Bryanna Blackman

Bryanna Blackman, Aissa Muega

Written Synthesis

How does playroom helps children to heal? It helps to investigate issues related to the child’s experiences in the hospital and reduce the intensity of negative feelings accompanying a child’s admission to hospital and hospitalization. “( ).” Children who has an anxiety, stress and depression hospitalization will help children to process their healing process by talking, play and lots of therapeutic method. This discusses how being hospitalized at a young age affects early child development. Play is important for children. However, with play there are no limits or restrictions and children are free to be as creative, imaginative and adventurous as they choose to be. And because there is no right or wrong about playing there is no risk of undesirable consequences – unlike in the everyday world. It depends what the kids are going through but the healing process might take long if a kid does not cooperate for the healing process.
There are so many kinds of play that kids can do. Hospitalization make sure that kids are eligible to do things that hospitalization does, to make kids better situation and how his or her life will be wonderful. First, example of a play provides a way out of all negative feelings and disappointment that may possibly accompany a child upon hospital admission and hospitalization, while they may be ‘transformed’ through play reduces distress and anxiety, while developing respect for other people’s views and feelings. “( ).”This gives children the opportunity to communicate their fears, worries, problems. Other adults in children’s lives, such as play therapists and parents, can then get a better understanding of children’s inner worlds, which allows these adults to understand what children need in order to provide the appropriate type of help and support. To minimize the anxiety associated with medical visits, health care facilities employ certified child life specialists. Child life specialists promote typical development and minimize the stress and anxiety of hospitalized children and their families by providing opportunities for normalization, specific information regarding their hospitalization, and therapeutic activities. “( ).”
The healing process therapists may also teach children certain skills to help manage difficult feelings deep breathing, relaxation exercises, and mental imagery are some of the ways that play therapists can help children learn important self-soothing skills. In order for children to feel better and improve their behavior, they need to make sense out of the stressful or traumatic experience and assimilate it into what they already know about the world. This is known as processing an experience and it usually involves expressing thoughts and feelings and coming to a new understanding about the experience, which then leads to behavior changes. “( )”. For children things are different. Talking about problems using words is often difficult for children. Childrens may have not fully understands what the therapist talking about but they do have a better way to make them understand through toys and etc. Set aside time to talk, listen, or simply be with your child when he or she needs attention. “( It is better to have an communication from your children, to have some action how they feeling about everything.
Play therapy is different than regular play however, and to be effective does require the presence of a trained therapist. The play therapist is trained to create a safe environment for the child and to interact with the child in such a way that the therapeutic benefits of play are activated. It is within this unique and therapeutic environment that the child is able to gain relief from emotional difficulties and to develop more appropriate behaviors.