Aryan Brotherhood

An insight into the ideology of the Aryan Brotherhood Gang

This paper discusses the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist group that believes in the ideology that white people (biologically European/ American in descent) are considered the supreme race, which is similar to Adolf Hitler’s, pro-Aryan, anti-Semitic ideologies during the World War II. They originated in California in 1967, particularly at the San Quentin prison and ‘hate’ any individual who has black skin or is Jewish in religion. It examines how they reinforce these ideologies over people (willing or unwilling) by means of violence, political, social and economic manipulation and how evidence of such violence occurred from killings and riots made during the early establishment of the group in the 1960s, and the prevalent occurrence of crime happened during the 1990s.
Their primary means of distinguishing their group from the others (apart from their physical appearance, of course) is identification through the Aryan Brotherhood tattoo, since its main origins came from the prison. It was said that any individual who is not a member of this group, and is found the members of AB would immediately subject sporting the said AB tattoo to murder. The Aryan Brotherhood Gang has increased alliance with other white supremacist groups, which includes the Aryan Nations, National Alliance, American Nazi Party, Nazi Low Riders, and Dirty White Boys.