Aztec Empire

This paper discusses the destruction of the Aztec Empire the advanced Mexican civilization, by the 16th Century Spanish invaders: Cortes, Spaniards’ needs and aims, depopulation of Indians and Montezuma.

The period of exploration of the New World was also a period of exploitation as European adventurers and armies encountered the native population and took advantage of that population, robbing the civilizations found here and decimating the population. The Aztecs had a mighty civilization in the New World that was destroyed by the Conquistadors in the name of greed and Christianity. The Aztecs were regarded as uncivilized heathens, and their lands were taken from them, their goods were stolen, and their leaders murdered.

Aztec civilization and it was indeed a civilization/*created its most extraordinary achievements in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It received a sudden and painful defeat at the hands of the Spanish army in 1519-1521. Aztec civilization flourished in the Valley of Mexico, a tiny area in comparison with the total …