can
Also be provided towards the cost of HIV/AIDS medications.
Financial Counselling is also offered as it can help with many
Worries regarding credit card debt, unpaid bills or rent owing. A
No interest Loan Scheme is also available to purchase important
Household items such as fridges or washing machines
Bobby Goldsmith House is another resource the Foundation provides which enables people living with HIV/AIDS to live independently in a residential environment. The tenants do not
Require acute care but are able to live within the community with
Support services to provide emotional and practical support. Floating Care is another resource that provides supported housing
For clients living with HIV/AIDS who display challenging behaviours.
They may have a mental illness, struggle with addictions and are
Homeless or at risk of homelessness. This is funded by NSW Health and the Office of Community Housing and is aimed at encouraging
Independent living.

Another service of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is called ???Positive Futures???. This is for people living with HIV/AIDS in NSW who want to bring about some form of change in their lives. They may want to rejoin the workforce after being on a pension take up
Education or use volunteer work as a way of being part of a community and building self esteem. This service helps people explore new possibilities with information, advice and support through a challenging but can be exciting process.

The AIDS Trust of Australia is another charity that I researched.It was established in 1987 by the then Governor General because of
Concerns about the developing HIV epidemic. The AIDS Trust raises
Funds within Australia and distributes them to state, regional and
Community organizations to deliver awareness, education, prevention, support, care and social research programs relating to HIV/AIDS. The Vision and hope is for an Australia free of HIV
Transmission and where then rights of those already affected are protected and their special needs met.

The reality of this vision I feel is difficult. Twenty people become
Newly diagnosed with HIV every week in Australia. 17,700 people
Are now living with HIV with half of these experiencing difficulties
With daily living costs and more than a third living below the
Poverty line. The need is for actually stopping people getting
HIV and assisting those living with it.

I did not want to focus on the fact that HIV/AIDS is mainly a
Homosexual disease but have included ACON as they are servicing
Such a large proportion of our Australian sufferers. ACON is NSW??™s
And Australia??™s largest community based gay, lesbian, bisexual and
Transgender health and HIV/AIDS organization. They run HIV prevention programs for the group most at risk of HIV transmission ??“ gay men, sex workers and people who inject drugs. For people with HIV, their families and carers ACON provides a broad range of
Health promotion and support services and also provides advice on issues related to HIV and human rights.

ACON do this because they feel that mainstream service providers
Don??™t always respond adequately to the needs of gays and lesbians due to a lack of knowledge, understanding or acceptance, especially
In regional and rural NSW. ACON feel that they help reduce HIV
Transmission by educating gay men about how to avoid picking up
Or passing on HIV. They do this by developing, producing and promoting information campaigns and distributing a variety of educational resources.

ACON also help people with HIV to maximize their health and minimize the effects of HIV by providing a wide range of services
And programs including support groups, workshops, information
About HIV treatments, home based care, transport services, emergency housing, counseling, therapies, discount vitamins,
Meals and social events.

To enforce why there is a need for their service they list the following facts
??? Gay men account for about 75% of new diagnoses and their
Average age is 39
*NSW is one of the only places in the world where the rate of new
HIV diagnoses has remained stable for over 10 years
??? Over 10,000 people with HIV are living in NSW. This is almost
60% of all people living with HIV in Australia
??? About 80% of people with HIV ion Australia are gay men

ACON also run a team of trained volunteers to attend parties and community events to help people who may be experiencing problems due to alcohol and drug use. Every year ACON produces over 200,000 safe sex packs for both men and women and
Distribute them throughout NSW. ACON is aware that not
Everyone experiences the same access to or connection with a community. They work with all kinds of people, groups and communities throughout NSW to support them in building the
Knowledge, skills and networks that can help improve HIV
Health and wellbeing.