Cache Level 3 Unit 1 E1,E2

Statutory Sector
The statutory sector is provided by local authorities and is required by law which means that mostly these organisation are free to attend and resources are provided. They must provide a service this could either be in education, health care, financial support and many more. They are financed by the state, which get their money from national taxation and fund raising within the community. Nearly all of staff working within this sector are trained to cover the needs of their working environment and are paid for the work they do.

An example of this is Ibstock Junior school, this provides education for those of the ages 8-11. Schools within the statutory sector all follow ???the national curriculum??™ which is aimed in providing the right education in an appropriate way. The main reason for this place of education is to provide learning for everyone and it is mandatory however the junior school also offers things such as after school clubs which allows parents that extra time to complete any duties or finish work without having to worry about there children. The aim stated on their website is ???It is our aim to provide an environment in which effective and well-resourced teaching helps children to learn and develop their skills and talents, enabling them to become literate and numerate independent learners.??™ This shows us that they are committed in getting results and getting their students to the highest level in their intelligence by involving all aspects including teacher, parents and the local community

Voluntary Sector
The voluntary sector is founded by an individual with a desire to help a certain group of people, these are mostly charities. No legislation has to be approved of for the group to be set up however the government do pass laws to regulate them. They aim to provide information and campaigning bodies,money,help and support and support and care for families. They are financed by funding, donations given to them, grants (either local or the national lottery) and fees from any services they provide. Staff generally don??™t have qualifications and rarely get paided for services they provide, but are always willing to do there best for the needs of others.

An Example of this is Rainbows children charity based in Loughborough. They offer support to children, young people and their families who of which are suffering with a life-limiting condition and have a life expectancy which doesn??™t venture far into adulthood. Places like this are purely set up by individuals that have a desire to make a difference to someone??™s life by giving them hope, freedom and the support they need in such a tough time in there life. They do all of this by giving them something to remember whether that be days out, meeting with a celebrity or just giving them a basic education or therapy, but this can only run thanks to donations and fundings made people and organisations.

Private Sector
The private sector is set up by a company or individual and is solely a profit making business that is there to meet a demand. It I private investment but funding may be given to the organisation if in need. One thing they must do it follow the basic EYFS (Early years foundation stage.) Staff are mainly qualified and staffed according to what is needed within the organisation.
An example of Nursery in the private sector is Orchard house day nursery in Ibstock. They care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years and there aim is to provide children with basic education (following a structure curriculum program) and knowledge of the world around them as well as doing this they like to encourage creatively, social and emotional development, physical well being and many more.