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People are living in a world where computers are everywhere

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People are living in a world where computers are everywhere. It helps us in many aspects in life especially Marine, Military, weather forecast and education. In Education schools are using old types of inquiry in their grades that’s why as a proponent the propose Online Grading Inquiry System will help the students to have a fast searching for their grades they will be able to see their grades anywhere and anytime they want they can also see if their failing grades or incomplete grades are already encoded. The propose system also lets the parents of the students to view the grades of their children’s. This will benefit both parents and students.

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Over 3 million students

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Over 3 million students, teachers, and other professionals all over the world Trust our free plagiarism checker. It is the biggest plagiarism detection platform which can upload many types of documents (PDF, doc, docx, txt and plain texts), check them for authenticity, and save and download reports with the results percentages. Our basic plagiarism checker is free to use, or use our PRO checker for even more features. Try it today!Over 3 million students, teachers, and other professionals all over the world Trust our free plagiarism checker. It is the biggest plagiarism detection platform which can upload many types of documents (PDF, doc, docx, txt and plain texts), check them for authenticity, and save and download reports with the results percentages. Our basic plagiarism checker is free to use, or use our PRO checker for even more features. Try it today!Over 3 million students, teachers, and other professionals all over the world Trust our free plagiarism checker. It is the biggest plagiarism detection platform which can upload many types of documents (PDF, doc, docx, txt and plain texts), check them for authenticity, and save and download reports with the results percentages. Our basic plagiarism checker is free to use, or use our PRO checker for even more features. Try it today!Over 3 million students, teachers, and other professionals all over the world Trust our free plagiarism checker. It is the biggest plagiarism detection platform which can upload many types of documents (PDF, doc, docx, txt and plain texts), check them for authenticity, and save and download reports with the results percentages. Our basic plagiarism checker is free to use, or use our PRO checker for even more features. Try it today!

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Starting point= Orwell’s 1984 encapsulates the story of Winston Smith’s right to rebel against an authoritarian party

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Starting point= Orwell’s 1984 encapsulates the story of Winston Smith’s right to rebel against an authoritarian party, ‘Big Brother’.

1984 is classed as Orwell’s best-crafted novels and remains one of the most powerful warnings against the dangers of a totalitarian society.

1984 displays a negative utopian novel, in which the writer aims to portray the perfect human society. This is contrasted to show the worst human society imaginable, in an effort to convince readers to avoid societies that may lead to social degradation. This is because one of the most prevalent fears people have is that of losing control. This is the fear that if you don’t manage to control the outcome of future events it will convert individuals to rebel such as Winston Smith. This control over people is enforced through psychology such as the city (or all of Eurasia?) is slathered with posters of “Big Brother” with eyes “that follow you about when you move” that read ” BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU”. this presents the citizens with a constant reminder that no one is to be trusted and they are always being watched. It’s like living in the immediate presence of an omniscient god, which would be intimidating.

“Power is tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

Power is demonstrated in numerous ways, such as room 101. This is a place that contains a person’s greatest fear, the one thing that is absolutely unbearable for them to endure. As O’Brien says, the specifics of this fear vary from person to person. The Party uses this fear to infiltrate a person’s mind and completely break them down psychologically. Once they have been broken, their re-education can be completed so that, ultimately, they love Big Brother.
‘Putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing”, demonstrates a totalitarian society, this portrays how Big Brother wants to change people to fit in with their template of society, not free thinkers but workers.
The idea that Big Brother and the thought police have the audacity to mentally break the individuals to conform to the negative utopia, demonstrates how sinister the environment is and how they emphasise about everyone following these malevolent restrictions.

Authoritarian personality= The authoritarian personality was first identified by Adorno et al. (1950) and refers to a person who has extreme respect for authority and is more likely to be obedient to those who hold power over them.
This can be linked to Winston Smith as the first acts out against the society and big brother. The reader at the start of the novel becomes aware early that Winston strives against the Party’s restrictions and begins to conceive of the idea that the Party should be destroyed. In the corner of his flat, out of view of the telescreen, he keeps a journal which he records how the party maintains its power, and the nature of freedom itself, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
This demonstrates a huge juxtaposition of Winston’s transformation, due to him being tortured and brainwashed to the point where he loves Big brother.

This psychological factor that is used portrays hows the manipulation of Winston from Big Brother, is so intense that changes his complete personality, making him fit in the Negative society.

Furthermore, Winston realizes that all he has been writing in his journal concerns “big brother” titled: “down with Big bother, this makes him anxious and afraid. Thinking he might get caught. This ultimately, suggests how ‘Big Brother’ has a huge fundamental control over everyone.

An alternative analysis:
The novel could be a metaphorical satire of modern class structure. The main character, Winston Smith, is a self-projection of Geroge Orwell as an isolated individual facing big brother. Like the context of manipulation of social media this links; explicitly the novel is seen to be a conclusion of warning towards a communist totalitarian and looming threat of dystopian manipulation in the future. So Orwell’s intended theme symbolically points out class divisions in modern society, using the setting as an exaggeration of modern upper-class controlling the lower class, this could be a hint to government and civilians.

‘When the novel is taken at face value’
The allegory that a reader would link to straight away is the government of Oceania in 1984 & the dictatorship of Stalin’s Soviet WW2, ‘Howe’ stated that a dooming presence of totalitarian is not just the clearest element of the book but the most powerful tool of control”, link straight back to the question…. The salient idea of 1984 is modern class welfare, with Orwell filing glimpses of the inner party using the government for control over the outer party and proletariat (working class)

Humilitation and dehumanization= manipluation.

Winston, the hero of the novel represents society as a whole, hence, his punishment, betrayal and humiliation are symbolic of the breaking of the human spirit of the society. Overall the manipulation destroys individuals including their personalities and also mental well being. This is demonstrated when Winston is tortured and ‘re-educated’, in the ministry of love. Orwell deconstructs the human-being back to a child-like individual who seeks a higher power to follow.


The data retention law used within the Australian Human rights commision, President Gillian Triggs. Maybe Orwell could see the overall control of social media even through newspapers or advertisements and linked this directly to the government and how we as citizens are increasingly subject to a big brother- style invasive tyranny.

Hilary Harper, says that reading the book ahead of the performance triggered “reminders for me of how super-saturated we are with information – we all have our screens at home, and there’s no escape from advertising, media, digital connections and news feeds – but our attention spans are short.”, this is deeply unsettling as Orwell’s idea in 1944, are still relevant in the modern 21st century, as his themes of a controlling government are applicable to our generations.

John Thrasher says while we tend to think “there is a fundamental difference between sharing information about ourselves on ‘social media’ and having the government collect metadata about who we call or what we do online”, it’s probably the case that social media has “increased our tolerance with being observed” He cited as well that a study in New York, in which only 40% of men washed their hands after using a public bathroom when alone, but ‘when a stranger was also in the washroom the number skyrocketed to around 80%. So this ultimately means that the interested observer can have a positive effect of making u behave ourselves in sensible ways and having a ‘big brother’ or government figure watching isn’t always such a bad idea in our society.

Quotes for manipluation

“Who controls the past controls the future”
“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face- forever”
Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love

McEwan has explored the disorder and fragmentation of a society in which his characters are grasping for some sort of value or direction to give their lives a “semblance” of meaning.

in Enduring Love, Clarissa and Joe witness the death of John Logan as he falls from a balloon, are changed forever, and spend the rest of the novel trying to absorb the consequences of the spectacle, the hot air balloon, acts as an extended metaphor in the novel and causes a catalyst of manipulation that changes Clarrissa and joe judgment on society forever.

Trauma, in McEwan’s work, inaugurates a loss of innocence. After the mother’s death, The narrator of Enduring Love returns to the field where John Logan fell from the balloon, and thinks, ‘I could not quite imagine a route back into that innocence’: John Logan’s fall is also the narrator’s fall from innocence. A strongly Rousseauian narrative marks McEwan’s work: the haven of pastoralism is appealed to as the escape from corruption. The theme of childhood and innocence is used regularly throughout all of his work for example ”The Child in Time”. This is used as a blank template as children are the easiest to manipulate due to them being dependent on a role figure, JUST LIKE 1984.

In Enduring Love, five men attempt to stop a hot-air balloon, whose basket contains a small boy, from rising. Hanging onto the ropes that dangle from the basket, they constitute a little Rousseauian natural society, each of them motivated by altruism or sympathy. But as the balloon rises, one man drops first, then the rest of them, and later, no one will admit to being the first to fall. ‘Our crew enacted morality’s ancient, irresolvable dilemma: us, or me. Someone said me, and then there was nothing to be gained by saying us.’ McEwan plays here with recent work in evolutionary biology concerning the sources of altruism, yet Rousseau hovers behind the text.

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To know about the connection of these topics it is must to know about the link between these phrases as well as the basic concept of these two

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To know about the connection of these topics it is must to know about the link between these phrases as well as the basic concept of these two. Firstly, to know what is computer software and wireless Information systems and then secondly to discuss about their affects upon each other. Computer software is basically some programs or events that are written just to achieve certain functions by the software engineers. Events are the set of steps that is written and combined to make a program. Now there arises a question that what is a program then the answer of this question is that: Programs are basically a set of rules and instructions on the basis of which a computer act to achieve certain functions. To perform specific set of actions on computers intelligently or normally is the basic need to write a program.
Wireless Information systems are basically the systems that used wireless. What is “Wireless” and why and how question arises then? “Wireless”, as its name shows that it means some sort of transport of data and information among wireless devices without using wires. It can be used in form of mobiles, PDA’s, and on large scale “Radio” is the example of it. Wireless information systems can be range on mobiles, wireless devices and networks. The device used for it is basically a device that is installed first and then it can be used.
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brain and Behavior Endocrine System

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brain and Behavior
Endocrine System, Brain damage, plasticity, and repair

Lisa David
The human brain as you know is not plastic, even though plasticity is the greater in young children in later years. The human brain has ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections between the brain cells. These analogies may explain some complex of the human brain. Also, study the endocrine system that is consisting of a set of glands that regulate the activities of certain organs by releasing their chemical products into the bloodstreams.


In brain and behavior, the author writes about how the brain affects human behavior. She explains this by scrutinizing the structure of the brain, its components and how various brain parts work. Different brain parts have a pre-determined function which they perform if they are functioning normally i.e. when they aren’t affected by disease or injury. The identified brain components determine how an individual act or behaves in different situations either by releasing hormones, sending signals to other brain parts or by working together to influence our thoughts, feelings or emotions which eventually determine how we act. Laura uses an example of a young man who had been involved in a motorcycle accident which left him unconscious for days to stress her point. The young man suffered a head injury which damaged important brain regions for recognition. This became evident when Adam woke up from his recognize the family members around him. In addition, he could even recognize the mirror reflection as his own image (Carey, 2009). His brain could no longer recognize the feeling of home, he struggled to regain familiarity and had to learn how to walk and talk all over again. This example shows the importance of the human brain in determining how we feel and or behaviors towards others and how we identify one another. Adam struggled with regaining familiarity and he was gaining progress learning how to walk and talk again. This signifies the ability of the brain to repair itself even though hard work and active effort is required.
            This example gives an overview of what the author talks about in this chapter. The chapter is a review of what is already known about the brain and a critical view of the brain and its components as the biological foundation of human behavior. The brain capacity to adapt is viewed through the biological lens and later the author gives an insight how this brain characteristic determines human behavior formed through experiences over a certain time. The brain’s ability to remain characteristic enables humans to change and adopt new behaviors. The chapter moves through various brain parts highlighting their biological function and how they eventually influence human behavior through these functions.

Human genes are also important biological factors that might have an influence on our psychological process (Clark et al, 2010; Raven et al, 2011). Although genetic science is a relatively young field, research shows that they might influence human psychology. A study of twins separated at birth until they were 39 shows that these twins did similar things, achieved similar goals, gain and lost weight almost at the same time and behaved in a similar manner even though they didn’t see each other for a period of 39 years (Plomin et al, 2009). Using a study like this, Laura, (2011) asserts that researchers can conduct further studies to understand how genetics influences who we are and how we behave. Finally, the author looks at how the science of psychology relates to the mentioned biological foundations and their implications on health issues like stress and the overall individual wellness. Through this Laura (2011) explains various considerations on how psychology can be used to unlock the brains’ unique resources to deal with common health-related challenges like stress and improve or well-being.
First, let’s begin to describe the brain what makes it so special. It is the appearance of the human brain gives few hints of its remarkable abilities. The human brain is unique, has ability to change throughout life, reorganize itself forming new connections between brain cells. The brain has a rapid cell death, and it is a disruption of functional circuit that can affected your region. If you got on any injury the tissue will recovers from events associated with cell death, regenerative processes are activated that over month lead to certain degree of functional recovery. For example, injuries of the central nervous system causes stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. The most popular is stroke that affected very large patient with major physical and emotional suffering. The brain also can modify its connections or rewire itself. Without of knowledge any brain, animal or human it would be unable to develop from child through to adulthood to recover any activity from brain injury. The brain is like a wireless, it transported movement and motor skills signals in parallel. It has a lot a different way that can be replicate another’s function so that small mistake in development loss of function through damage that be easily corrected by rerouting signals on a different movement in the system. When errors happen in the brain are in large, it develop virus like the Zika virus are the result of brain damage from the blow to the head will cause you to have a stroke. These examples can overcome adversity so that some function is recovered (Rayner et al., 2007).

Scientific researcher believes the brain anatomy is something that can be predicted by your parents and your genes. For example, there is an injury in the Bain it will devoted to movement of the right arm, meaning this part of the brain will repair of the right arm. That part of the brain will have a sensation rom the arm; you will have no feeling in you right the arm and no movement. This region part of the brain will remained unrelated fell for motor skills function will not be able to take new of new role.
Some part of the bodies has ability to recover after a brain damage can be explained by the damaged area of the brain getting better, which can be result of a neuroplasticity, forming new neural connection. In a study by Stein, Donald G. PhD, he used a model organism in research; it was found that losing your sense of touch will increases the sense of smell. These also found by losing one sense will reverse others. Like losing your motor skills in early age in life can be frighten other senses, like hearing.
An additional, people who seat for a long time, like taxi drivers have a larger hippocampus in the posterior region said (Maguire, Woollett, & Spiers, 2006). It because this region of the hippocampus is specialized in acquiring and using complex spatial information in orders to navigate efficiently. Plasticity can also be observed in the brains of bilinguals (Mechelli et al., 2004). If your student learning English as your second language is it possible functional changes in the brain, meaning the left inferior parietal cortex is larger in bilingual brains than in monolingual brains. Plasticity can also occur in musician brains compared to non-musicians. Gaser and Schlaug (2003) said compared professional musicians to amateur musicians and non-musicians. They found that gray matter meaning the cortex volume was highest in professional musicians, intermediate in amateur musicians, and lower in non-musicians in several brains areas involved in playing music, motor regions, and anterior superior parietal areas and inferior parietal areas. Learning is a very essential component of the brain adaptation to brain damage even when there are no overt rehabilitation efforts. One of the most reliable behavior consequences of brain damage is each individual try to recover on the own space, to perform daily activity to help them develop strategies to perform activities in the presence of lost function.
In neuroscience research, learning involves changes in genes, synapses, neurons and neuronal networks within specific brain regions. Brain damage results in many changes in neurons and non-neuronal brain cells that can be alter these learning processes. Research on the neurobiology of learning and memory suggests that, for each new learning event, there is some necessary and sufficient change in the nervous system that supports the learning (Cooper, 2005). This neuroplasticity of learning is driven by changes in behavior, sensory, and cognitive experiences. Basically, brain damage is reliance on the less effected body side is associated with major neuroplasticity changes in the unaffected hemisphere, this change may also limit the propensity of individuals to engage in behavior that improve function of the impaired body side (Allfred, 2005).
During and after stroke, the neurological functions associated with the infracted area are loss. It will take months for certain neurological function to recover; approximately 50% of stroke patients have remaining hemiparesis explain Tadeusz (2006), and 30% are unable to walk, and 26% remain severely disabled with a need for daily attention. Recovery sometime during the first month can challenges, depends on the degree of tissue loss and the preservation of neuronal networks that serve as substrates for the restoration of lost brain functions. The most comprehensive relevant literature is how to treat people with post stroke mechanism, and this is the primary focus.
The endocrine system you don’t have to watch CSI to know action. Molecules and cells inside your body have a significant dynamic adventure on many levels at all the time. For example, when your insulin molecules, carried along in the blood, attach to protein receptor of nearby cells, the response in dramatic. Glucose molecules begun to disappear from the blood into the cells and cellular activity accelerates. The endocrine system is the body system consisting of a set of glands that regulate the activities of certain organs by releasing their chemical products into the bloodstreams.

The means of control and the speed of the endocrine system are very different from the nervous system. The nervous system regulates the activity of muscles and a gland by electro chemical impulses delivered by neurons (Laura 2018). The endocrine system effect the metabolic movement by developing hormones which are chemical messengers that released blood to be transported throughout the body system. Irrevocable of a hormone to cellular motor regulated an initiates responses that typically occur after a large period of second or days. Those responses tend to be much more prolonged than those induced by the nervous system. The hormones are the most ultimate targets in most cells of the body, and hormones have spreads and have many diverse effects. The major processes controlled and integrated by “mighty molecules”, are reproduction; growth and development; maintenance of electrolyte, water, and nutrient balance of the blood; regulation of cellular metabolism and energy balance; and mobilization of body defenses. The endocrine system orchestrates processes that go on for relatively long periods in some instances continuously. The science who studies hormones and the endocrine organs is called endocrinology.
The endocrine system have eight majors glands formed up of the hypothalamus gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries in females and testicles, per the Mayo clinic. The word endocrine came from the Greek words “endo”, mean within, and “crine”, mean to secrete, per Health Mentor Online. Basically, a gland is selects to removes materials from the blood; it processes and secretes the finished chemical product for use in the body. First the hypothalamus gland is located in the central part of the brain and it is very important in regulated the metabolism, body temperature and it also secrete hormone called the somatostatin. Second is the pituitary gland is very small, located at the base of the brain. The pituitary gland is very important is the endocrine system, it produced hormone and also controlled other functions on the endocrine glands. Third. Is the thyroid gland located in your neck. It plays a big role in your body metabolism, growth and nervous system.the thyroid gland help maintain your weight, heart rate, blood pressure and your reproduction system. Sometimes, when women having a hard time with weight or having child, thyroid system play a big role on your body system. Fourth is the parathyroid gland have two pairs of glands lay in the surface of the thyroid glands. It plays a role in regulated calcium and bone metabolism. The adrenal gland is made of the adrenal cortex and second the adrenal medulla. the adrenal gland develop emotion, stress and sometimes alleviated heart rate and blood pressure. The pineal gland or pineal body, is located in the middle of the brain. It function is the with sleeping bite and awake cycle. The reproductive glands is located in the scrotum, it also the reproductive of sex hormones, it secrete hormones that is called androgens in male. Usually the hormone characteristics function is for sexual development, purity, facial hair and sperm in female it is called the ovaries, both is uterus develop progesterone and eggs. In female , those hormones functions is to development breast growth and many more.
“The endocrine system affects almost every organ and cell in the body”, according to Merck Manuel. basically, the hormones move around the body, each type of hormone has a role toward certain organs and tissues, per the Merck Manuel notes. The endocrine system gets some help from organs such as the kidney, liver, heart and gonads, which they function is to have have secondary places the endocrine system. The kidney always secretes hormones such as erythropoietin and renin. Compared to other organs in the body, the endocrine system is small and unimpressive. Unlike, the arrangement in most organ systems, the endocrine organs is not grouped together in the body. Instead, endocrine organs are widely scattered about the body.
There two kinds of glands, exocrine products non-hormonal substances, such as sweat and saliva, and have dust that carry these substances to a membrane surface. The second is endocrine glands also called ductless glands produce hormone and lack ducts. They release their hormone into the surrounding tissue and they typically have a rich vascular and lymphatic drainage that receives their hormones. Most of the hormone producing cells in endocrine glands is arranged in cords and branching networks a situation that maximizes contact between them and the capillaries surrounding them.
Sometimes if the levels are too high or low is indicate a problem with the endocrine system. Hormones disease also occur in your body if the hormone is not respond in the appropriate ways, per Dr. Jerome M. Hershman, a professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and author of the thyroid sections of the Merck Manuel. Stress, infection and changes in the bloods fluids and electrolyte balance can also product influence hormone levels high in the body.
Hormone produce glands arise from all three embryonic germ layers. Endocrine glands derived from mesoderm produce steroid hormones. All others produce amines, peptides, or protein hormones. It is usually too considered important when describing hormone effectiveness, exposure too many environment pollutants has been shown to disrupt endocrine function. These pollutants include many pesticides, industrial chemicals, arsenic, dioxin and other soil and water pollutant. So far, sex hormones ,thyroid hormone, and glucocorticoids have demonstrated a vulnerable to the production of such pollutants. The obstruct with glucocorticoids, which is usually turn on many genes that may causes cancer, and may also help to understand the volume of high cancer rates crisis in certain areas of the country, said Draganski and colleagues (2006). The most common endocrine disease is diabetic. Diabetic is a disease which the body don’t properly process glucose very well per Dr. Jennifer, chief of the department of endocrinology. People most of the time thinks will have diabetic if you’re overweight. It is important to understand people with this disease and their health history as well the family, Myed noted. Most of the time diabetes is treated with pills or insulin injections. Managing this disorder involves stabilities on your food or hormones levels with medication. Treating endocrine disorders takes a very careful and personalized approach, said Myers, as adjusting the levels of one hormone can impact the balance of other hormone. Hormone imbalances have a very significant on the reproductive system, especially in women Loh explained.

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Toekomstige werk Ons is vandag in die begin van die vierde industriele revolusie

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Toekomstige werk

Ons is vandag in die begin van die vierde industriele revolusie. Daar is kusmatige intelligensie, ontwikkelings in genetika, robotika en ensovoorts bou op mekar en ondersteun mekaar. Terwyl sommige werksgeleenthede vinnig groei en ander deur ontslag bedreig word, gaan bestaande werksgeleenthede ook deur ‘n verandering in die vaardighede wat nodig is om dit te doen. Die toekoms van die werkverslag is ‘n eerste stap om spesifiek te wees oor die veranderinge wat voorlê. Dit is egter ook duidelik dat hierdie behoefte aan meer talent in sekere beroepskategorieë gepaard gaan met hoë vaardighede onstabiliteit oor alle werk kategorieë. Benewens die hoeveelheid werksgeleenthede sal ontwrigtende veranderings aan nywerhede en sakemodelle ook die kwaliteit, vaardigheidsvereistes en daaglikse inhoud van feitlik elke werk beïnvloed. Oor die algemeen verwag ons respondente ‘n relatiewe toename in vergoeding vir in-aanvraag-werksgeleenthede in elke bedryf wat ondervra word, in lyn met verhoogde produktiwiteits- en vaardigheidsvereistes. Hulle verwag ook ‘n algehele toename in die balans tussen werk en lewe in alle nywerhede, behalwe die verbruikersektor, waar die uitkyk vir hierdie dimensie stabiel bly.

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the main points of legislation that relates to moving and handling

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the main points of legislation that relates to moving and handling

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In many of her poems

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In many of her poems, Duffy explores the depth and complexity of love.With reference to any three of Duffy’s poems, discuss the importance of this theme in her work.

Love is an important theme in Duffy’s work. She is best known for writing love poems. Mrs lazarus, Havisham, and Valentine are excellent examples which illustrates the depth and complexity of love. In Valentine she shows the positive and negative sides about love by comparing love to an onion. Mrs lazarus a fine poem which includes a multi-dimensional love. In this poem she constructs a version of love which differs from the stereotype. Duffy also uses love in ‘Havisham’ to explore heartbreak and the destructive power of love as Havisham has been driven insane after being abandoned by her ex-lover.

Valentine and Havisham are poem from the collection Mean Time, published in 1993. It is thought that these poems provided the inspiration for Duffy’s first themed collection of poetry The World’s Wife (1999). Mrs lazarus is one of the poems from The World’s wife (1999).

Valentine is free verse with a first person narrator. Each stanza is very short, and several are only one line long. This form echoes the layers of an onion itself.The poem is a first person narrative, addressed to a second person ‘you’. The speaker uses informal everyday speech, without elaborate metaphor and simile; appropriately as the message is about unconventionality, yet sincerity. She does, however, make ironic reference to the usual platitudes in citing the ‘moon wrapped in brown paper’ and ‘red rose’ and ‘wedding ring’, for example. Duffy’s aim is to invert the usual expressions of love.

Havisham is written from the point of view of Miss Havisham from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. This key character was abandoned on her wedding day and, in her grief and anger, lives frozen in time, immersed in bitterness and resentment.

For the title of the poem Duffy drops the honorific “Miss” as if to indicate that she no longer qualifies for the distinction of such an address. She is simply Havisham – not an unmarried woman, not a wife and not a widow.

Mrs lazarus is a first person narrative in eight, five-line, free-verse stanzas. It is a dramatic monologue in which the speaker, Mrs Lazarus, gradually reveals her story and the reader pieces together the deeper implications. Duffy uses a mixture of informal colloquial language, with lyrical snatches.

‘Valentine’ focuses on the speaker’s unusual perspective of love to prove to her lover that as she has put more thought into the onion she offers as a gift, rather than clichéd Valentine’s Day gifts, their love will endure. By metaphorically comparing the onion to ‘a moon wrapped in brown paper’, she conveys real romantic gifts do not need to be embellished or concealed within expensive wrapping. She has put so much thought and care into offering something unique which represents love more honestly than ‘a cute card or a kissogram’ Symbolically, ‘ the onion ‘promises light’ for a more positive and hopeful relationship ‘due to the honesty shared by the speaker who focuses on both the joy and pain love can bring.

Alternatively, ‘Havisham’ only focuses on the misery forsaken love can cause as the speaker explains how being jilted on her wedding day completely corrupted her view of love making her resentful and embittered.’Not a day since then/I haven’t wished him dead’ utilises unusual sentence construction to show the speaker’s chaotic state of mind and thus conveys her distress as she can’t even verbalise her thoughts in a logical manner due to the disturbing intensity of wishing her former lover dead.’I stabbed at a wedding-cake’ conveys that love has been completely corrupted and has become hate as the word choice of ‘stabbed’ conveys the violence and hatred she now feels towards love and marriage.In the last line ‘Don’t think it’s only the heart that b-b-b-breaks, ‘ the final word is broken up not only to imitate the sound of the speaker finally breaking down in anguish, but to emphasise the extent of her mental and emotional disintegration. The final statement implies a fractured mind and a broken spirit due to the love she has lost which has completely destroyed her emotionally, and mentally.

In Mrs lazarus Duffy describes the real but dwindling grief of the wife of Lazarus, in a rewriting of the biblical story of Lazarus (John 11: 11-44). The poem deals with something like the death or expiration date of love. In doing so, “Mrs. Lazarus” seems to question the metaphysical dimension usually attributed to love. Since love takes place between human beings, love dies when one of the lovers dies. The poem thus constructs a version of love which differs from the stereotype. Herein resides much of its power
Duffy insists that rejecting the metaphysical dimension of love does not question the love of Mrs. Lazarus for her husband, as she “had grieved” (l.1). The loss of the beloved turns Mrs Lazarus into an animal by taking from her her reason. This take place both in terms of meaning – “ripped”, “howled”, “shrieked”, “clawed”, “bled”, “retched” (stanza 1) – as much as sound – the verbs are composed of monosyllabic words in which plosives abound. The desperation of such naturalisation also finds expression in the frustrated sexuality that emerges in lines 7 – “empty glove” –and 11 – “gaunt nun in the mirror, touching herself”.

Duffy aims at something healthy: she dares to bring love down to earth, make it more natural and pare down some metaphysical because idealized and therefore inhuman outgrowths of love.

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In 1830

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In 1830, The Liberator was established by William Lloyd Garrison, he was an abolitionist and a member of the American Colonization Society. On the discussion of slavery, majority of the members thought a solution for the slaves to move back to west Africa would be ideal. However, Garrison had advocated for the urgent end to slavery and to encourage rights and freedom for all slaves in the United States. As a result, he had detached himself from the American Colonization Society and started his own newspaper named, The Liberator. His strong and meaningful words had indicated to the northerners to the autocracy that was slavery. Argument: this opposition to slavery had stimulated many abolitionists in the north, however there was rarely any outcome for getting the south to get on board with abolishing slavery. The imbalance of power between races was injustice, Garrison had deliberately expressed this in his newspaper along with writing referring to the slave rebellions being taken place and the acts being passed by Congress.
The Liberator had went in opposition to slavery and against the white superiority over African Americans. In 1831, an African American slave, Nat Turner, had led a slave uprising that had killed more than a handful of people whom were white. This slave rebellion would’ve most likely been supported by The Liberator, considering it would have made an acceptable headline. Nat Turner was influenced by Garrison’s newspaper The Liberator, therefore it made him stand up for his freedom and many others joined him.
In 1831, an African American slave, Nat Turner had lead a slave uprising in the south against the white southerners. He acted with violence, along with the other slaves that joined him, in this insurgency. He, and other slaves who joined him, had killed a white family, along with possibly 50 or more people. Turner had attempted hiding for a period of time but was caught and was hanged for his guilty actions. Turner had hoped for the acts of abolitionists to push through to abolish slavery, but instead his actions had lead to even more harsh slave codes. Results of the Nat Turner rebellion only furthered more arguments between the north and south.

The increase of harsher laws on slaves was brought upon the actions from Nat Turner’s rebellion in 1831. An act passed by the government was the Fugitive Slave Act. This fugitive slave law had alerted anyone who had encountered with an escaped slave and assisted them would go through cruel punishment.

The Fugitive Slave Act, or also known as the Compromise of 1850, was issued by the government. This law was to enforce the capture and return of runaway slaves. The runaway slaves would have to be given back to their owner, but if not accomplished then the supposed slave- hunter would be tried for going against the law and risk punishment.

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In financial statements

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In financial statements, R&D costs are reported under GAAP. It states that the research and development costs should have to be expensed in the current period. If an organization is spending money for the purpose of research and development, it should record the expense in the current period and report it in the monetary statements of the organization. This must be revealed in a note or as a separate line item. If research and development is performed for others and not for the organization, it would be recorded as an inventory and would ultimately be incorporated in the cost of materials being sold. Moreover in some situations, an organization can report some of its costs as noncurrent or fixed assets. It is done when items are expected to be consumed for a number of years which could be possible via depreciation (costs related to tangible assets) or amortization (costs related to intangible assets).