Bush and Salem

An opinion paper that offers a comparison of President George Bush to the people during the Salem Witch Trials.

This paper takes the opinion that President Bush offered only intimidation and incitement, which caused the Americans to fear the Iraqis in order to justify going to war with them. This paper compares the Salem Witch Trials to the manner in which President Bush spread fear among Americans after 9/11.
“When the World Trade Center towers collapsed, he was there. When the Patriot Act was signed, he was there. When war was declared on Iraq, he was there. However, President Bush was not there when the stock market was tilting towards a depression-like state, nor was he there when unemployment skyrocketed due to a drastic fall in the economy. President Bush created a self-image of being the Patriot as he stood there with the September 11 disaster workers and again when the Patriot Act was signed. He played off America’s fears of an Islamic Threat in order to go to war against Saddam Hussein and his followers. Bush aimed straight at the hearts of Americans and seized upon the trepidations which were buried deep within. This fits perfectly with the notion that intimidation cannot be used without an existing fear for the oppressor to utilize and manipulate.”